What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

Can we have Archimedes steam cannon plz

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Some people like build limits, others don’t. It would be nice to have the option to disable them for non-ranked games.


AoMEX broke the in-game editor Screenshot (and so called Supa Screenshot) functionality which was mostly used to take screenshots that hide the UI, screenshot the entire map, etc. The Steam based F12 and Native Windows Print Screen functionalities are not enough to cover the original system, so the original must be restored.

Additionally the tooltip for the “Move Object” tool in the Editor needs to specify that scenario editors can rotate the angle of units with Control+UP/DOWN arrow keys (the language file ID is 17117) as without looking through the control config or word of mouth they have no idea this functionality is natively integrated.

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The moment when you realise the majority of changes and ideas for myth units and gods/god changes already did a mod called „Age of Wrath“. Like e.g. making Athene mythic age and give her Medusa as unit for example. Just a few things I would have done differently like I am not sure Nemeian Lion fits Hera that well… but some really cool units and fitting ideas. Will try this mod out and I think others should do at least till retold comes out.

Also i heard that there will be a Microsoft showcase at the end of January is it possible we might see some alpha WIP stuff or concept art there or is it still too early for this?

well, 2 and 3 DE were announced in 2017, along side aoe4
they took their time to release, which is understandable
but main point is, we don’t know how far along mythology is rn, closed betas will come well ahead of any release date drops

An Open Letter to AoM Managers and Developers Regarding 1v1 High-Ranked Competitive Aom


Direct link:


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1.no building limits or atleast the option to turn a building limit on and off or make some buildings just cost more so that will balance that.
2.options for higher and lower pop cap
3,Choose Color
4. mod system from AOE 4
5. future Civs DLC

Choosing each A.i difficulty, now it’s generally


I do not think they take out the limit of buildings, since it is something that was maintained in aoe 3 DE and I do not think they will take it out for AoM R, although it is likely that they can increase it …

Or increase the limits by making them per town center, rather than absolute.
As I suggested already.
A second town center would mean more than 10 houses and a second workers monument, for egyptians, for example.

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Sure,that would work too…

Any news on when the game is coming?..its been February already and still no official news or glimpse of new gameplay!

They will show it at E3 2023 in June and launch it in September this year to commemorate 20 years of The Titans…

Cooldowns for God Powers instead of being limited to one use. Its awfull that the game turns into AoE1 in lategame.
For greek factory it could be a boost on economy after 1 use and Atlanteans could have faster cooldowns


I am pretty sure, mod can allow too re-use god power.

Don’t make the new civilizations too different! It takes a lot for a new or a returning player to learn multiple different economies and unit types that differ a huge amount from the other ones.

Having a standard way of playing the basics of each civilization is good, and I understand that to a large extent this is already true of AoM. The biggest differences being that norse villagers are unablento build and that atlanteans have very different villagers from the other civs. I think this should be changed. Norse villagers should also be able to build and atlanteans should have regular villagers imo. I will give you an example of why for each:

If you play a 3v3+ team game on Anatolia and you get the middle position as Atlantean, you are at a big disadvantage because you can’t go build a dock and gather resources at the start. While other civs would send 1 villager and setting up the economy at home, atlantean effectively sends 3 to the dock or waits for the next villager to train.

As norse if you are attacking and someone earthquakes your home base you can’t rebuild it with villagers like every other civ can, making some god powers a lot more effective on Norse. Also norse builders effectively cost more population, which is unfair in the late game imo. Another problem with this is that you can’t really choose certain army compositions as norse because of this. You can’t go pure cavalry, myth units and siege, because then you can’t build anything.

Some of the human troops in AoM are pretty bad too. Peltasts are unusable, slingers and turma are horrible after 10 minutes in to the games katapeltes are pure counter cavalry, but are too slow to deal with them and just die to anything else they come across.

Myth units you can go crazy with imo, since they are unique and should be given unique features, abilities and strenghts.

A few of the myth units are pretty bad, and should be worked on. For example the minotaur and the cyclops can’t do anything if you move right before their special gets off. Son of Osiris has the same problem at long range. The Troll, the Wadjet and the Phoenix are underpowered and the Scarab needs Eclipse to be useful. The one hit knockout myth units should be equally fast (the Mummy, the Lampades, the Medusa).

Also here is a video that you might be interested in:

It’s a comparison between AoE2 and AoE3. It’s not directly related to AoM, but there are some things that you can get ideas from when working on AoM Retold.

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Agree with everything and very valid points with good explanation!

Also finally some who also agreed that some myth units are too weak especially Wadjet and trolls (I personally would change their attack anyway and would make troll an heroic age myth unit if I could).

I understand that some ppl what drastic different civs but there are still enough options to make feel every civs unique with certain strengths and weaknesses it shouldn’t be regarding the base stuff like most part of economics. I mean it’s already more unique that Egypt needs more gold than other civs to be effective and I think every civ should have one military who they are really good with like in AoE were e.g. France has strong cavalry, HRE has strong infantry etc. But it’s already odd that e.g. Egypts often just don’t really use or even try to completely skip infantry and just rush heroic to build Migdol units and just sometimes built barracks for axeman. and you just built and that Atlanteans can nearly skip Counter-barracks cause all units there are pretty bad. Most just build counter-barracks for a very early Turma-Rush but Turma fall of hard quite quickly relatively similar to Raiding cavalry from Norse who also need a buff in my opinion.

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Why peaple want so hard make aoe2 in every aoe they play.

AoM is design to have few but very different civ (more like SC or War3)


Yes, most likely the new civs are like those of aoe 3, but set in antiquity and with powers (aka the Chinese and the Aztecs)…

Excuse me but when I recall correctly Zerg, Protoss and Terrans all farmed the same resources all with very similar workers who all built buildings just only in different styles which would be hard to implement in the style AoM has cause it’s neither sci-fi nor high fantasy.
Speaking of high fantasy even Warcraft3 had workers for humans and orcs, spirits for elves which is more unique and for undead summoners or something. I think only undead really felt more different here.

So if you meant anything else except this then please explain why you took these two examples

SC et WC have a few amount of civ/race but very different, like AoM and not like AoE2.