What improvements should AOE3:DE have?

Begs the question:
What do they feed on to get that strong?

Didn’t know that was a thing, that’s pretty nuts.

Overhauling all tooltips is a bit much yeah, but id love some more clarity on a few things whether or not they affect a unit or not in some cases.

One thing that could be a huge help though is something like the age of empires 2 civ selection screen that was announced in the video posted by the official channel on youtube a few days ago.
It provides a better, quicker overlook of all civs and main civ bonuses.
I am sure that a few casual players for example hardly know about the fact spanish need less xp for each shipment and things like that.

Also on a unrelated sidenote, what’s peoples opinions on saloon unit unlocks seeing that regardless of map swedes get access to highlanders and fusiliers, black riders etc. which are insanely strong stat wise whereas other civs don’t even if they have an economy or bonuses that could support mercenary play.

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Option to turn off UI, a camera mode to take screenshots which will have unrestricted camera movement and positioning. So you could get cinematic quality close up shots.

I think the Native Americans need access to a Saloon-type building. Imagine if you could give the Lakota random access to a Lil’ Bombard or a Swiss Pikeman - part of the purpose of the Saloon and mercenary units is to introduce a bit of RNG into the otherwise very-pre-planned strategy that is this game.

What do they feed on to get that strong?

Tears of crashed people in multiplayer


Swedish colonised, if you actually read the things I said back then I mentioned Swedish technically fit, but nations like Danish would be better. Never said Swedish should never be added. Austrians on the othet hand didnt colonize and are part of the Germans, so I dont see the point you make there as Sweden was independent for almost all of the timescale?

Also love the hypocracy of telling me I cant let it be and then yourself commenting again lol.

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please add to options “zoom lock”

I have not played the DE, in case you have, can you tell me if they changed french explorer healing to asian monk style?

I would love for AOE3 DE to implement a system for people that get disconnected or leave a match to be able to join back and leave off where they were disconnected. I think something like that would improve the multiplayer aspect of the game a lot, to many people.

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  1. Sweden is allowed to transport soldiers from “Circle of Ossus”

  2. Three American countries are allowed to transport the native warriors (Trading Station Unit) appearing in their main programs
    Why didn’t these units show them?

  3. Desperadoes and native warriors should also have unarmed infantry (musketeers) that can attack from a distance

  4. China should get the enhanced technology of desperadoes

  5. Sweden should get cheap and fast-trained mercenaries instead of strengthening them, which is the same as Germany
    If the production team is unwilling, then Germany should get cheap and fast-trained mercenaries

Implement a drag and drop system for the command panel to move buildings, unit formations etc. around to rearrange them for preference, please!

The new hotkey system that came with DE made it so much more accessible for a new player like myself to start learning how to play with hotkeys but being able to further personalize the panel would be even better.


Why not both? Editing, copying (if you want a similar deck with only few differences to the existing one) and most importantly: let us sort our decks!


this is just a dream, right now when i add a card another one is substracted, the game is very bugged. And developers dont work on this as fast as we want,.

Agree! I also want Malta to be added as a playable civ! I really wish it happen.

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1 todos os animais de caças deveriam ter 600 de comida
2 arbustos deveria ter a taxa um pouco mais alta de coleta e ter uma atualização de coleta no mercado também
3 Espanha deveria ter cartões de embarque de skimish na era 3
4 strelet russo deveria ter mais dano alcance e hp e mais custo!
5 conexão do jogo deveria ser melhor
6 opção para ultra low gráficos


Eu acho que se a Espanha deveria ter na verdade um cartão que benficiasse toda sua infantaria, ao invés de apenas a arcaica, mas vai aparecer pessoas contra com certeza.
Uma sugestão que eu daria seria haver uma carta ou tecnonologia do arsenal unica para cada civ, por exemplo para os britanicos eles poderiam ter uma carta chamada mosquete Brown Bess, franceses mosquete Charleville, que dessem alguma diferença em relação a outras civs que tem as mesma unidades.

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How many things proposed here have been implemented so far?

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A reconnect option is needed. If you get a crash or disconnect then team games become unbalanced. This becomes more necessary in long games or team games. Treaty players and people who prefer team games could come back to the game if this was implemented.


There are a few quality of life features that would be really nice to have in aoe3.
1- would be great to have a seek shelter function/button for villagers. This is present in aoe4 and it makes life so much easier when villagers are getting raided.
2- have a function/button on the tc that ungarrison villagers and send them to do whatever they were doing before being garrisoned inside the town centre. This is present in aoe2 as well as aoe4, and saves a lot time as you don’t have to manually task each villager or group of villagers to their respective resources again and again.
Adding these 2 features would be a great thing to have and wouldn’t compromise or change the mechanics of the game.

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