What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

oh cool yeah. if they allow steam mods which adjust UI like in aoe2de i’ll be happy enough

I hope they give us the same kind of options in AoMR.

Well that’s how it is in the original AoM (and also in AoE 3)…

Yes, but it is the normal UI in the saga since AoE 1 (and also the DE ones)… AoE 1, 2 and Online have the resources at the top, while the classic AoM and AoE 3 have them at the bottom…

Yes, I agree… I think they will allow you both the classic and the definitive UI…

um novo panteão seria bem interessante, uma campanha cooperativa de até 3 jogadores iria ser bem divertida acredito eu.

where is auto-queue?

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I hope that god powers aren’t a one time use and can recharge after a certain condition is met i.e Timer, Worshipers or Exp from killing enemy unit and buldings.

de ce que j’ai lu ici, les pouvoir ne sont plus à usage unique, ceci dit ça coutera en faveurs croissante au fur et à mesure que vous réutiliser les pouvoirs divin.

This might be one of the longest ongoing posts now.

Wait, nevermind, the Bohemians and Poles post is still longer.

Aztecs or some sort of civ like Babylonians would be cool.

I would like to see a lobby system for ranked play.

The queue in DE is quite a painful experience for a lot of people. It used to be so simple on Voobly to just join/host a ranked game, on any map we chose, or random map as well.

Não creio que farão campanhas cooperativas com 3 jogadores, no máximo serão 2…

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From what I’ve read here, powers are no longer single-use, but it will cost you more and more as you reuse divine powers.

Yes, the devs said that there would be a cooldown in the powers and that they would be of infinite use…

Aztecs may come in DLC 2, then Babylonians in DLC 3 next year in Fall 2025 and then Celts in DLC 4 in Fall 2026…

I would like the population to be brought to the level of an AOE2/3/4 and for the Human/soldier unit to be 1 pop, to have a good army to fight the mythical units

  1. No auto-macro.
  2. The actual original portraits.

A fun feature from AoE3 I wouldn’t mind seeing included is the AI personalities who roast or support the player during gameplay. Having the enemy AI (lets say Zeus) say something like “your followers seem lost” in response to an idle and forgotten army would be good for a laugh.


You can always balance it…although it seems that they were influenced by AoE 3 to balance it…

Yes, that would be good…in fact the gods in AoM throw phrases at you, so now they would have to do like the AIs in AoE 3…

the gods throw phrases at you during playing vs AI - OMG just imagine if those are now voiced like in the gameplay trailer!!!

Zeus: “How weak you are, I’m an age ahead of you”…

Zeus: “You will know the power of a god” (when the player casts a lightning storm)…

Zeus when he loses: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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I dont wanna be a waterparties but AIs arent the gods. They pray that gods😅


Sure, but I mean that it be like AoE 3 and that the places use a god who speaks like the leaders of AoE 3…

I share the same thought.

yeah you’re right its the “players” and not the gods but just imagine it more like Zeus1 “NOOOOO!” to Thor1 and Zeus2. (if there are the same gods in the same match) so instead of names like “Arkantos” who plays Zeus they could make it like that.

but maybe thats a too crazy idea.

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