A feasible solution to proportion issue (and some other graphic suggestions)

Hi everyone!Recently we have seen discussions on AOE 4 graphics especially the proportion issue. Its quite obvious the community has a strong need for Relic to solve the problem, but the suggestion we currently have seem too much for them to accomplish (redesign all buildings).
Some of my thoughts:

The proportion issue
No one has ever suggested realistic proportions which makes a cathedral occupy half the screen. All we wanted was A PROPER scaling that doesn’t generate cognitive dissonance like this.

As ppl have already pointed out, there may be a rush change of design shortly ahead of the launch catering to certain player base, reducing the area covered (of mainly military buildings) from 4x4 to 3x3.

It make sense, considering the building area on most maps is pretty limited, the original size will cause the player to have less military buildings, therefore reducing number of units on the battlefield, slowing down the game.(not good for eSport) However, this caused a much distorted proportion, making the game visually less appealing.

My suggestion is very simple.

  1. Change the military buildings back to the original size. (from 3x3 to 4x4) Example:
  2. Now player can spend another 150 wood (or 300, depending on the building) to upgrade the military building, doubling its production speed and health. This upgrade can happen while production is ongoing.
    By these 2 changes I believe we can solve the proportion issue without changing the current eSport-oriented mindset, because from a competitive perspective, playability is unchanged. Area covered is reduced (3x3+3x3=18,4x4=16), and production speed is even increased.
    And here are some other tweaks for further enhancement:
  3. Slightly increase the height of the buildings.
  4. Slightly increase the overall size of the buildings without changing the area covered. Currently, some buildings have plenty of empty space within their block.

    These are small changes that don’t require much effort, but can greatly improve the gaming experience.

Making games are not charity work, the developer needs a sustainable income source. eSport seems to be a good choice, but it will ultimately create a divide between casual players and pros, as proven by SC2. Here’s another proven solution: cosmetics(skin for units, buildings, or even customizable patterns on in-game models). Personally, I would like to see more variety across the battlefield, and the opportunity for this is vast. For people dislike it, just add a switch to turn the cosmetics down, making it totally optional. It will be a win-win for all. Players like me get what we want, game generates revenue, and those don’t like won’t be affected.

The color scheme on Chinese buildings look terrible. Not every building has to have a golden roof (I don’t know why they are so obsessed with ‘readability’. I’m pretty sure a player with functional eyeballs can identify a building or unit even without a golden roof or helmet).
Here are some real-life examples:


I would suggest to apply a darker color on the rooftop of buildings to make them look better.


who is interested in proportionality, play it in a mod, but in rankeds, the gameplay must exceed realism


I dont think Devs will ever address this issue, your only hope is someone modded it perfectly without bugs current mods have alot of issue.


There is already a mod “totally accurate empire” or something like that which solved the proportion issue. Personally I’m fine with the actual proportion adopted by devs


People like you dont understand yet that to correct many proportions (not sizes, proportions), wouldnt damage playability and wouldnt damage competitive.

The main visual problem in this game was that proportions were changed in last times of development in a hurry. And them wasnt correctly adapted


Here they complain that the units are not distinguished in the game. Do you want to give them more reasons to underestimate the game?

I enjoyed reading this. These proportions hurt me too.
But it looks like several things changed at some point in an effort to make the game more readable(?). The rooftops of the military/civilian buildings for example were not separated by this warm/cool color scheme as they are now. And as I can see the villagers and some units did not have so much player color attached on them either, now they look like color balls.

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Bigger Doors would do units more dificult distinguishable for example? Why some buildings have aceptable proportions and others no? Playability are only necesary with some buildings?

Why the houses are so little in “I” and “II” ages but in “III” and “IV” ages have an acceptable size. Playability are only necesary in ages 1 and 2?

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People always assume that asking for this is like a “favour”. People just want a better version of a product they are going to buy. The scale has always been out of place and I don’t see a problem with asking to fix it. Why should mods fix everything we don’t like about the game? What is implemented officially is usually better.


Please read the context. PROPER scaling does NOT equal realism. And the changes suggested have minimum impact on the gameplay.


It’s always better to address this issue without mods, since its a major problem raised by a portion of community that’s obviously not a minority.

Just because Hastachess said so? No matter if tons of people complained about that? If you are talking about pros, let me remind you that they will play with green boxes instead of trees if that helps their “readability” let me also remind you that game presentation also sells. There is a reason why they made a huge discount and added 2 civs for free.


in the transmission the developers mentioned some mods, about the realism mod they said it is interesting but it is unplayable, who you have to convince is the developers not me

Mmm the game does not need ultra realism…it just need better textures, colors and animations and building size at least x019 level or similar.


Agree it should be officially fix but the current focus of Devs are in the Coh3 game and for the e-sport not for us casual players. Sorry thats the reality.

We should be thankful for modders for fixing what the devs did not, You should blame the developers for releasing it in a such a state. Look at total war they have amazing mods that makes the game have repeatable gameplay.


And thats why we casual players should make a bigger voice and push the devs to fix the game.
BTW, with forgotten empire team taking over, there should be a better chance.


the size of the units comapred to the buildings was so much better in that initial trailer
sense of scale is sadly missing from all age games past AOE2

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How sure are we speaking about forgotten empire takeover?

Relic was hired by Microsoft, remember that relic is owned by Sega, so at some point FE will take over as relic needs to work in other projects with high priority:

Dawn of war 1 remaster
Dawn of war lll the real one.