What should Microsoft do with Age of Mythology?

A good Age of Mythology definitive edition should be made and an awesome Age of Mythology 2 :slight_smile:


I agree. Definitely would love to see an Age of Mythology 2 as well, but I’m being realistic in hoping for a DE atleast. Hahaha!


I hear ‘AOM 2’ and I think ‘this will be like AOE4’.

I hear ‘AOM:DE’ and I think ‘this will be like AOE:DE’, in other words… GREAT.

Age of Mythology we need it in Definitive Edition and Aom2 because that’s what the game deserves for 20 years serving the needs of gamers and gaming experiences.

If we could get Aom to get a fair care and give it at a mysterious price like Aoe2 then many would buy it.

This game would take it to the same level as Aoe2 and we would get a lot of dlc for it and slowly develop an audience like Aoe2, Aoe3, Aoe4 and get a bit in the Age of Empire franchise.

If Microsoft saw that there was a need for such a game and they would do it, everyone would be satisfied.