Units STILL get stuck on attacking buildings

This HUGE bug was forgotten about in the current patch and has been existing since first beta.
I kindly want to remind you of fixing this in a hotfix since I had already reported it before this patch and given that feedback already in the BETAs as well.
Please try and tackle it ASAP, it destroys the whole balance and fun completely.

Rams do ONLY attack buildings, so you have already made an internal tag for buildings.
Military units can EASILY be locked on ONLY attacking military units in their range/in the player’s vision, because the system is already prebuild for it.

Please, I beg you to fix this immediately.
Had already reported this SEVERE bug before the last patch, thought it would definitely get fixed by now.

Relic has implented a feature in coh2 to choose wether a unit should only attack regular military units or tanks/buildings or both.
Should be VERY simple to translate such thing into aoe4.

I honestly got super disappointed to realize it wasn’t taken care of in the current patch.
Most likely won’t play anymore until it’s done.

As far as I am aware the attack priority system is working mostly as designed. That said, I will capture this again and the team will discuss it when we can.