Walls and keeps need to be nerfed HARD

that boom oriented play already was part of the big siege push. Quite the contrary with the boom, due to the Zhuge Nu buff Chinese are much more offensive early game.

game defenses are incentivizing disgusting Kamikaze strategies :face_vomiting:, after accumulating resources

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This is a great idea

This falls in line with my suggestion of making siege better. Imperial shouldn’t just feel like a scaled up version of Feudal. Things should be a lot more exciting, hectic and there should be more dangerous units, which is the role Siege should fulfill.

This is a step in the right direction, but most siege is still really boring, slow and easily countered. Look at how weak to use Ribauldequins are for instance. I know they are not meant for Siege, but the point is that these super units do not feel super at all.

I am not sure about lowering the Mongol trebuchet damage, they already cannot build walls or castles so their trebuchet needs to be better then other civs.


This thread is basically ‘Cavalry blobber unable to bypass stone walls with ease skill issue’.


“It does make trebuchets less population efficient in the late game. . .”

Wtf, this is an awful change with Berkshire and Great Wall Gatehouse currently outranging bombards. You need 4-6 upgraded trebuchets late game to even have a chance at breaking these landmarks. And you need like 3-4 culverins to defend the trebuchets from the doubtless springalds. And even then, it’s just barely enough to out-damage the repairs so it takes like 5 minutes to break them. But sure, let’s make it so you need even more trebuchets.

If you analyze it, less than 10 damage is not a great nerft, because the bonus against walls is still intact. The real nerf is to the hp but it is compensated because it will go out to battle in less time. And as mentioned in the patch, the bombard already does a lot of damage in imperial

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We know that the number of villagers needed to build faster is exponential (it’s not linear); therefore, I ask that you consider tilting the curve of villagers more, necessary to increase the speed of repair, stone walls and keeps, or simply something similar to the nerft that was done to the repair of the siege

That change would need to take into account landmarks. The repair rate on berkshire and great gate house is already insanely high.

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keeps master class and the “cherry on the cake” 54 minute game

It isn’t exponential. Afaik, the build points generated per unit of time increases linearly with added villager count. The best argument in favor of what you say is pointing out that the build time is the inverse of the villagers put in. (1/(1+0.33*(n-1)), but calling that exponential doesn’t seem true in any mathematical sense.

Well, that’s what my intuition told me since I don’t have the game programming and indeed that is seen as an exponential function, at least in two of its quadrants. :wink:

Doing the same with the keeps HP would also work.

thats what I refer :point_down:

Landmark should be repaired with some stone as well, encourage offensive play :point_down:

another gem with walls and keeps

game with wonder included, incredible

Data seconds before Beasty surrendered, 113 villagers and 49 military units I don’t consider a reason for him to surrender, I bet he can’t tolerate the exhausting task of eliminating 214 economic units from the rival and not ending the game

The personal reasons why Grubby later devoted little or nothing to aoe4, even though he still likes it, plus the other reason, which is his audience’s decreased interest in aoe4, but Grubby’s personal reasons are most likely the same. why his community also decreased their interest, he mentioned that he had an audience of 3k and then it dropped to less than 1.5k

Yes, it has to do with the defenses of the game

the defenses of the game

The strategic purpose of the walls is to defend and conserve resources by establishing good positions on the ground and resisting sieges.:shield:

Fact: it makes sense that walls are impenetrable and it’s a good idea to build your own castle as a counter-strategy, although this will prolong the battle a lot.

The defenses should serve to end the game, they protect your town while you go with your entire army to finish off the enemy, but they only take advantage of it to: make a boom, out of 150 villagers, merchants and when it suits them they eliminate them with delete