What would you like to see added to AoE2 in the future?

add new skins for different heroes, and new building destruction animation thats missing in game. also add more support for mods


Thanks! I will check out that mod.

Totally not related to the topic but asking here cuz there are lots of indian players here.

What civilizations/factions/kingdoms should be included if there is a total indian conversion mod made?time frame is from 1200 to 1600.

2 player coop would be a dream for sure.

I think a new map mechanic would be awesome (like hill bonus damage) ;

  • Wind direction, you get more LOS in the direction the wind is coming from.
  • rainy/snowy map where LOS is reduced a lot/ fog of war reappears once you’ve left an area.
  • A map at night which is lit up and you’re intel of the map is somehow less (reappearing fog of war would be cool). Outposts beam light and units are harder to spot/ you cant check what upgrades opponent has. Maybe every building beams out light and you cant see opponents army if its not in the light radius. would make for stealthy games which would be a fresh take.
  • a new type of gate that stays open and is a trap, the opposing team can walk through but if you catch them in it you can press a button to kill units below. So there’s loads of risk. Only available in Imperial as this is when players attention will be dotted all around the map and risking it would be viable. Maybe this form wouldn’t work, but I love the idea of some sort of trap that requires a big gamble to pay off.

please forgive me in advance, I’m just brainstorming.


Repair centric Blacksmith/University tech maybe.
There could be separate techs for improving repair speed for buildings and siege/naval units.

50 civs?? How and why? :grin: What would Bengals and Tupis add to the game and who would play them?

Bengals= Pala Empire, Sena Dynasty, Deva Synasty, Bengal Sultanate aka the richest people in the Indian subcontinent. The Pala Empire had the strongest Battle Elephants in the world, way stronger than Khmer or anyone while the Bengal Sultanate had countless conflicts against the Delhi Sultanate. Bengals had advanced artillery, very strong navy. Also they used Mercenary Cavalrymen.

Thats ok but it is a game and not a history simulator :) (I know these nations, they were just examples) I just cant imagine someone would play only if Poles (I guess Polish) were in the game, Slavs are not enough… Im sure the majority of the players dont use more than 10 civs frequently and most of us haven`t even played all of the current 35 either.

This is a great idea. It could be used for creepy maps as well.

North America: Iroquois, Pueblos, Mississippians, Inuits
Mesoamerica : Zapotecs, Toltecs, Tlaxcalas, Tarascans, Mixtecs
Caribbean: Caribs, Tupis
South America: Chimus, Muiscas, Araucans
South Africa: Swahili, Zimbabweans, Kongolese, Uganda,
Africa: Mossi, Hausa, Songhai, Benin, Kanembu, Somalis
Middle Eastern: Nubians, Vandals
Oceanic: Malagasy, Visayans, Polynesians
West Europe: Dutch, Normans, Burgundians
Mediterranean: Croatians, Venetians, Albanians
Central Europe : Swiss
Eastern Europe : Finns, Wends, Vlachs, Avars
Caucasia: Khazars, Armenians, Georgians, Kurds, Pechenegs
Central Asia: Pashtuns, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Göktürks, Hephthalites
East Asia: Tibetans, Tanguts, Khitans, Jurchens
South Asia: Sinhalese, Kannads, Tamils, Deccans, Oriyas, Bengals, Nepalese
Should be added


Some new units, they can be upgrades for existing ones or a new line.

Regional skins, the same way the buildings have. This could be a dlc if it is much work.

New campaing and missions

Coop events

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If they ever do another expansion pack, they should theme it around the Spice Trade, as this gives an excuse to introduce the much-requested Tamils and third Sub-Saharan African civ. The other two civs could possibly be a third Indian civ, as well as a fourth Sub-Saharan African civ.

Alternatively, adding the Georgians either as an Eastern European civilization or a civ with a new architecture set also given to the Byzantines would be great, however I’m not sure if there’s much of a creative theme that would also rope many other much-needed civs, so they could just be part of another “The Forgotten”-style expansion pack alongside the Tamils and Bantu. I feel skeptical about introducing the Jurchens if only a few more civs will ever be added, as we already have five East Asian civs and the Chinese already cover them pretty decently.

Otherwise, more official campaigns would be fabulous, as they would add lots of fresh non-RM content without the burden of heavy balancing.


I’d like new campaigns and coop scenario-campaigns :smiley:

I don’t know if should is the right word here but at least getting a few of those would be nice as long as they’re fun to play as.

I like the variety and wouldn’t mind seeing more. Just playing 10 would be pretty boring to me. Why would you limit yourself to so few?

I would play them. Tupi sounds quite exciting. I suppose that a Tupi architecture set would have to be quite different.

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Cooperative campaigns


I am european guy and play also asian and americans civs, so this is no problem for me


Well, in my last ranked game my opponent played celts, just like in his previous 537 games… we are different :slight_smile: I play the civs I feel “close” to myself and/or figured out how to play with them the way I enjoy. I played all the 35 to get the achievment but Im pretty sure at least 15 I never played again with. I think the vast majority of players dont do random and adding more and more civs would just inflate them and would make the game way too difficult to enjoy and also to balance well

I’m pretty sure the opposite is true. If I had to guess, I’d say that most people play either singleplayer or casually in the lobby with their friends, so not tryharding.

Part of the reason why I think we got some fast-paced casual action mode like Battle Royale.

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