Visual enhancement of buildings without compromising playability

I’m not sure why people keep focusing on the buildings when as far as I’m aware what happened is that they increased the size of the units rather than decreased the size of the buildings. I personally like the larger units that are easier to see, as identifying units typically becomes an issue before identifying buildings when you zoom out, but I’d be happy enough for them to provide an option to scale units. I’d be even happier if they allowed them to be made even bigger, as well as smaller for people who want that, along with the ability to zoom out more.

@breeminator You are not informed. Yes, units were made bigger but some buildings were made more little too.

You could see these post (You can only see the images)

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Okay, but the ones that were made smaller were to make them occupy fewer grid squares. I doubt anyone wants them to occupy more grid squares, so they can’t be scaled up, so the simplest way to make things more proportionately sized is to allow the units to be scaled down for those who want that, reversing the increase in size of units that was done. Units can simply be shrunk without causing problems whereas buildings can’t be scaled up without occupying more grid squares. Scaling them up only vertically would look bad. Changing the design of them in specific ways, e.g. the doorways, would need manual work, and there are surely more important things for them to work on if they’re going to invest manual work, such as bringing the campaigns up to date with the current game mechanics.

Bro, every that is already discussed. Literally this topic is about how to make these buildings more proportionate WITHOUT make them to ocupe more espace. Read it before said that to me.

The solution is take the buildings that have been reduced and rework them to their new size, LITERALLY thing that I propose in this topic. To proportionate these buildings with units is impossible because they have too bad scale.

It looks much better… And I think even the flora looks better… A bit pixelated but it looks much better yes…


And I addressed that - there are far more important things for them to work on if they’re going to invest the labour it would take to manually re-design loads of buildings. The one thing that COULD be done without significant manual labour is to simply allow units to be scaled. As you recognise, a simple scaling of buildings, on the other hand, isn’t going to work.

Make something like this didnt take too much efford

If you dont do something like this, buildings will continue being unproportionate between each them.

Or even disproportionate to themselves (the stable´s horse does not fit in its own stable)

A game with a budget like this, should have no problem fixing visual mistakes like these


Honestly the real answer is just making new assets. These photographic edits are easy to do in photoshop, but remodelling requires a lot more work than a facepaint. They’d have to redo UVs for some parts and textures on top of making these “small” changes.

At that point, it’d be better to make actual assets that fits the scale. And here is the thing… The initial artists already did that. It just turned out that someone, somewhere in development, decided that it wasn’t readable enough–far too late into development, after the assets had been designed for a scale already.

So how do we approach it? my take on it is that the scale-down was a mistake. And that we can achieve readability with the original scale by adding proper camera functions. By being able to zoom out more, with not such an awkward camera angle, and fixing the fog that spans the entire map, it’d end up with a much better visual and gameplay experience.

The truth is, the default camera angle is so zoomed in that scaled down production buildings becomes necessary. Despite having Panoramic, people still mostly use the default view. They still use it because of multiple reasons; for one, the camera options are lacking. Remember, originally most players simply asked for more zooming options, but instead they only introduced the Panoramic view–which awkwardly adjusts the camera angle. Adding more camera options, like zooming, (on top of returning the original scale of the buildings) would be the best way to address the problem and facilitate the original sizes.


They could just make those two towers disappear then scale the building bigger to fill in the tower position, resulting in bigger building, bigger dummies, hence better readability and better proportionally. I still don’t get why they need to have those towers anyways.

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@Alexios732 something similar to Age of Mythology barracks, yes.

It would be better if they do indeed change them to those but then we have this problem;

I’m just trying to prove how easy it is for some of those buildings to be tweak efficiently, without changing them too much.

@breeminator can you see the problem here? Is there any building out of place?

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You think they change something (proportions) or?

Landmark reworks!

That’s all the landmark changes that were in the PUP (plus some slight tweaks since then).

Nothing to do with visuals.

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There are no changes, I put the image because we can see how the barrack is out of place, even shorter than a house.

(Chinese houses are ones of the more proportionate houses in game while for example, ottoman houses are shorter than a guy).


Would be nice to have your banners on some buildings and holy sites too

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The problem is that someone smeared grape jelly all over my screen.

I swear man, AoE4 devs:


Yes, it’s something that has aoe 3 and it’s a 2005 game… is it so difficult to implement something like that?..

I love the redesigned buildings in this thread. The building scale was fundamentally wrong from the beginning, and this thread nails it.