🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - September 21!

It’s that time for you to weigh in on the maps you want to see in the next 1v1 Ranked Map Pool! Here are FOUR of the SEVEN (total) maps that will be showing up in the next map pool update:

Example_1 Example_2 Example_3 Example_4

Now it’s your turn to vote for the THREE (3) maps that you’d like to see join the pool. Of the options below, the three that receive the most votes by Sunday will be added to the map pool next week!

:white_check_mark: VOTING ENDS: 2021-09-19T19:00:00Z

:arrows_counterclockwise: NEW MAP ROTATION: September 21


Vote for your 3 favorite maps! Don’t forget to click the ‘Vote now!’ button at the bottom of the post once you’ve locked in your choices.

  • Choice_1 Atacama
  • Choice_2 City of Lakes
  • Choice_3 Crater
  • Choice_4 Golden Pit
  • Choice_5 Land Nomad
  • Choice_6 MegaRandom
  • Choice_7 Runestones
  • Choice_8 Valley
  • Choice_9 Volcanic Island

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Thanks for participating in this week’s poll! :white_circle::black_circle:


Lol, we have to manually vote these days to get Runestones back to the map pool.


Crater, Runestones, Valley - these are the most satisfying maps to me in this selection/ mega random and nomad can take a hike - tired of autobanning them which wastes bans I could place towards maps I don’t like yet would actually consider playing.

Mega Random and Nomad deserve their own queue or to be made into ranked lobby game-modes like death match is going to be/is. They are seperate game-modes, not maps. They may have maps centered around those game-modes, but that’s only just that, maps made for different game-modes.(referring to nomad maps) and mega random needs to be a little more strict, starting with an actual scout would be good for starters and only one tc and the basic number of villagers please. The rest can be as random as it needs to be. It’s ranked, not the chaotic lobby.


I hate every map the community votes for. We never get to try new maps.


Oh yeah. 4 lakes and mega random and its not even Christmas. You all know what I like. Only way thos could be any better would be to get way different maps on here stuff we haven’t played in a long time or ever.

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Seems like a huge missed opportunity to not offer the community the opportunity to vote for the maps we’ve just been watching the pros play on on WololoV. That would have been fun.


Actually such a good idea. maybe they’ll try it next rotation?

Runestones is becoming very popupar and likeable. I hope it becomes a permanent fixed map soon.

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oh… not my kind of maps on this rotation lol
guess i ll play only 2v2

Please fix new arabia. The imbalance kills the fun.

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People love nomad, you will have to deal with it

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Allot of people like lots of different game-modes like death match and regicide and dino hunter hider games. Doesn’t refute the fact that it’s a seperate game-mode. Me having to ‘deal with it’ is just an opinion.

Not nearly the same size. Nomad is the fourth most popular map ever

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Nomad is not a map, it is a game-mode that just so happens to have maps made for it.

How you feel about it doesnt matter, Nomad being out of the queue forever would anger A LOT of people

And I think your ideas were bad.

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I’m confused… you want to ban maps that you would consider playing?

It’s much better than having the ban maps that have no reason to be in the same queue and don’t accurately allow player elo to be reflected. Someone at 1200 elo playing normal maps with the standard start might play at a 900 elo equivalent in the separate game-mode nomad where someone who practices nomad would have a distinctive advantage.

I might even get to the point where I decide not to ban any maps.

Nomad, Death Match, Regicide, Feudal/empire Wars, King of the Hill and other such exotic gamemodes would do well in the same queue. Or under the lobby ranked system. They have no business being in the same queue as the regular/standard starts ranked queue.

Some people like the randomness, it called Megarandom not Arabia clone. Megarandom and Nomad are always a favorite for me. Just ban it the same way I always ban Arabia. Playing the same style of maps is boring, chaos is fun. Megarandom and random Civ is the way the game was meant to be play for some people.