What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

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AI reworked (retold rather :smile: )

Would like to start a thread on peoples thoughts around the positives and negatives of the original games AI mechanics.

It is difficult at times to find a challenge when fighting AI of the original game. Overall fighting AI is my preferred game mode. Either by myself or with friends. I play on hard however and never been a fan of the cheater AI in RTS and AOM’s Titian AI is not exception. There needs to be better difficulty scaling with the AI.

Thoughts around this.

  • Make different AI’s to choose from. Example Turtle, Rush, Tech, myth, adaptive
  • Adaptive AI for identifying strategies being deployed. Example massing heroes upon seeing enemy titian being built or building destroyers when wonder is started.

Fix AI issues:

  • AI struggle on maps with water at times and getting stuck. Even the games original maps AI just struggle especially in team migration or Vinlandsaga often leaving original town center.
  • AI not prioritizing wonder being built by themselves or destroying yours.
  • 1 AI grabbing all their teams town centers and starving the other AI population.
  • Using roc in strategic ways to drop past defenses.

This is just a starting list, but other chime in with your experiences of this amazing game.

Been a player of AOM since launch and have always just enjoyed playing against AI by myself or to introduce friends to the game and its always a blast. Often times however I find myself underwhelmed by the AI and just sitting back to let my friends get in on the action.

I am so excited to jump into this game! This game has had a huge impact on my life and the music gave me chills when the trailer dropped.


I still want Cerberus replaced with Hekatoncheires as the Greek titan. Replace Heka Gigantes with something else and make Cerberus a UU to Hades (that isn’t humanoid).


No Limit for Towers and Fortresess or make them gradually more expensive after 20 and 10 build


Are there currently build limits and hyper-inflation mechanics in AoM:R?

Yes. Fortresses have a limit of 10. Houses also still have 10. No idea about Atlanteans but their manors are most likely still capped at 5

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Houses have 16 now not 10


Ahh I missed that ^^

Wish they just let us build unlimited houses and just stop the pop cap going higher after 16 houses build


I think the best solution would be to remove the housing limit and make Town Centres increase the max population limit.
So you start at 200 max population and ever Town Centre adds another 15 (25 for Fortified Town Centre) but it only houses 10 people so you have to keep building houses.
Village Centres and Fortresses should also give 10 population each.

The hard cap on Towers and Fortresses is removed and replaced with increasing costs.


Sounds good [20 characters]

Hera has a tech in Retold that makes Fortresses slowly create Myrmidon for free, so no way are they now going to remove build limits for that.

If Towers have no build limits, that would be a huge win for the Egyptians, who have the best Towers in the game, which also only cost Gold, which is a infinite resource from Caravans, and the Norse would be big losers with the weakest Towers and a worse Siege for taking down buildings.

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Old myth units shape or better and voice of them also animations of movement that kind of stuff… idk…

Lots of achievements to spice up the campaigns even more.

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Well, that’s too bad. Time to drop it way down on my list of games to possibly get someday.

Went from a likely Day 1 or Week 1 purchase to a purchase that may need to wait for a winter sale or a 2025 summer sale. I’m far less excited to play it knowing this. Just too many red flags for me and my personal enjoyment level, especially when you add into the mix some of the UI/UX things I’ve seen and animations that need work.

That’s too bad, as I was looking forward to playing it before seeing more and more details. I wonder if that’s why they withheld details for so long; so players like me don’t get too long of chance to evaluate or question things? Maybe. Oh well… Sigh

What’s wrong with building more houses anyways? You can build 1000 or more houses in AoE2 if you want and it has never been an issue. How is getting some blocker when you go to build the 17th house seen as good game design?

Same with Fortresses or anything else. We are capable of self-governing our own empires… we don’t need our hands held

What kind of king, leader, or god rolls over and says “okay” when a work crew tells them they refuse to build a 17th house?

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Towers are almost nothing anymore late game
Plus we are saying to make them more expensive

It’s a balance thing.

The currently limit would be reduced from 20 to like 10 and then the costs would start rising by like 50% of the base costs for every additional Tower.
So the 11 tower cost 300 Gold then then 12 400 Gold and so on for Egyptians.

That means it would be harder to get the 20 Towers in the first place.

Same thing for Fortresses. The new limit would be 5 and then the costs would increase by 50% of the base cost each time.

Just example numbers but it would make it hard to build up that many Fortresses.

Currently you can already have infinite Citadels and Vaults of Plenty if you can collect enough favour.

I generally hate hard caps and prefer soft caps.
Give players trade offs to choose between instead of deciding for them. Makes the game more open to strategies.
I love the infinite Vault of Plenty. You can now choose how much favour it is worth to get another one of them.
And I don’t think it’s OP since the costs grow really quickly.
I wonder how long it would take to get like 10 of them with all villagers on the temple and a Wonder build.

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A visual Effect I really would like to see is myth units take visual damage, I like the Idea of arrows sticking out of myth units and titans, after taking a lot of fire (just a few should stick, not every shot).
I think this could really add to the monstrous appearance of myth units and add to their fierceness.

Super excited for AoM Retold :slight_smile: And the game looks beautiful. So thank you for taking the design choices you did :slight_smile:

My wishes:

1: Pantheons that include non Asian themes. I am just kind of fed up with the asian theme across the Aoe and Aom titles. I also find it a bit predictable to be included and i would love to see some originality.

2: This is probably a controversial request and i imagine the veterans would hang me from a tree when they read this. But i would love if we had more time in the first age and the second age. In the current state of the game you advance to the seccond age within 2:30 to 4:30 minutes of the game starting. The seccond age can last a bit longer but i still feel like it is skipped many times. This makes it hard to enjoy the small battles and challenges that each age presents to the player. It kind of makes it feel to stressed since most of the time it feels like a rush to the third and fourth age.

3: Flying units move to slow. I personally feel like flying units across the board could be a bit faster. It looks a bit unnatural currently and does not feel good.

4: I am a huge fan of map variety. Map variety is what can really make each game feel different and makes the game feel less stale. I hope for a lot of different layouts in the future.

Thank you.

??? What do you mean?
There are 0 Asian civilisations in AoM and AoE2/3 haven’t gotten new Asian civilisations in a long time
The last time AoE3 got Asian civilisations was before the Definitive Edition and AoE2DE only had the Indian split.

The only recent Asian civilisation was Japanese in AoE4.

How is there too much Asian?

I hate how in every AoE game it’s a valid strategy to do fast 3rd age and often even the main strategy.
The 2nd Age often feels just feels like a short transition between 1st and 3rd Age.

But AoM is way faster then any AoE game so that will clearly not change.

The game will ship with a Scenario Editor, the ability to script random maps and of course the modding platform so you can download the creations of other players.
There will be more then enough content. Let’s hope people will make some nice stuff.