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but the wc inca can train many more dogs and the damage of the wc inca can be more than 80 per hit, it can have more than 6 speed, it has an aura, a bonus against cavalry, it can train chasquis, which can receive shipments and He also has two special attacks.

inca WC >>>>> any explorer

You can send the card twice if you send it in Age 4 once and then in Imperial a second time. So you get 30 % melee resist and 20 % range resist Tercios late game…


Yes, now are good.

Improving them even more is also to give them a historical flavor, so that they become the cornerstone that the tercios were, the true protagonists, and turn them into a key unit of the European civ focused on strong pikes.

The shooting attack shouldn’t unbalance them too much either and would be behind a card.

The rods are good vs compositions of skirm/dragoon, but in many cases they are somewhat weak and little used.

Peruvian dogs need a buff, I totally agree.

Spanish dogs are fine, despite all the nerfs, but I said to improve the Spanish explorer card of age I and enhance the use of the logistician with this card and obtain a powerful synergy with the Reconquista card bc dogs are archaic inf.

Lol that seems like an oversight from when it was just a unit card.

Only 2 more than a spanish explorer though and it requires a card, they are also much weaker and gain much less stats with each age, lacking an age 4 shadow tech and instead requiring a second card to buff them. They’re incredibly weak units and inca also has less upgrade cards that effect them compared to spanish dogs that benefit from all the archaic upgrade cards.

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Nuestras Señoras card can also be sent again in Imperial Age, so you can have 3 battleships at the same time.


rip anyone trying to contest water in any shape or form when 3 battleships are around

I wouldn’t despair at the fact there isn’t any new DLC or need thereof…didn’t the US DLC come as a surprise?


Siempre hay un DLC nuevo por mayo o junio. Marzo les es muy pronto para los desarrolladores


Nope, they hinted with screenshots

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I think some have pointed out that Sultan Mohammed is a reference to a painter in the Safavid Persian court. Might be quality as a hint?

The sultan Mohammed portrait comes from the battle of the three kings historical battle.

Hes in the north-west of the map if you want to check.

So unfortunately unlikely to be a Persian hint.


Be despair, for there shall be no more new civs…

I’ve always been convinced about DE devs working actively on the AI, I’m really happy to see this!

Man new civs bring months of bugs and gimmicks anyway. Look at AoE2.

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Assuming the developers aren’t going to add more civilizations I’d like to make a few requests.

  1. Instead of adding existing cards to revolutions, we should have the ability to customize decks, they could separate each variant of the revolutions so that each variant of the same revolution has access to different cards depending on each civilization, but keeping unique cards for each revolution.

  2. Improve the AI of the game, especially that it can use revolutions effectively.

  3. Being able to put a revolution as a maximum age limit.

  4. Improve the map editor to a more intuitive one or one that explains how it works without the need to watch a thousand YouTube tutorials.

  5. Add more in-game cosmetic options for civilizations, for example being able to change the architecture or color of the buildings, change the flag of our initial civilization or the appearance of some units.

  6. Improve overall game performance.

Unknown map spoil alert

There are quite a few new natives in the unknown map, and some new assets for the old natives. Are these under test for general updates in the future, or are they going to remain exclusively in unknown forever?


That can already be done. There’s a trigger for that ‘Player: override civilization for flag’. You can also override soundsets, so, make Spanish speak British English, for example, or Civ name, so your Japanese civ is now called House of Phanar or something like that.

Maybe you can’t change the appearance of some units, but at least you can change the name a protounit.

I wouldn’t mind them adding the HomeCity buildings to the Scenario Editor, though.

what did you find? i cant seem to find anything particularly new in the files besides the old aztec stuff

That 10% was already there in imperial upgrade and now it needs a whole card slot for same stats ! meanwhile the whole army and eco upgrades are absolutely shipment dependent.


I’m not talking about the scenario editor. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Venetian flags.



What i want is to be able to use the flags in the normal game.