Villager Vacation Main Menu Mod not applied & removed from My Mods upon relaunching AOE II DE

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  • GAME BUILD #: 62085
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Villager Vacation Main Menu is removed from Mods and not applied upon relaunching the game through Steam.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Install the Villager Vacation Main Menu mod (60284_[Villager] Main Menu)
  2. Apply it in My Mods
  3. Close AOE II: DE
  4. Synchronize Steam Cloud
  5. Launch AOE II: DE again
  6. Villager Main Menu is removed from My Mods Users/UserName/Games/Age of Empires II DE/Profile Number/mods/subscribed during launch
  7. Main Menu Mod does not appear applied as the main menu background

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Villager Vacation Main Menu Mod is meant to be applied

NB: This is the same bug like with the Dynasties of India event’s Main Menu that I had before (& was eventually fixed):

I also wonder if this is a bug related to uninstalling/reinstalling AOE II: DE since I had to do this recently to complete the AOE III: DE Knights of the Mediterranean Event.

I have the same problem, also had with indian menu just as downloading any other mod. I am just wondering how you solved the issue with indian menu?

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I didn’t solve it myself for the Indian event main menu - it somehow got fixed a week or so after the DLC launched. I think there was an issue then with the mods appearing twice & that got fixed. But this isn’t the case with this latest main menu mod.

Ah okay, I still have a problem with both indian main menu as well as the villager main menu. It is just an endless download where an empty folder is created in subscribed mods. This is the case for both the indian menu, the villager menu and all other mods. I have disabled all mods and deleted all that were updating but still the issue is there. I had an email conversation with the devs a few days ago and they said that they were tracking this but that there are no workarounds with this at the moment so unsure whether they will fix it anytime soon. And how are your other mods? Do they work and are you able to download any?

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All other mods work for me. I only have problems with the main menu ones not being applied upon relaunching the game.

If it helps the devs: I even saw the Main Menu disappear when the 3 Kings overlay was loading on top of the window that I had open of my subscribed Mods folder in File Explorer!

Hi @RobbieDPL and @AnxiousRhino816 !

Can you perform the reproducion steps mentioned above with the Enhanced Logging Build and sending those to us? We cannot reproduce this issue



Am I supposed to log in to Jira? I have an account there but no access to forgottenempires atlassian account so there is nothing I can do there.

Wrong link, this is the correct one :smiley:

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Hi @IkoKnight8151 !

If it’s ok, I’ve just sent my very latest log to you via PM. I’ve uploaded the log to my Google Drive & set it as publicly available.

Hey RobbieDPL,

IkoKnight8151 has provided me with the file, so we are now tracking this issue :slight_smile:

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