What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

has anyone received any info on the alpha/beta testing? I remember they announced to stay tune a couple of months ago, just curious if they already sent out the testing invites or just didn’t do one at all.

How long has Retold been in the works? I know it was announced October last year but they may have worked on it for some time, I’ve scoured the web for details but haven’t found any.

I don’t think that’s something anyone other then the developers know.

They brought him back a little with the Ottomans with the imperial council. And it’s not the worst, it’s the best that AOE-3 has.

I understand that you don’t want to apply it to this game and I respect that, but I know that most see this only as “free units”.

However I think a system like the Ottoman AOE-4 would be fine.


This only applies to that one civ, over a single game. That’s extremely different from AoE3 where this applied to all civs, over the course of multiple games. IIRC, I think the idea in AoE3 was that you developed your home city over time, and you got more cards as you played more games.

I still don’t like this a whole lot, but this is certainly way better than AoE3’s system.

Do you mean that cards were unlocked as you won games? This changed in the definitive edition and now all cards are unlocked by default (except in campaigns).

Now gaining a level only serves to decorate the city of origin.

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Oh yeah… one other thing. I’d like to see a comeback of being able to Bolt villagers, transports, Son of Osiris and the Nidhogg. Same goes for the Traitor god power.

In the CD version we have Athena who say when a hero die : Un héro est mort

But in the HD version on Steam it’s all in in English : a hero has fallen

Please in the future french version of AoM retold put the sentence : Un héro est mort

AoM is a very good game so I want to see an AoM DE and not an AoM 2

I want to see the campaigns of AoM particularly the Fall of the trident, the best campaign of all the Age of series. Reworking of the chinese campaign (the other campaigns can stay how they are : Fall of the trident, The New Atlantis and The Golden Gift)

I love Arkantos, this guy need to be in the normal tech tree of the atlantean (in addition of the normal ability of this civ to transform a normal unit in hero unit)

Make this game so beautiful than AoE 3 DE
Keep the same soundtrack (no remastered)

For the unit and building upgrade inspire you of the work of Nick3069 in the steam workshop

Higher pop limits and removing the limit on buildings

Cheat code with random god power for destroying all !

The five civilizations who are already present plus at least one more.
Personally I stay on the CD version of AoE2 with the forgotten empires mod until new civ were introduced with the Africans Kingdom and I play to AoM EE only because they introduced the chinese civilization. Same for AoE 3 DE I bought him only for the new civs.

I want than the five civilization have the same gameplay, same unit, same god power, etc

Healing unit system for all civ (before the introduction of the medic the greeks haven’t healing unit)

Allow us to buy some god powers for favour
Remove single use limit on many god powers and replace with a recharge system

Titan who can cross the water (actually titan are useless in island map)

Native camp and treasure like AoE 3

Please no. It’s a good mechanic for AoE 4 but I don’t want to upgrade each tower in AoM. In AoM the wall can be in stone, earth, wood and even metal. If you want AoE 4 mechanic put instead units on the wall and siege tower and battering ram.

I agree for bolt 100%, but not for traitor

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God I wish they would share an updates on this

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A picture or a video progress would be nice. They need to generate hype instead of not doing anything at all. The latter of which may just cause the game’s “popularity” to dwindle and less people would be interested.

“Oh? Oh yeah I remember AoM:R was announced awhile back. Meh I already moved on to something else.”


I really wonder why they do it like that, that’s the same for all DLC and even AoE4 barely got anything until very close to release.

I can kinda understand them, so many people compared the release version of AoE4 to the 2019 trailer and complaint about every small little detail that they thought was worse in the release version.
I can see why they are afraid of releasing anything that they don’t 100% know will be in the final game.

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In arcaic age ALL gods receive a unique hero (iden pharaho eggy) for help vills in hunt, exploring…,…

I agree…Retold has a lot of potential…

I’m expecting a remake of the game & not a standard remaster of the same game, meaning new features, new ideas, changes made to the original civs and overall it will feel modern, with new stuff added in it while keeping some of the fimiliar stuff from the original game.

I highly doubt it’s going to be simply just a remaster with better graphics and a few quality of life improvements just like they did with AoE1 DE. I hope not!

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I expect the DE treatment, which is what they said.

Yes, it’s a DE version but in the 3 DE engine…

I watched this video and I agre with him, only time will tell!

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One small function that would be awesome is the possibility to pick a few gods to a “customized random god”! Sometimes I don’t feel like picking one, but at the same time would hate to play some of them. I’m sure it must be kinda simple for devs to create something like this.
Even for challenges and tournaments it would be interesting if people decide to make some “at least 3-5 gods on random” thing…