We need a punishment system against unsportsmanlike behaviour

Any person that comes around can queue into a multiplayer game and go completely anonymous and everybody is forced to play with them. So if people just resign when they are in a bad spot in a team game or they grief their allies or just behave like a dickhead there is no way of dodgingthem. People dont have to fear any consequences and more and more are abusing that.
Its getting worse in my opinion and i am already in a confortable spot where my team rating is decently high so i dont even have to deal with the most abnoxious people out there.


Seconded. You can literally harass people with absolutely no repercussions. You can spout racism, sexism and other types of verbal aggression that are literally punishable by law and MS doesn’t give a single care about it.

The fact that DE doesn’t have any sort of moderation, not even the smallest one, is beyond me. I guess Microsoft must think that racism and swastikas in lobby titles like on HD is a perfectly fine behavior.


I can agree, with my experiences of multiplayer it is needed

I still see mangonel team killers and ally tc wallers in ranked team games so I’m all for this. Sometimes people will also just delete everything they own at the start to cause a defeat, but I’m not really sure what’s up with that.

Also maybe half of the FFA unranked games I join there are people who work together right at the start. It’s so disappointing to join a locked teams FFA game just to have two guys microing archers and scouts in a single ball against you in Feudal Age.

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haha but thats always the problem, EVERYONE thinks they are the one in the right. I’ve seen this happen so many times where people are oblivious to the pain they cause someone and then react like children when the tables are turned, crying for help from the community…

wrt the “report button” does any RTS even enforce anything like that? censoring words in chat is one thing, but akaik there’s no RTS that allows you to bar someone from a ranked match or report them and actually have an effect (most of the time if anything the report button is a placebo)

and if the devs arent even going to acknowledge bugs on the official forum who do you think is going to monitor bad behaviour in the game??? lel…

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I think the main reason for some people begin to cry, in a game or after it, are the Rating points. The unrated games are more fun.

I agree that there needs to be player reporting system for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Please continue discussion on this topic. However, this is not the topic to report players. Reporting players on the forums is a violation of the forum code of conduct.

All comments which report players will be subject to moderation.

I feel it’s unsportsmanlike to resign/drop early in non-team games, like 1 vs. 1, as well… and, so, would like either a reporting capability for that, too, or give a serious drop in their ELO, or some other effect to dissuade the behavior.

Someone resigned in one of my 1v1 games simply because I reached Feudal Age first and had a slightly higher score. Literally, two seconds after I reached Feudal they resigned, with no warning. I know it was purely a result of score and Feudal speed.

Yes, it’s tough to realize you might not win, but to resign so early is unsportsmanlike, imo. Without impactful penalty, it’s contagious to other players.

Seems like Uncharted 2, back in the day, had stiff penalties for dropping from matches… like removing a lot of XP and downgrading their level a few rungs… which was a painful hit, but made you not want to leave matches mid-match. Not sure if Uncharted 3 and 4 had similar, but 2 was not messing around with unsportsmanlike behavior.

For AoE, unsportsmanlike behavior penalties should be well thought-out, so as to be fairly reasonable and commensurate with the offense. It’s tougher for AoE, since the full game is available to you, and you don’t have to level up like Uncharted to access new things. (It’s not like ESO is tied to unlockables; so if you lose ELO, you’re not farther away from getting anything new, for instance.)

But for AoE, some things the devs could consider include what age the player drops in, what age the opponent is in, what their score is relative to the opponent, how long the match has been going on, and maybe how often they resign, to help determine how unsportsmanlike the drop was. Some algorithm could generate an “unsportsmanlike behavior score” on the back-end to help decide on punishment. The algorithm could know what their historical unsportsmanlike score is based on past resigns/non-resigns and maybe factor that in, too.

And, when someone clicks the Resign button, I suggest adding verbiage to the, “Are you sure?” pop-up screen, telling the player the ramifications of doing it. For example, “Are you sure? Resigning at most any time can be seen as unsportsmanlike, but especially if done before the Imperial Age and less than 15 minutes into the match [or whatever the player’s timing or situation is]. If you resign now, your ELO will drop 400 points and won’t be able to start a new Multi-Player match for 30 minutes.”

Something like that. Just a thought. Albeit, the 30-minute ban from playing another MP match might be overkill and too mean.

I’m somewhat okay without penalties for early resigns, if that’s the consensus. But I do feel it’d be funner if you knew your opponent wasn’t going to drop at the very first sign of possible defeat. Some of the more respectful and gratifying matches for me are when your opponent lets you truly win in a Conquest match, and vice versa if you’re losing.

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Nice thoughts, Darkness…

I’m sure that these overreactions do occur (and I agree, it’s pretty annoying), but I honestly don’t think they are near to be the most of cases, thus I don’t agree to nivelate resigning penalties by these standards.

In my experience with this game you can indeed loose the match pretty early on, even if you were not obliterated. For example, a good enemy feudal age rush can lag you so behind on the game, simply by killing some villagers, that going on with the match would simply be 15~20 minutes of yourself draggin your way into a long-known defeat.

I would not be happy at all to be encouraged (or threatened, depending how you see that) to stay on a long losing game just to not be severely punished by the rating system for leaving “early”.

Summing up: real early losses are way more frequent than early overreacted resigns. No need to put in a system to punish the latter, would be actually much more prejudicial to the first.


Thanks, dededoritos. Since I haven’t played a lot against random opponents online, I’ll go by what you say; maybe it’s rare what I experienced. Good points. I know there probably won’t be a solution that will please all, funfortunately :slight_smile:

But even mid- or later-game drops are a little annoying. You’ve spent all that time and energy to build your econ and forces, and then as soon as you bring an army and destroy two buildings when you’re both in Castle or Imperial Age they resign? That’s like playing chess and the opponent always knocking their King over to resign as soon as you have 3 or 5 more pieces than them or as soon as you take their Queen. If you haven’t played much chess, I’m sure you can think of other workable analogies for other games or sports :slight_smile: Yes, you get the win which is a reward, but a good part of the fun for me is seeing the match play through at least a bit more than that… even if it looks like “it’s over” on paper.

Oooh, what about a setting in the match-making screen that says, “No resigns before the Industrial Age allowed” :smiley: So people who enjoy playing things out more can play against like-minded individuals? Probably can’t do this until the userbase grows a lot, but maybe something in the not-too-distant future.

A punishment system? Cut off one finger for each offense.

Ya know, I might have stated it a lot more diplomatically, but I tend towards agreeing with the gist of this comment. I don’t see a way to solve the problem y’all refer to that would itself be immune to other major problems, (such as punishing players for resigning early). Even a system for reporting harrassment or whatever can, most likely and most ironically, be weaponized by trolls to harrass.

Bottom line, there will always be a small but annoying segment of the population that likes to troll, harass, and generally be douchemonkeys. If they’re really determined to be that way, I don’t know that there’s a fool-proof way to stop them without removing lots of freedoms and conveniences from the average player. For example, I’ve had “allies” in team games wall me in in Dark Age and fast Castle, then try to attack ground me to death with Mangonels once they reached Castle. Was I P.O’ed? You bet. Do I think that those rare instances of trollish behavior justify changing the game for everyone? Not by a long shot. Sure, I recorded their names, and vowed to never play with/against them again, but that’s where it ends. Sure, it would be “nice” if more people were “nice,” and there may be positive ways to incentivize that. But until everyone simultaneously achieves Enlightenment, having thick skin and a short memory are some of the best bonuses out there.


That’s really the best bet, when possible. When you’re playing against people you don’t know, it’s always a little bit of a roll of the dice, although it’s often less risky at higher ELOs. Definitely worth a little extra time to find some friends/groups, so that you can trust at least some of the players.

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I posted the same request long time ago. I suggested an ignore list, the same way we had in voobly. It worked really nice and it was as simple as it gets, but I guess devs have other priorities right now.


so… where can I drop this? I know this is from AOE 3 but the issue is pretty much the same… 2 out of 3 games, someone gets racist or something. I really thought that the community was more mature than this

@RadiatingBlade edit: Screenshots redacted. Per the forum code of conduct, do not call out other players.

Hello everyone !

Just played a ranked game versus someone named exactly T90Official, exactly like the streamer. I know for sure it isn’t him for reasons :slight_smile:

First of all a persian douche in steppe, not much like him. But it is a gamestyle, I personnaly hate it but Nothing wrong with that. The main problem is that the game goes on and I arrive to have a huge domination on him, more than 1k score ahead in castle age and finally that player decides to say “noob” in the chat, then immediately the clock near his name went red, game froze and I had a message saying that a synchronisation error occured and the game ended withtou any end board, no points were won or loose. Clearly this player had almost lost the game and was so behind he couldn’t come back, but instead of resigning he found a way to make the game crash so he did not loose points. Certainly Nothing like the real T90. Here is a copy of the replay of this game.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you will quickly find a fix to this technic permitting to exit a ranked game without loosing points.


Oops, I can’t had a replay file, extension is not supported on the forum. Please, if any admin see this message contact me so I can find you the replay (or if you can find it directly online the name is “MP Replay v101.101.35209.0 @2020.02.16 224234 (1).aoe2record”

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I agree. Too much of that stuff happens all the time

well, your request was fulfilled 11