What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

Id would hope to see gameplay trailer today.


Of course… it’s because of the relationship between Atlantis and the mesocivs…

It looks like it’s just AoE 4, nothing from Retold…

As expected… Oh well…

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I didn’t mean similar to AoE II in terms of gameplay, but rather how good the support for it has been over the years since it was released. While AoM may be similar to AoE III due to both having asymmetrical civilizations, support for AoE III has not been on the same level.

Of course, that’s true… anyway, don’t worry because Retold will receive expansions like with AoE 3 DE, and if it sells very well, how will it happen, it will even receive expansions even faster because it would be from one civ a year…

I just came across this issue in EE but I’d love there to be loads more space for Saved Games but I’d imagine this is something you already have on your list anyway.

I’d like to not see a near one-to-one rehash of the first one. Unlike AoE2, I have little reason to want AoM simply updated with modern hardware in mind. I played AoM a lot and got the enjoyment out of it that I needed. There is so much mythology to pull from, it’d be sad if Myth Retold is the same Gods, same techs, same maps, same mythological creatures, and so on.

I’m ready for some drastic changes/updates with Myth Retold. Graphics included


I really hope we see this in 2024


Assuming we will be getting expansions and other new civilizations in game… I hope Retold has upgraded and changed the sounds of every unit, spells, and soundtracks in general. Though an option to change from classic to modern would satisfy both worlds.

If they don’t upgrade the sound then I think it would just be too inconsistent and awkward to have units that have 2001ish sounds versus 2024/2025 sounds.

That being said, I think the sound engineers should study and analyze the originals in and out before creating their own blend of new sound that would make everyone feel nostalgic, surprised, and happy.