What should Age of Empires IV improve?

Yes, AoE, RoN and EE are not like the Blizzard sagas or the defunct Westwood Studios/EA Los Angeles that had 2-3 factions and out… they are historical games that cover civs from all of history; since they are children of the Civilization saga, only adapting the Warcraft gameplay to those sagas…

Yes, I mean, I don’t care so much about graphics if they bring me content from time to time (for example, new expansions)…

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For me as an accessibility option there would be a benefit in being able to slow the game speed. I have seen comments from others with hand mobility issues commenting about this and for me personally dyslexia bakes a 25% delay into mental processing speed.

I am sure even if this was made available offline only it would encourage a lot of people to play more. Sometimes you just want to play a game to chill without feeling the need for ten hands and heads. Forcing me to lower AI difficulty when the issue is speed not understanding of the game or strategic decision making irks me!

The reason I play this is because of the variety in the number of civs. I know it is hard to balance the game but they ability to have so many different player styles is awesome. I love Company of Heros but after a while the same old match ups get stale. I love the variety and how people play the civs differently in this games. The civs in this game have unique differences that actually matter what civ you play to fit your play style or you might play different civs on different maps based on your play style. In games with only 3 or 4 factions you mainly just play one faction no matter the situation. Less room for creativity. Maybe make up it to 20 civs and make a variant of each or even half would make this game playable for a very long time. I think the RTS scene is hard to get into because most games don’t give new players chances to try alot of factions/civs. I have been playing RTS games since the late 90s/early 2000s and we didn’t have the amount of games that are out there now. If we want younger/newer players to play the game, it has to allow them to explore options and try to get them interested in the game. I will quit ranting let’s just hope the Devs don’t quit on this game as I think it is special and am excited for the future of it.

  • More gaia variety, especially for regions outside of Europe. Having deer, boar, and wolves in every biome gets boring. Have African animals (e.g. antelopes, elephants, and lions) in the African biomes, tigers as predators in the Asian biomes, and maybe elephants as uber-boars in warmer biomes (with the African ones being bigger and having bigger ears than the Asian ones).
  • Regular boars could use some nerfing too. At least make it possible to kill them in earlier ages like you could in Age 2.
  • A tropical rainforest biome is long overdue. Maybe one representing Southeast Asia or Central Africa if the devs don’t want to introduce new civilizations alongside it. They could use some assets from the Asian Subtropical biome, but it would have more palm trees as well as trees with buttress roots like you find in real rainforests.
  • An Arctic biome with more snow and ice than the Taiga Winter biome would be nice too. You could have caribou and walruses as huntables and polar bears as predators.

rebalance the malians… add a frontline infantry at least and something with siege. they are too weak in fights.

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Agree… That’s why they got huge issues with Limitanei and with HRE.
They also struggle against Delhi, Zhu Xi and Abba.
No men at arms are a tough bread.

Mostly the cow nerf should be reverted.
It didn’t hurt their age3 so much, it hurt their age2!
Just revert that nerf and instead nerf Fulani bonus (for example from+20 to +17) a little.
Give them a technology to increase Fulani bonus again, which you can research in age3/4.
So simple.

Yes, I agree, at least more gaia, biomes and fauna would be good… 2 maps per season would be good too… I still feel that AoE 4 lacks more maps…

Especially the HRE, which is super simple in UUs and strategies…


I got an idea its not super necessary but it can be cool to have it.So villagers will be able to build roads or gardens for free and units can pass them,also you can build buildings on top of them like a normal unoccupied area.This is just for making your cities look good.

I want to enchant this idea more so town centers are going to have a cosmetic building area and you can build there anything you want without a villager,instantly and free.(Like stone roads,gardens,statues,lanterns)

Yes, I agree…in fact I would like the maps to have enemy camps, with walls and chests in the middle…

Dailies and More A.I Quick Match Modes.

QoL improvement suggestion:

Attack move (A) works as intended even If you click on an enemy unit.

Now it tries to kill that selected unit only, but this we already have with the right click.

Request: It is not necessary to transfer the fresh food technology to the mill, leave it in the town center and after finishing the investigation a villager will come out (similar to how the house of wisdom does after passing age)


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In the replay interface, it seems that it does not take into account the units that cost olive, which is why its army value is lower even though it has more units than its rival.

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What’s the issue with it being moved to the mill?
Other than potentially delaying wheelbarrow and other eco techs.

What should be improved:
Hackers should be removed from the game.
Unlock the game to run ranked mode ONLY on accounts where the owner has purchased the game.
Lock ranked play on family shared steam accounts.
One after one the hackers will get permabanned and if they wanna play again, they’ll have to pay for another copy of the game.

Rebalance Malians.
They currently struggle BIG TIME vs many civs, which are played a lot on the ladder 1v1.

Forget that you should add the 50 from the villager, so it would be 100 of food


This is better than the actual approach since it forces you to build the mill.

EDIT: @HasanIchess better put it on 75 food? Give Abbasid some love :saluting_face:

What should be improved? PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THE MAPHACK!!! The game right now is near unplayable, 1/5 of the matches there are someone maphacking.

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I think the AI got horrible worse with last major update and unfortunately was one of my funniest parts to the game, how challenging they were. It’ll also be cool if they had different options like super aggressive, turtle,… etc.

Overall I really like the game and play some rank and with people but I think this lack of challenge when we want to go against some tough AI has killed some of my interest in the game.



People usually run that on customs