What should Age of Empires IV improve?

I get the idea about changing the Test of Strenght masteries, but I don’t see why it should be removed. It could have been either win 10 games with the civ or beat Hardest AI.

Another issue is that there is no way to know how many won games are left to get the mastery. It should be good to add counter, something like 3/10 at the end of the mastery text: win 10 games with the civ (3/10)

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In replays I cannot see the control group icons as seen in a game, please return it as it was
I cannot display the group 1 ,6 and 9 icon

This technology produces a free villager in the TC

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Reminder to polish visuals of foliage generation (its unintelligent and messy) as well as how textures blend in the environment, and quality of biome assets like foliage, trees. Currently, most biomes look like a sandbox open empty space, and share too many assets between each other. The trees are generally too small. The game should aim to make them look more like their real life equivalent (Gobi desert for instance looking nothing like it).

Add more biome variance by making different fauna, berries, fish and environmental effects like wind/sand/snow/footsteps/buildup. Think about making clusters of biomes like tiny generated swamps or a grove, or an open plain–basically, the first point again about smart generation with an aim to make it feel like their real life equivalent.

Lighting needs to be worked on too. It is entirely too flat, dull and colourless, and give no benefit to the game and assets within. Esports gamers are wrong, stop listening to them. Make so the maps all have a slight variation in lighting (not day/night time) but just a slight shift in position of the sun, so every game doesn’t feel exactly the same.

Make production buildings 4x4 again.

If you have access to higher quality textures for unit models, add it as a pack or option. I’m entirely dissatisfied by how blurry everything is (Byzantine’s broken castle age and Imperial age Limitanei is pretty sad, varangians are very blurry too).

The world features a lot more than the same european grassy biome, people. Here is a thread from AoE3 that highlights so many possibilities.

Here are just some short biome suggestions that aren’t another grassy location. Southeast Asian Mangroves. Mediterreanian/Southeast Asian/Carribbean beaches. The actual Gobi Desert and not whatever we have ingame. An actual jungle/rainforest (the bambo one we have ingame is incredibly lazy). A tundra/fjord mix biome that highlights rockiness, moss and dense forests. Indian shrublands. Maybe some seasonal variants for the existing grass biomes like a fall skin.

And yea, many many many more. Be more creative with biomes PLEASE. On a final note, the new savannah biome is top tier, more of that creativity and style please.


Would it be possible to request a pause button for multiplayer? :slight_smile:


I’m not normally a critic of the game, but what Franknezu said is true:

"If the company that develop the game have new investors, and didn’t even pay for moderators and censorship in fheir forums (they are volunteers), this company should also have enough money saved to fix the HUGE problems that have been plaguing the game since Season 1, and others that have been has been accumulating between seasons, and we have to be objective, THERE ARE ENOUGH:

  1. There is still no distinct Fauna per biome (the same boar, wolfs and sheeps evey Biome).

  2. Masteries of the Ottomans and Turks lack historical short facts in 11 of 15 of their challenges.

  3. Masteries of Byzantines and Japanese LACK ANY historical short fact as prize for completion.

  4. They forgot to give the Japanese Handcannoneer an arquebus, which should be Arquebusier Ashigaru.

  5. The Japanese stone walls use the Chinese walls template, instead of the unique construction design that the Japanese walls should have, and which in fact are present in the base walls of the Castle Japanese Why not use that model for the walls as well?

  6. Japanese cavalry shields should “Be Square” and not round.

  7. It is not even known what historical unit the Wynguard Footman supposedly is. Is he a Sergeant? If they are supposed to be “Yeomen of the Guard”, they don’t dress like them.

  8. The Wynguard Footman is a case of inventing a unit by recycling weapons and models from others, but without considering “Historical representation”. Instead, AoE 3:DE even “Innovates” new models for existing units to “Remaster” the game and make it more historically correct. That’s the direction they should take.

  9. I am not against recycling units or weapons from the campaign for the game, but at least choosing good models, or making minimal changes to them to improve the historical representation of the unit that you want to represent.

  10. Ottomans don’t have Horse Archer yet, they could use Akinci.

  11. Ottomans still do not have unique technologies or unique units to represent the Azab, Silandar or Kapikulu or the Deli.

  12. Byzantines still do not have Genoese Crossbowman, Armenian Cavalry or Aragonese Almogavar mercenaries. In the future, if these civilizations are released, it would be good for them to be considered for a 4th or 5th contract, because historically they were famous mercenaries of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantines).

  13. Regarding the special Spears that the French, Chinese and Mongolian spearmen have, they could consider that, like the Japanese Yari, it is a unique technology that definitively replaces the basic spear that these infantry have with some special ability.

  14. Stop censoring the word ########### in the forum. I have to write it as T4n3g4sh1m4 because otherwise the autocorrector thinks it’s an insult, because in the autocorrector’s fantasy any word that has “Ne” in it is supposedly a reference to Africans, and “Sh1” they think they are saying die in Japanese, which is very idiotic. The Game even has a Landmark for Japanese in the fourth age (IV) with that name, at least correct your own program with exceptions. Is like in a Forum about Dragon Ball, you couldn’t write “Goku”, the name of the protagonist because the autocorrector of the forum thinks is a bad word in “Croatia”. Please, correct that as soon as possible


All civilizations should have unique walls. And ditto, there should be more focus on biome variety in the form of assets, fauna, effects and so on. Despite the help they are getting from studios like Sperasoft, it surprises me that they aren’t able to add these things.

Byzantines, one of the two primary new civilizations still has broken textures for their core unit Limitanei in Castle with super blurry textures for Varangians whose axes are rotated too much, hitting enemies with the side of the axe rather than with the edge.

They’re also the only civilization in the game to not have unique Stone Gates and Stone Towers. In fact, it turns out that they exist in the Editor as unfinished, untextured models, but seemingly could not ship them in time for launch. At least I hope that is what it means, and that they didn’t abandon the idea altogether.

Fingers crossed that these issues will be patched out shortly.


I wonder how they will do here, lets say they add new civs that make sense for the Byz to have as a mercenary, will they keep updating the unit roster for the byz or they will just leave it with what they have now? This can become a balancing nightmare.

Regarding HRE:

I would wish that you would improve the prelate game on the battlefield instead of just buffing general eco. One should be able to command the prelate direction regarding your army. E.g. if army attacks towards the south prelate stay north. Thus, if the army falls back the prelates still stay on the northern side of the army. This way you could do insteresting things with prelate buffed crossbow play for example. On the other hand eco-advantages may be nerfed in general. HRE in general is not that APM intensive. Thus, there should be “open space” for some apm-intensive plays.

Regarding Meinwerk: Meinwerk - Wikipedia. How about making Meinwerk Palace able to produce special prelates already in feudal. Kinda prelate which give units inspired warriors in feudal. Or it could be able to produce a powerful bishop similar to English Abbey. The bishop provides mass inspired warrirors instead of mass healing.

Regarding crashing: Luckily I very rarely crash on my steam account. Though, my Xbox-account crashed very often. Crashes are often caused by outside factors (Windows, software, hardware etc.). However, would it be possible that in case one player crashes that there is a 3-5 minutes window in which:
(1) The game stops until the crashed player returns (perferred option).
(2) The AI continues to play until player returns. AI difficulty should be according to skill level.


(3) Could you introduce the (optional) option of autosaves let’s say every 2 minutes only available in custom lobbies?
I understand that such autosaves could create massive amounts of data slowing down servers.

Some additional general suggestions

How to get more pace?
(1) Make stone walls more expensive / decrease stone mining pace / or less stone on map / make buying stone in market more expensive. With that you may also avoid keep and tower implacement spamming.
(3) Increase sacred site income by age or time: Castle Age 175; Imperial Age 250. Even more sacred site income is possible. This way proactive and dynamic fights for sacred sites are incentivized. Additionally decrease sacred site win condition countdown time: Castle Age 9 minutes; Imperial Age 8 minutes. Even less could be possible.
(4) Cheaper wonders.

Improved Ranked Ladder & Quickmatch
(1) Balancing all the 16 civs is pretty hard. Make it possible to ban at least one or two civs. This way balancing issues will affect the ladder to a substantially lesser extent.
(2) Preferably introduce a “advanced ladder” with at least limited civ and map veto process.
(3) In QM make it possible to choose a minimum amount of maps instead of limited map vetos. E.g. I wannt tp learn a new civ in QM because with a new civ I am to bad to compete on my current level on ranked ladder. I do that in QM. But often I get a bad map. Many people therefore create smurf accounts and make the ladder less fun for other lower ranked players.
(4) Introduce best tournament maps at least to QM mappool. Many people want to play them but only can do it in custom matches.

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Strongly recommend adding the option to select a birth location for quick matches and ranked matches, I can’t always get close enough to be in a 4v4 or 3v3 when I’m teaming up with my friends for ranked matches, which greatly diminishes the joy of teaming up with my friends to play!

The bottom three difficulty levels are all too hard.

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-Multiple default configs, for example i use WASD camera i need remap my whole keys. DOTA ask you how you play the game at first launch or when you reset hotkeys. I want a recommended hotkey profile by devs with WASD camera

-Having a chance to import/export hotkey config so we can use pro players hotkeys or save our hotkeys

-A gamemode where we can test our configs, hotkeys and civs in real time

-Your attack behavior its weird at the best, multiple times im in the middle of the fight while making new enemies, the new ones stops in the middle of the route when that unit or structure died. Doesnt matter if its right click or A+Click. You need improve that, and put way more options of right click attack. I have in my mind the picture of my army of 100 units and my 6 bombards doing nothing, literally nothing. They just get stuck

Dota have this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

-Make a tutorial for each civ, you can even make real time suggestion made by players

-Your matchmaking its the worse, from dota, overwatch or csgo this is the worse i ever faced but i still having fun because the game its solid good. Just to consider im lvl 20 profile i face people lvl 600+ in quick matches, and for rankeds i lost 5 of 5 against gold all of them and i calibrated bronze 1. After i got bronze 1 im playing against non rank players

Im an actual bronze/silver player, i suck. I have no micro, no macro, im just new in this game, but i not want face lvl 500+ dudes who have years in this game makes no sense matchmaking exists for a reason, loosing its fine, loosing everytime its not

-Microing in RTS game its core, its the most important mechanic skill you need learn to improve. The faster you are with the units, faster grow up, faster victory. But please make something easier for starters, Smart grouping, smart attacking, fix your auto attack behavior, you can even open a subwindow for holding right click and put 4 different options (customizable)

-Selecting all units camera go away, works weirdly if in combat and i want go all in with 30 units in my base and 70 attacking the enemy base, i want my “select all units” focusing in the combat and not in my base

Im a player who had in the past high rank in fps games and dota. I use WASD camera, my average apm its 300+ there so its not a problem for me press multiple keys, but i feel AOE4 doesnt take the actions i want ingame

Thats all i have in my mind for now


The AI just cant attack properly even when it has quite an army. It sends it on a parade and many times turn around or depart a small part to continue attack.
But sometimes when I am lucky to have better game, it even breaks some defenses but then fails to reinforce and its push fails resulting in mustering new army for another long period of time, in which I can rebuild my defense.
This happens on Hardest difficulty and boost of resource gathering levels dont help it.
Can something be done about this next patch?


Strongly suggest giving the spacebar the ability to space + other shortcuts, the current shortcuts still have too little convenience!

The most practical thing in your case is to configure your space bar as a combination key, either shift crtl or alt, with the autohotkey program.


the villagers of Non-Capital Town Centers should have a higher progressive cost according to each age respectively

Yes, I agree…those are good ideas…

Yes, I couldn’t have said it better… I hope that with the new expansions the graphics and lighting will improve…

Yes, I agree with everything…

Yes, he is supposed to be the post-conquest Anglo-Norman England Sergeant of William the Conqueror… instead of “Wynguard Footman” I would rename him “Wynguard Sergeant”…

Of course, they have to go there…

Sure, or at least balance it for multiplayer…

They can use the Turkic Horse Archer from the Sultans campaign…


Yes, in addition to the Western contract, I would change the streltsy for the Warrior Monk (the Streltsy appeared near 100 years after the fall of Constantinople in 1550 and the Warrior Monk is an orthodox monk, Christianity to which the Byzantine Empire belonged since the Eastern Schism of 1054) and the Landsknecht (also a 16th century unit) by the Prelate (Symbolizing the participation of the Byzantine Empire in the Crusades and the Latin Empire (1204-1261), where Western Christianity was reinstated in Constantinople)…

Yes, let’s hope they fix it…

Na, I don’t think they will give more UU to the Byzantines, but they will more put the UU of the civs that arrive in the contracts (Spain/Aragon and Genoa in the Western one, the Middle East civs in the Eastern one and the African civs on the Silk Road one)…

And add new UUs for them xd…

It exists…it’s called skirmish xd…

Yes, they have to improve pathfinding too…

Yes, they need the “move all military units to one place” button of AoE 3…

UU? What do you mean?

Unique unit, often shortened to UU :slight_smile:

Improve the support for the game by 100%. Even 20 year old games get more support then there latest.

All i see on Twitter and facebook are new updates, patches and whats happening in the aoe2 world.

Most games these days have events going on that keep players interested in the game. Aoe4 are pretty boring. Win a game get a picture, kill 10 units get a picture.

No community events. Microsoft/Relic have all the data for the game. Delhi is one of the lowest played civs. Could have a weekly event 10k wins with Delhi everyone gets a Delhi monument. Maybe even get a free skin you can use.

Including 1 skin for the game. It would cost a weeks time for 1 dev and it would pay there income for a full year. And its not added???

I haven’t played helldivers 2, but they have random events happening, it could be added to aoe4 in its own rts way.

The editor has so many more features that you should be able to use but cant or Microsoft/relic can use thats not even added to the game

Age of empires iv players - make the best aoe / rts game ever. It will improve your profits 1000%

Microsoft / shareholders - lets just make a good rts game/profit

To much focus on 1vs1, you already got pro players to give you feedback and wouldn’t make a difference for 99% of players. Improve every part of the game, it would only take 1day to add a tuning pack to balance the game. How hard is it to make few balance changes, then add extra content and improvements to the game

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