What should Age of Empires IV improve?

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  • More marketing. Through more content. More ads, more campaigns for people who purchased the game already. Simple as.

Yes, all that…I would add battles and historical maps too…

Miniature looking buildings


Please, Give us Arrows that land and hit the ground and stay for a little like AOE 2. In campaign, arrows stick to targets for a little bit but multiplayer it doesnt. Please I miss arrows sticking to the ground so bad!

Arrow look so lifeless in this game compared to aoe 2. Please let arrows hit ground around target, Keep the damage and everything the same, but allow some of the arrows or all of them to hit around the ground too and stick,

Peppering the ground with arrows was my favorite thing in AOE 2.

Please… since the release of AoEIV, the Elephants’ melee attack animation has not yet been fixed.

The AoE2 has a very visible animation, but AoEIV still doesn’t.

From what I’ve seen, the cavalry has greatly improved the animation. However, to date, nothing has been done about the elephants.

I hope that in the next DLC, if they bring a new variant or civilization that has new elephants, it will be possible to fix and improve the elephants’ melee attack animation.

Please nerf villager torch range to 0.5 squares
This does not benefit the tower rush, the villagers should simply surround the outpost to attack with a torch

Since with each new map a victory per sacred site is impossible, modify it to make the sacred sites reset when they are all lost, otherwise it should simply pause its counter; increase the counter to 15 min if the current one seems short to you

Keep improving the AI! I witnessed to a 10+ hours long free for all game between Hardest AIs and they couldn’t finish it… Only 2 players were defeated, one being Jeanne d’Arc. :laughing:

But if they don’t bring a new civ with elephants, they will ever fix it?

In my opinion, it’s something easy to do

Because elephants don’t have a decent melee attack animation. It is often not possible to tell when the attack was made, because he just shakes his head in a gentle way, as if he were walking, but standing still. It’s bizarre to say the least.
Just make an animation similar to AoE2. Shake your head and ivory vigorously when executing the attack.

These elephants seem to be in a beta or alpha version in terms of body attack animation… basically they are devoid of a decent animation.
It’s sad to see, it seems like it was done in a hurry…

But to answer your question:

There are two ways for developers to start solving this:

  1. If more players complain…
    There was a bad animation for the cavalry, regarding movement, however, as all civilizations have horses, the complaints were greater from players and the developers gave it a priority It deserves it and it was good that they fixed it. In the case of elephants, it is still a very uncommon unit at the moment.

  2. If they add new civilizations containing new elephants, which would come in some future DLC. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a DLC with an elephant all hard, looking like a toy hahahaha =D

There are many medieval civilizations that used elephants… just look at AoE2 and there are already a good number there.
AoE4 is still a new game, there are many DLCs to come…
I think that in the next DLC there won’t be any main civilization with elephants… but there is a chance that a variant will come for the Delhi Sultanate, but I don’t know if that would be enough for them to start improving the elephant animations.
I think it will take time, I’m not optimistic.
But I believe one day will come. =P

please just make lobby servers in general more stable… please make the chat actually work in real time… for me its sometimes like i write a chat message and it comes through like 5min later…

I’m going to argue for making sure ranged units aren’t over-killing so much. When I have Musofadi gunners with greater damage missing shots to Samurai shields that would have popped off from a branch falling on them (i.e. 1 damage versus 46), then I also have 5/10 FINISH lining up and shoot the exact same unit that the first 5 already killed and then get rushed & slaughtered by the Samurai’s 5 other friends that isn’t so much fun. I only started in AoE IV to play with a streamer & sometimes others if people wish to play.

But I’ve felt I’ve noticed this problem in both games (too hard to tell at the time), but also replays where it’s very very apparent (or at least it might be the visuals I guess). If it is real though it needs to fall back onto AoE II types of code where the unit goes to shoot something else, but maybe do a Mini-reload timer so they don’t get bugged like archers or skirms & so on not shooting in AoE II. Once you do this/achieve it, then we’ll rebalance archers a bit more overall/on a general scheme.

A feature I’d like the game to add is building rotation. I know it’s probably not the most important thing, but I think I would enjoy the gameplay more with this feature. One thing I enjoy is that my base looks nice aesthetically and organized and I can only achieve that with the rotation of buildings.

I’d also like to see new civilizations in the future, such as Italians, Spanish, Hungarians, Aztecs, Poles, Persians, etc.

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What to improve:


I would really like building rotation added too. It would make the base building so much more interesting.

  • create an editors’ mode like in Age of Empire II
  • be able to edit your scenario on a huge map, even bigger than the one in age of empire II
  • set up coloured territories for each civilisation visible on the map by building a building to indicate that an area is under control.
  • set up trade treaties, more advanced diplomacy, and casus belli to be able to attack a civilisation or conquer a territory without fighting, for example.
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