What Italian civilization would you like to see?

If an Italian civilization was to be added to Age of Empires IV, which one would you like to see? Note that the Byzantines aren’t on the list because the Byzantines ruled over the Eastern fragmentations of the Roman Empire.

  • Florentine Republic
  • Lombards
  • Papal States
  • Republic of Pisa
  • Venetians

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I don’t see the point of having 4 options for merchant republics. Venice was by far the most powerful and prominent of these. The only other merchant republic that came close to rivaling them was Genoa, and that’s not even on your list.

The major players in Italy were:

  1. Merchant Republics (best represented by Venice)
  2. Papacy (could have some Avignon and crusader elements)
  3. Normans (Sicilians and southern Italy)
  4. Byzantines (but only some minor holdings)

Where are the Genoese?


I really want to see how they make the Papal States, seeing how influential they were in the middle ages.

I didn’t put Genoese on the list because someone in one of my other poll threads explained that the Genoese were often under the French influence and not to mention, the French unique unit, the arbalétrier is basically the Genoese Crossbowman.

Lombards are not a city state why are they included?

You should have added all 6 major city states to the poll.genoa papacy venice florence milan and naples.

Didnt you have the Lombard League?

Also Naples is not really a city state? Neither is the Papal State.

The Renaissance is considered to have begun in the city-states of the Italian peninsula, such as: Genoa, Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice

Those are cities. Otherwise Rome wouldnt be in that list.

Naples and the Papel states fall outside this category depending on which time period you argue.

Early on Naples was a city state, but you cant say the kingdom was.

I think this is clear, Venice was most important (had impact in history) medieval italian state.

It was kind of Maritime Empire,

Other candidate can be Genoa and Normans/Sicily
Papal State had a very special role, but it was not a military power

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I would love to see an Italian civ in general, among others I think they could be quite interesting

Genoese are still more prominent than Florence and Pisa despite the French aegis. Milan/Lombardy might be somewhat comparable to Genoa, but Milan was often under the influence of the HRE and Venetians.

Because I wanted to include not just city states and also ethnicity as well.

Republic of Venice seems like the best option to me.

If I were to add 8 more civs to get to 20 total they may just make the cut. I think any more than that may get out of hand.

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I agree. It would be the best option.

Only Venice Makes sence.

Everything Else was under HRE or french rule.

You’re probably right. Only the Venetians would indeed make sense because the territories of Italy that aren’t the Republic of Venice were in fact ruled by the HRE. This list of states of the Holy Roman Empire on Wikipedia includes Italian territories:

List of states in the Holy Roman Empire - Wikipedia

I don’t get why you call them “Civs”, it would be better to just include “Italians”, as they’ve done with the French and English, this thread seems pointless.

They went with Ottomans instead of Turks so I can see them getting more specific. Papal States and Norman Sicily also have significant non-Italian components.

The HRE civ is pretty solidly German though. Also, Venice was de jure under Byzantine authority which is part of the reason it wasn’t in the HRE like the other Italian states.