If the Byzantines are next to be added in a future DLC, what civ are they most likely to pair up with?

Now this is the same poll as this one but what this version is including are non-European civilizations and as well as a few added European civs (including making a split on the Italian option into Lombards and Venetians) because the other poll only has European civs and as well as the need to have many more choices (including putting in a few more European civs as mentioned above) on the poll. About the non-European choices, I thought that the Ottomans would be under the category of Asian civs because the Ottomans originated in West Asia and therefore, I thought it would be under the category of Asian civs but it turned out to be under the category of European civs rather than Asian civs as many of us expected (since the Ottomans originated within the continent of Asia, though it also ruled parts of Europe) and that is why I’m making like sort of an updated version of this other poll. So, here’s this question: If the Byzantines get added, what civ are they most likely to pair up with?

  • Aragonese
  • Bulgarians
  • Castilians
  • Chola Dynasty
  • Japanese
  • Koreans
  • Lombards
  • Magyars
  • Mayapahit Empire
  • Nubians
  • Persians
  • Portuguese
  • Serbians
  • Sicilians
  • Venetians

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Check out my other polls (my first poll I made is excluded because this page is the updated version of that poll and as well as it’s already mentioned at the top):

Venice. Another Civ that ###### them over. Now that Ottos are no longer an option.

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Japan, Viking or Spain.


Considering they added Mali before Byzantines and Byz would’ve made a perfect pair with Ottomans I dont think they have any structure to it, not unless they do dlc packs like aoe2.


Lets just get the Chola in there.

They make random civs with random bonuses and strenghts and weaknesses and they name them randompy after a historical civ. Only non gameplay related stuff like language or architecture be related to the said civ.

So who cares whether the next civ is Byzantines or Zimbabwe or Dutch Guiana ?


They did this with Ottomans only. Everything is opposite to the historical civ’s character, heavy in eco, weak in military.

It’s the only civ that unique units are worse than the generic one. Even Sipahi (maxes out + 4% hp, for +6% cost, and a suicidal ability)

And they locked your Topic to censure this.

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Delhi Sultanate also has no bonuses related to its historical self.

why cant we chose more than one we want more :smiley: you should also add the vikings

Japanese! I dont care about the rest of the civs and its more likely to be paid DLC.

I forgot about the Vikings while I was creating this topic. I would love to edit this topic and add the Vikings but sadly, topics can’t get edited after the first 3 hours of being posted.

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