POLL: Which campaigns need the most fixing/revisions?

Yes I did both. Holy Man is an awful war of attrition but once you deny the gold for the enemy, at least you won’t bother with his priests. They use a lot of chariots and build many town centers and towers…
Alesia you must rush with Caesar and legions, make some swordsman and split your forces between the yellow and orange Gauls. You must no be encircled, just like originally Romans create a 2nd wall to not allow Gauls relieve the siege.

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I do not recall having issues with Ascent of Egypt when I bought the game back in 2020. Though I don’t remember if I was using the steroids cheat either, in order to beat the scenarios. What can be said about such campaign, or what did you people find there to be potentially changed in future updates?

Scenario hints indicate the opposite. I think it would be nice to have that changed.

Less tutorial scenarios
More scenarios exploring Egyptians virtues

The outside Gauls are really a nuisance. I used to play RoR without rushing and was a weird experience.
I don’t usually rush any enemy or speedrun scenarios but sometimes is a question of “being left alone for a while to boom”

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One of the most broken missions is “Crossing the Alps”. The AI is super aggressive, even the AI players that should defend the mountain passes. You fight a massive (and weird) battle and if you survive that, you face an almost empty map.

While there definitely should be some hard missions, I’m not a fan of such weird mission experiences or the need of exploiting missions, because the AI is “too artificial” aggressive and wealthy and therefore insanely hard.

I offered already in another thread to fix all campaign missions, which have issues for the devs without payment, but sadly I haven’t received an answer so far. :frowning:


Honestly a new campaign for the Egyptians would be nice. But there are other civs that need them the most. Not saying Egyptians are not cool, however.

Sad to see only a few people voted on this poll. Really want more to join this discussion since it would increase the likelyhood of getting updates fixing the most serious issues regarding the campaigns.

Maybe Microsoft does not want third-parties to join development, which is a wasted opportunity since modders can achieve really great things with passion and love for what they do. Forgotten Empires itself was born out of modding.

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Above all, MS would like to bury the game so that they don’t have to spend a millisecond with it.
I think they hate this game. It’s so sad.

The thing is… we can never be sure if it’s truly abandoned or they just delay development and support (I think it’s the 2nd option). Although it’s been more than 6 months since the last update, we cannot assume the game has been abandoned yet, plus, change log for the update stated devs ‘are aware of concerns and things the community has been talking about over the months’.

AOE2DE, AOE3DE and even AOE4, get the most attention now, and it’s understandable… I just don’t like to wait months and months for old bugs to be slowly fixed :slightly_frowning_face:

Wish this game had more frequent bugfixing updates.

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Even AoM got an update after a year, i hope we won’t be on this state but the game is somehow stable (for me)

Voices of Babylon 7 (Lord of the Euphrates), was really hard for me as I could not withstand the attacks from both yellow and red. But maybe I just need to try different strategies; I did not use heavy infantry, and I barely spawned catapults, so that may be the reason.

What mission was that exactly?


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Oh dear, I don’t remember either. I think this is another one of those “clever” missions where you get to fight your crap ships going triremes. I think you had to spam ships to keep the yellow one at bay for now. Once you eliminated the red one, I think the rest was a formality.

you need to rush red player and be defensive until you have enough resources to land and raze yellow


Now that you mention it…you’re right.

red does not have a strong army at the start. I just send a villager in the right corner of the map, there are some gaia chariots and catapults. You can use the chariots to clear out the axemen and villagers and use the catapults to clear the towers, in the meantime you wall up your base and build towers so that yellows units can’t get in and kill your villagers. It’s probably the most difficult mission in the game but honestly i enjoy it quite a bit. It’s one of the few missions that are imo genuinely difficult instead of just giving your enemies a huge resource and technology advantage at the start forcing you to turtle for 20 mins till iron age

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It’s really hard, man. I did try using heavy infantry, but couldn’t win since it is slow and enemies use not only infantry and cavalry units, but also archers and catapults. I tried using the gaia units, but they were all killed (there are several enemy axemen even from the start, and also plenty of buildings -and resources apparently- for them to produce units simultaneously).

Only thing I did not try was walling off my base. I even used the ship rush strategy, but since babylonians don’t have powerful ships, it’s mostly in vane and requires much micro management.

Update on Lord of the Euphrates scenario:
I was able to resist red, then obliterate it. Was not that hard compared to all my previous attempts. I moved to the southeast, so I could only be attacked from left and right flanks, due to the trees acting as cover, offering protection compared to the original place where the base was at. I created regular archers first, then chariot archers. I found archers to be best against melee units, if distance and strategy are kept to good standars. I used priests too, they were essential to victory, I believe, since without them.
I used the gaia units from the east to make a firm strike against red. After that, they weren’t of much use. After defeating red, I was still in Bronze Age, due to lack of wood, so I decided that the only way to win was through invading yellow, though stealthly; I managed to create a town center there, in a corner (yeah, some triremes were annoying, but since I had some priests, I just converted them (this was already in Iron Age). I slowly, and painfully, gained territory over yellow, creating villagers and town centers, and eventually destroying all their units; when yellow started attacking me with villagers, I knew they were done. I have yet to finish the scenario, though, as I only had archers at the moment of saving the game, and they won’t be of any use against remaining towers. I plan to succeed by spamming chariots (unfortunately, not the scythed ones, due to lack of resources for the upgrade).
Feels good to finally defeat this cursed scenario… took me more attempts than I remember, and I was firmly convinced it was broken until now :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow: :fire:

Bugs I found in this map: