Upgrade your Springald with these skins! 😄

Hello everyone! This time, I decided to continue my idea of skins for siege weapons. I created six different variations, not necessarily perfectly matching the game’s theme, but I was interested in how far I could push the boundaries.
I think aoe4 lacks the ability to import various models, because I have a huge number of ideas for implementation, but without testing them in the game, I can’t even begin. I hope that developers will add these features to the Content Editor soon)

All renders one by one

Which one do you like the most?


That’s the problem with the game, we wont give yous a in game shop to buy skins and other stuff.

Then they wont let us fully use the editor. Good way of supporting your player base

Those are pretty cool. I like the Viking and samurai ones the best. Nice job :+1:

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nice job, knights and samurai need skins and shield emblems too.
Hopefully the next online reward will be something like this.
bless you

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nicely done. these give off an AoEO vibe

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And AoM too! :smiley: I have been gathering ideas from various fields

Warcraft 3 too. Undead siege engine.

Marvellous skins, how I wish to put them in turning pack.
It’s a pity that they don’t sell the skins like StarCraft 2

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Amazing work all around. I like the inclusion of fantasy as well as more classical motifs.

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