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Principality of Liechtenstein civ:

Leader: Johann I Joseph
Military focus: Fast, hard hitting, expensive, high-pop units
Economic focus: extremely low settler cap (40) settlers cost 2 pop, can’t build estates, starts with 3 free bank wagons (and has a 3 bank limit), and has improved market buy/sell rates.

Liechtenstein hits their economic cap quickly and so has a strong timing attack. They are greatly vunerable to having their banks destroyed early. The civ benefits hugely if they have an ally who supports them by sending resources (the civ makes a great vassal :wink: ). Otherwise they have to rely on selling food and wood at the market to afford their costly units. Their roster is mostly native units that they train as ordinary troops. Although a Leichtenstein player will have trouble massing armies, their units have higher speeds than other Euro units, so their military focus is on maneuvering their small forces. Micro-intense.



  • Knight → (II) 300 gold, 3 pop, heavy cav with high speed and splash attack, uses the Robber Knight (or Order Knight) model. Royal guard = Kürassiere, gets a model similar to the Saxon Cuirassier
  • Chevauleger or renamed Dragoons → (III) 110 food, 90 coin, 2 pop, gets the “Ducal Berg Lancers” upgrade for free on guard upgrade

Artillery foundry:

  • Grenadier (II), 120 food, 60 coin, 2 pop
  • Culverin (III), 100 wood, 400 coin, 4 pop
  • Horse Artillery (IV) 100, 500 coin, 6 pop
  • Half-Heavy Cannon (or maybe “Battery Cannon”) (IV), 200 wood, 600 coin, 7 pop, instead of heavy cannon from the factory, Liechtenstein gets this unique varient of the Heavy/Imperial Cannon that is the same in all respects, except it moves a lot faster due to a lighter barrel (Austrian Liechtenstein Cannon - Project Seven Years War)

Some card ideas:

  • something to reference the legend of Liechtenstein having -1 casualties during the entire 19th century because one person joined their army. Maybe an Age IV that sends 1 additional Line Infantry for each 5 you have
  • cards to increase military speed
  • cards to make trees last longer
  • something to reference garden planting. Maybe something like Great Northern Forests that spawns a tree at each house
  • “Robber Knights” which makes knights provide coin whenever they kill a unit like Baja California’s Soldiers of Fortune (can’t call it Robber Barons sadly lol)

Of course, Persia is Shia and Morocco and Oman are Sunni…

Of course, it seems strange to me to see two civs from different continents that the only thing that unites them is being Muslims and being neighbors of the Ottomans, at least the Hausa and Ethiopians are from the same continent…

I like it…hired xd…

Omani are not Sunni, they are Ibadi. Ibadism is a third and less well known branch, but it is distinct.

Ah ok, yes, but in reality it is half and half…The country is 95% Muslim. Both Sunni Islam and Ibadi Islam have a following of about 45% each one, while 5% identify as Shia Muslims. In the 1800s, the Jalan Bani Bu Ali tribe converted to Wahhabism (Salafist Sunni reformist movement). They sporadically fought Ibadi communities but otherwise did not affect the overall religious demographics of Oman.

The only thing missing is the Bank building to be perfect xDDD

Well, I’ve picked those because of these:

Look for the file name. It shows rev for revolutions.

That doesn’t mean anything…


Maybe it was about misdirection…

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Don’t get me wrong. I’d like to see them as a full civ too but why did they name it as that?
You couldn’t ignore things like that, it’s my opinion.

Could be… But if you name a file with a logic identifier is a logic thing. I could be wrong too if they named it wrong…

Easy, it was planned and cut. Maybe because they got the green light to add them as civs. If they were working on them as revs they might have other leftover stuff as well that they could repurpose.

If you think about what would be required to add Poland or Denmark, what is it?

  • Cards: some unique cards, but a lot could easily overlap with standard Euro cards (Royal mint, Fencing School, Advanced Arsenal, etc). This would likely be less new icons than AR civs added.
  • Units: a few unique units, but again, 50% or more are units that belong to other Euro civs. Again, less work.
  • Architecture: Both would use European architecture, perhaps with a few unique buildings. but again, less work than a lot of civs would be.

Ultimately we don’t know how much was done when working on the revs, but a situation where they say “hey, these are almost full civs already, why not go all the way?” Doesn’t seem too unlikely.

Also, both flags feature a lot of red in them. Red in at least one of the flags was one of the hints we got, so neither are impossible.


There is one fact that you missed - A lot of time has passed since the last dlc. Devs can make a Persia.


The United States and Mexico also appear as revs and yet they are also complete civs…

Yes, Poland and Denmark would use the architecture of Central Europe (Poland the same architecture as Russia and Denmark the same as Germany and Sweden)…

Try some Tiger Sauce on that hat. It’s good on fish, chicken, and meat but I’ll bet it would be fine on hats too.

It’s definitely possible. I never said it wasn’t.

I still personally think it’s more likely we get PLC + Denmark though.


Koreans I don’t care if it is a vassal but nevertheless still an empire.

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Korea by definition is not an empire, it did not control any significant territory not inhabited by Koreans.

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I’d argue that civs don’t necessarily have to be empires to make it in the game.

They just need: relevance and some kind of impact in the eras covered by Age of Empires III. Cohesion as a society and intereaction with the wider world is a bonus too!

Korea for example, yes was a vassal, however vassalage is complicated and can be very broad. Many nations that were tributary nations did their own thing.

Let’s look at the Koreans:
• Koreans existed as a dynasty (Joseon) from late 14th century to late 19th century - well within the timeframe as a cohesive civ.
• In the earliest Age depicted in-game, the Koreans are already dealing with Wokou followed by a huge Japanese invasion of 300,000+ soldiers! Thanks to guerilla warfare, lots of military innovations and Ming help the Japanese are pushed back. This impactful set of events help carve-out a focal point for an in-game Korean civ - namely that of a defensive one.
• Interaction with the world - Korea fought with the aforementioned Japanese & Wokou, China (Jin and Qing), themselves (rebellions), Russians (alongside Manchu) French and even the US later on in the 19th century as they were starting to be forced out of their Isolationism.
• Loads of potential for an interesting army! I’m not going to list all unit choice as they’ve been well documented on these boards already.


Well Malta has neither so really anything is fair game at this point. Korea has potential for a ton of unique and cool units so that alone is enough to justify it.