If Native Lore indicates what I hope it does by way of updating old cards then I’m a very happy explorer. Many discussions on the forum about this issue. A few cards getting this treatment per patch would be really nice.

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Nah it’s a hard nerf to a native lore strat. There was a strat where you could get a 1500g tech for free (random band of mercs) from the house of Habsburg with it. I would say it went from a card that was useable for this strat back to a card that will probably never be used. 20% does not seem that much especially when the Asian civs have a card that is 50% reduction in cost.



  • Papal Guard: Cavalry damage multiplier increased to 3.5x (from 3x).
  • Papal Zouave: Increased ranged attack to 32 (from 21); Increase hitpoints to 300 (from 215).
  • Leonardo’s Tank: If you know how to get it, it’s a bit stronger now, but don’t tell anyone.
  • Lombard: Investment cap increased to 3000 (from 1500).
  • Basilica: Basilica shipments of Spies and Priests now take 30 seconds to arrive (down from 60).
  • Uffizi (II): Now causes Lombards to always trickles a static 0.5 xp/s when converting investments, regardless of how many resource are invested (previously trickled 0.4 xp/s for each different resource, totaling 1.2 xp/s).
  • Papal Arsenal (IV): Basilica shipment arrival speed improvement reduced to 33.33% (from 50%).
  • Advanced Politicians (I): The Advanced Governor now delivers 1 Outpost and 300 coin (changed from 2 Outposts and 200 Coin).
  • TEAM Marco Polo Voyages (I): Moved to age 2.
  • Albanian Company (III): Now delivers 3 Stradiots and 4 Bosniaks (down from 4 Stradiots and 4 Bosniaks).
  • Merchant Republics (II): Moved to age 1; no longer grants a Trading Post wagon.
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Very good update, I like it a lot.

But what they did to Ethiopia, has no name, now I think it will be the weakest civilization in the game without a doubt.


Great changes, excited to play with the age 1 tp booster and hausa 3 vil card.

Yeah this is excessive. Taking away a cow and villager shipment and nerfing the mortar is going to hurt. Especially when they just nerfed the Dervishes and big Benny.

The tiny buffs they got don’t really help since you get most of the monasteries for free upon age up.

I disagree on the “Native Lore” change. There is already a better card that reduced the cost of native improvements by 50% and it’s bound to Asian civs: it’s the asian counterpart of american “Native Lore”, Native Learning.

You guys should nerf that tech instead. I praise this good intention but it’s now a worse version of its asian counterpart, not worth a shipment, with no uniqueness at all (and it exposed you folks were oblivious of Native Learning card and the issues of minor civilizations XD).

There are a handful of ways to improve this card while keeping the “no coin cost”:

  • reduce the cost of Native Embassy,
  • sends embassy travois,
  • “Arrives Fast!” perk,
  • delivers 200 coin for each alliance you have,
  • lots of other ideas

The best way to increase the value of Native Lore is by adding more techs to the legacy Natives. Our community had made a huge topic with over 300 replies that was condensed here: Catalog of proposals on minor factions/civilizations (AOE-3 BASIC + TWC + TAD)


You still don’t understand the horror of Ethiopian rush


This is going to hit hardest in Fortress Age. I don’t see how they can pull off the rush with the last two rounds of nerfs.

Nice to see fire throwers now benefit from 2% maltese hitpoints and the heavy cannons. 50w reduction to german tongues seems to be a joke, card should cost no more than 350 wood.

Auberges change seems good I guess it depends on how much it reduces the cost of order units though.

Was expecting a buff to sentinels and hospitallers though, sentinels got a late game buff but they needed a stat boost for early game.

Italians changes seem good apart from the change to the governor so it now just gives 100 coin extra instead of a second tower, nobody is going to send a card for an extra 100 coin.

African civs needlessly nerfed into oblivion yet again and what is with the nerf to the sebastopol mortar in fortress? It was trash anyway.


I thought too but ethiopia was my most wish civilization and dev need seriously rework ethiopia.

I dont understand the Warrior priest nerf. Now it takes centuries to get 10.

Also no HC customization for natives :joy:

Use the old BO guys, send 3 WP as a second or third shipment, put 10 vills in the plaza, and in minute 7 at the latest you already have the 10 WP in the square. My record was at minute 6:00

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The best way to change it would be to swap the wood cost of native warriors for coin. That would make native allies a lot more viable.

I missed the whole warrior priest nerf. Where did you see this

Civilization Balance



  • Fencing School (II): No longer boosts Warrior Priest creation speed.
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Was really needed to tone down the initial catttle for africa civs by that much?
3 cows, one that you eat + another one sell for extra wood? Hausa kinda offset this by the extra sanga cattle per shipment, but wtf will do Ethiopians lol?

It seems like they nerfed Italy mercenary companies, but strangely enough they didn’t nerfed the broken lance company.

The maritime republics card nerf is also strange, not I don’t see any reason on including it on the deck, while the lombard xp nerf was probably necessary, but I would like to see now at least now basiliche generate the same amount of xp.

The lombards still probably needs a bit of a buff, and the 3000 resources cap is still low, it should have not cap. Lastly, the papal guard unit is still useless…

Not bad overall

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Just because I was enjoying TAR they nerf the civis XD.

Anyway: The XP nerf to Hausa was a good change, actually I’ve kept thinking that all D.E. civs get shipments far too fast on top of having powerful cards. If Germany is slower because they get Uhlans, then we should tweak the XP of some D.E. civs too: 8% looks excessive at first.

I think the -1 cow will hurt them a lot. We’ll see how it will play out.