What should Microsoft do with Age of Mythology?

That’s a very superficial concept on the Definitive Editions. Even AOE1DE goes beyond what you said. ‘Definitive Edition’ means improved performance, new features/ways to play, better hardware support, expanded customization, modernized visuals. In most cases, it also implies getting new content such as campaigns, maps, game modes.


We Will get both, a Definitive Edition to give a decent upgrade to AoM, same treatment all other Age games had, and then, AoM 2 with new stuff and civilizations.

Mark My words

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Mythology is more popular than AoE1 and 3, so it makes sense, based from steamdb


That would be really cool, but, honestly, I rather have a def edit along with a couple of expansion packs.

It will probably happen, look the other Ages DE, came with new DLC

Material interesante para “Age of Mythology Definitive Edition” o “Age of Mythology II”…

He mandado la siguiente info. a “MayorceteGaming”, “Pero eso es otra Historia” , “Universidad Age of Mythology” y “Age of Empires” (Muy interesante la colaboración entre vosotros 4) ¿Qué os parece a “Age of Empires” y “Microsoft”?:
…para conseguir ampliar y mejorar el “Age of Mythology”, su futura versión/es “Age of Mythology Definitive Edition” o un “Age of Mythology II”:
Hola, Creo aquí habría mucho material interesante para “Age of Mythology Definitive Edition” o un “Age of Mythology II”… un resumen de muchísimas mitologías… aunque falta más de (interesante la serie “Gargoyles, héroes mitológicos” de 1994) África, Oceanía/Pacifico, Oriente, Nativos Americanos del Norte, etc… incluso una evolución a mitos actuales e incluso urbanos… o s. XIX, etc… tipo Steampunk, Teslapunk, Ciberpunk, etc, etc… y demás retro-futurismos utópicos o distópicos… rollo ucronía para definir distintas edades de evolución, influenciado por creencias populares, la literatura, cine/series, internet, etc… no sé si ya conocías el canal en YouTube “Pero eso es otra Historia” y sus videos sobre mitologías… como su lista de reproducción, “Extra 03 - Mitología y Leyendas de la Historia del Mundo (serie documental)” ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_dxNDksLciCAnRVR08pppk0njUcSBg2u (… sería interesante que alguien les hiciese llegar con certeza esta información a los desarrolladores de videojuegos en Microsoft… Un saludo y gracias.

P.D: En mi perfil de FilmAffinity, VictorAE87 ) Listas de VictorAE87 - FilmAffinity (; tengo varias listas completas, pendientes o en proceso sobre literatura y cine, mitología y cine, diseño/creatividad y cine, documentales, retro-futurismos, etc… a mayores las herramientas de la web, con sus marcadores/topics o temas, géneros, grupos y elenco, etc… para agrupar y encontrar todo el material de documentación que se quiera…
Aparte de Joseph Campbell en su libro “El héroe de las mil caras”, no olvides “Las máscaras de Dios”, Libro de Joseph Campbell y su obra. Ni “Morfología del cuento”, Libro de Vladímir Propp. Ni “El deporte rey” y “El mono desnudo”, Libros de Desmond Morris&Ramona Baulch Morris y su obra. Ni “Armas, gérmenes y acero”, Libro de Jared Diamond y su obra.

A mayores ya más como ampliación, menos entretenida: Cualquiera de la obra de Noam Chomsky o de Byung-Chul Han, además de “Educación para la ciudadanía” - Akal de Pedro Fernández Liria entre otros y el resto de libros relacionados… o “Falsedad en tiempos de guerra” de Arthur Ponsonby y Yolanda Morató… o también “La muchedumbre: un estudio de la mente popular”, Libro de Gustave Le Bon y su obra, etc… otros similares…

Un saludo y gracias… bonito sueño no crees…
Aztec Culture Mod
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Hello Huitzilopochtli worshippers!

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Este comentario en particular, muy interesante…
This particular comment, very interesting…
Mitologías por región‎
Mythologies by region

De este hilo muy interesante en general…
Of this very interesting thread in general…
¿Podría haber Age of Mythology 2 después de AoE4? Microsoft aparentemente planea encargarse de su serie de juegos Age of Mythology.
Could there be Age of Mythology 2 after AoE4? Microsoft is apparently planning to take care of their Age of Mythology games series - Age of Mythology / Discussion - Age of Empires Forum
[Age Insider] Age IV Beta
Sera posible que una vez estrenado Age of Empires 4, nos den la noticia de Age of Mythology Definitive Edition?


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AOM DE, with additional civs DLCs same AOE 2 DE, if they should or think in a AOM 2 it will be a failure like AOE 4.
Eventually change a bit the settlement behavior or make it possible to build more because the pop limit and lmits in general was a bit negative.

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DE, then AoM 2 some years later as a fresh start.

and obligatory RotG publicity:

*and yes, I’m aware existing religions (Shinto, etc.) probably wouldn’t go for an official game but can still ideas can be reused and/or same civs become a mod one day. More to come!

I think that the real problem of AOM is not the content, we could be more than happy with just 9 gods, but with good graphs, and before 10 more years come… if we wait even more time, its going to be worse, why dont they just “copy” everything of AOE4 and just put gods and things in AOM, we love how is AOE4 build, but we LOVE mythology, we need the AOM with decent graphs, we are in 2022, not 2005 :frowning: i still see a lot of people playing this OOOOLD OLD GAME, imagine… if there was a new option, PLS GIVE US AOM2, WITH ALL NEW, we NEED new players, we have a LOT of players waiting for this, lets just do something quick pls! we need it, for real, i could pay 1000$ if neccesary, and i know there is a LOT more people that could do the same

the real deal with more mythologies is to give each major/minor gods interesting GOD POWERS

Why the rush? We already waited 20 years. I don’t mind waiting 5 more for a quality product. We deserve it. But just, this time communicate way more with the community and show progress more often. Don’t do the same with Age 4, waiting for so long to share that there was no time to make some changes or fix some bug problems.

For example, archers going into walls, the animation is broken af. After 20 years I don’t want something like that for real, AoM deserves a quality product and I can wait for it if they can deliver it.

I’m sure Aoe4 graphics would disappoint most Mythology fans. Aom has less cartoony units, nature and not the blurry Aoe4 look, so the game needs an own graphic style, more like Aoe 3 DE, but new engine.


Voted for an Age of Mythology Definitive Edition but… Why not thinking about an Age of Mythology Definitive Edition + DLCs (new civs) ?
That would be my choice.

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I’m hoping that AoM2 retains its similar art direction like AoM. The game needs to be colorful and very eyecandyish. AOE4 looks great but the color choices seem a bit boring and “stale”. Hard to explain and the design elements look way too cartoony as if it was some mobile game.

AoMII needs to be different. It needs to be even more beautiful than AoEIV because mythologies are something we can only imagine from our heads. Be impactful and colorful but still retain that ancient vibe.

AoMII needs to have great music that is identical in nature to AoM. All of the songs need to be distinctive and memorable. Catchy in some areas as well.

Aside from the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and the Atlanteans, I would love to see the Japanese, Mesopotamia, Aztecs, and Celts. Slavs, Hindus, Maori, and Yoruba as DLC.

The game needs to be competitive and E-Sports centered. E-sports play a huge part in the longevity of a game. Equally important, the game’s single player story mode needs to be well written and LONG! The game should be longer than the first AoM and Titans exp.


AOM:DE Easily, provided they give textures/engine a REAL upgrade. Not that EE bs.

AOM:2 will not live, because look at how they treated AOE4. The game is a joke, and time isn’t going to heal that one. WOuld I want it? Hell yea, but not if they do to it what they did AOE4, and right now, that’s all their teams are capable of, is crappy development. They should stick to just enhancing what was great instead of ruining what “should’ve been” a good release.

ESports will not impact the games… They didn’t exist “back then” and mean diddly sh** now.
The only thing trying to tie esports into AOM:DE will do is actually drive the long term players AWAY from it. Stupid idea.

Need examples? Look at FF Dissidia. One example where they take a great game, and try to esport it, and end up with no fans for it. Keep those stupid ideas out of here, ESports are just people who want fans and attention. Needy feelers that think they can game. RTS players don’t want that bs.

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You are comparing the popularity of esports back then versus now. Esports, now, is even more popular than in 2002. What is even more hilarious is that your example isn’t even an RTS title.

If AoMII does become a hit in the Esports community, it will bring more good things than bad. Not only will it increase the popularity of the game but it will also help bring in more cash flow as more fans will tune in to watch. So yeah, I’m not even sure why you would even mention the word “attention” as if it was a bad thing. “Needy feelers that think they can game.” Esports environment actually bring in more serious players who want to be the best. So yes. A professional Esports player or even a needy player KNOWs how to game and would crush any casual complaining “omg you a tryhard” players 9.9/10. A clear opposite of what you thought Esport was intended to do.
Also, who says a game can’t have both casuals and pros?

Internally, it will also create a sphere of growth as more players will be gunning for that #1 spot and thereby creating more tactics and strategies. Hell, popular players from the past might even give the game a try and sponsors might help drive the popularity even further. It would be a constant growing game where players have to evolve in order to win.

Back on topic: I should have mentioned this on my previous post. I said that AoEIV looks stale and boring. Unlike AoM, where the game graphics pop in your face and each color stands out, AoEIV looks extremely “blurry”.

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I am personally still waiting on Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition. This game in particular is where I get my ancient civ game fix, not AoE1:DE. AoM feels like a much better representation (albeit a fantastical one) of ancient warfare atleast for me.

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You might like AoEIV since people are saying it has some AoM elements in it.

I like my mythological monsters and units more. :slight_smile:


A good Age of Mythology definitive edition should be made and an awesome Age of Mythology 2 :slight_smile: