What should Microsoft do with Age of Mythology?

I want a new game with half civ’s from the original and half new.

And this game should be strongly geared towards single player. The multi-player people have all sorts of games to play, time for some love for the single player people.

What i personally believes that the aom needs lots of improvement

  1. Graphics: as we all know graphics should be increase and more ragdoll kind of physics are needed. Plus titans nd other big myth units should look much better, but playing since age 8 i still love it.

  2. New cultures: they should add new culture the whole aom consists of 4 cultures chinese norse nd last two are of greek.

3.bigger maps: there is needed a ludicrous map size nd so in aoe 3. Cuz we are having huge battles in aom titans giants great myth units it is not tht great to play in tiny maps

  1. Population limit: the one issue tht i face in every Microsoft game is pop limit.i don’t play this game online dudes i play it offline i first build my city then raid i like to construct huge army with huge economy to experience some what reality. 200 500 better make it 5000 10000 so did cossacks did nd so did tht broken 0 AD did

New mythologies I would prefer to see would be: Slavic, Hindu, Maya, Philippines…

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A definitive edition will be great with more civs … Microsoft know they’re a community who still playing the game. and will be good if they make the DE because many new players can play it as well

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A new AoM2 should have some truly big, epic powers going on and represented awesomely. Tidal waves, tornados, huge titans, lightning, windstorms, earthquakes, meteors, etc. Much more epic and larger scale than the 2002 iteration

It would be great if they added new powers and more of them not just one per age, but I would be happy if they just make it like Atlantean powers to be reused few times not just once. And epic powers to be way more epic!

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While a proper sequel is something I’d love to see one day, I’m voting for a definitive edition. With how great each aoe de has turned out I think it would be a real shame if age of mythology didn’t receive the same treatment.

Both options are great. But I think AoM2 would be a better option because there are high chances they are going to use a new engine and that may introduce more and better mechanics.


If that happens some day, I’ll hope Creative Assembly be the one in charge to make Age of Mythology 2. Enough Relic with Age IV and CoH 3 for me

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I think DE and AOM2 are both viable options. If the Chinese expansion did not exist, then a DE would probably be a solid option, but ToTD had serious quality issues that need to be fixed if the future of the game is to be financially and communally secured. Thereafter, expansions and new civilizations can be added, just like in the AOE series.
An AOM2 would be advantageous in that it would act as a “clean slate” - can start all over, not necessarily losing the original storylines, just presenting them in a new light. This can allow for original content to be updated and for ToTD to be fixed, in addition to adding new features.


I think AOM 2 should be the next game after AOE4. There isn’t much point in revisiting the Aoe3 era and digging up controversy not just in the history but in the mechanics they’ll inevitable fail to innovate on or expand on, so unless they find an all new era - AoM is perfect.

I want an AOM:DE that looks as good as AOE3:DE.


Now that the average medieval virgin fans have experience age 4 :socks:
Would the antiquity chad enjoyers get a Titanomaquia Edition?

A new game, with new graphics and engines and re-using many of the first game mechanics

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What about Age of Mythology 2 and its campaign being “The Titanomachy War”

A Definitive Edition would be great. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition expanded upon the original, and also surpassed the HD Edition. Right now, we could say AOE2:DE is the best version of AOE2 to date. I want the same to happen to Age of Mythology.

but why definitive edition when you can have so much more like a new titel? we have 4 titels soon for AoE and still just one for AoM. i personally like the idea of a definitive edition but this should have happened already a few years ago. i primary want a AoM2 now with not only better graphics, but also better animations, mechanics, interface and so on

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Because if they do a new title and take away things that were fun from the previous game, like they did with AOE IV, then neither would we get a remaster, and neither would we get a game we want. Hence I prefer AoM DE. Keep everything great in the game, just make it look and feel better.

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but again: isn’t a definitive edition just a visual upgrade with limitations and with same animations as 20 years ago? i understand your fears but what is so wrong with AoE4 for you? i think its a great mix between 2 and 3 with something creative new. nothing doesn’t make sense to me. i really like the wall idea for example and i would LOVE to see this for AoM2. walls where units can shoot from and only get reasonable damaged by certain siege and myth units

AoM has great asymmetry between Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Atlantean factions. Their fortresses, citadel, palace etc. are different 3D models. Their units have a lot of cultural detail in them that stand out. They don’t look like they were dipped in paint bucket.

Even their walls look different. Unlike the copy and paste walls of AOE IV. I’d hate for all the asymmetry to just become copy and paste in AoM2.

There’s so much animation in AoM that I would hate to watch them take it out of AoM. Cyclops throwing people, Minotaur head butting people into space.

If the devs were to make a great environment and then simplify the units to “make them pop”, I’d be so disappointed.

Id prefer either a game that builds upon AoM currently over a new game that takes away everything great about it and make it into a meh game.

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