Updated Statistics

Hey all,

Just a short post to say I’ve updated ageofstatistics.com to contain the most recent data.

Site - ageofstatistics.com
GitHub - GitHub - gowerc/age-of-statistics

The change log for this update is:

  • Updated most recent “period” to include matches up to 9th June 2022
  • Added new output “Naive Win Rates (Ranked) by Civilisation” to the “Win Rates” tab
  • Added new output “Naive Win Rates by Game Length (Greater Than)” to the “Sliding Window” tab
  • Improved model notation in “Methods” page (thank you @Alanocallaghan)

Any questions / comments / feedback please let me know.


Thank you for all of your great works.

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You made closed and open map selection. Would it be possible to have a water maps selection?

Great job and well done! Thank you for doing this

so far, if anything my only question is why does the naive and averaged WR move to the x axis? in all other graphs the WR is the Y axis, and then it swaps? is there perhaps a reason for this? like its still very readable, but the first or quick impression is misleading

looking at this quickly vikings are lower than britons, so you could think they’re winning less, but its the opposite? (again just talking about quick impressions)


This is a good point, there’s no reason behind it other than that I had never really thought about it :see_no_evil: will switch it round in the next update to be consistent, thank you for pointing it out !

Unfortunately I don’t think water maps are possible. In my experience so far we need roughly 10k matches to get results that are somewhat meaningful (this isn’t based on anything particular, just that results begin to seem to be more than just noise around this point). At the moment we have ~800 games for solo >1200 and ~300 games for team >1800.

If it’s of interest though I probably have enough matches for nomad on the previous patch data (which is much larger than the current patch data)

I wonder how long this stats will be valid. I’m really hoping a moderately big update is coming in 2 weeks. Anyway this averaged win rates are all in between 45%-55% (1600+ elo, 1v1 open map). Only Bengalis can be below 45% due to confidence interval.

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yeah, the game is in a great state for 1v1 balance atm. maybe give gujaras and bengalis a little tweak