What's up with Megarandom? + Some civ changes

Every fortnight (2 weeks) I see Megarandom being picked in the pool. For about a month, I have started playing all hybrid and land maps in 2vs2. I usually use my bans for water maps. So this happened when I “preferred” Megarandom. 3 times, there was someone who Alt+F4. You should have banned it. I wanted to try it on the ladder but how can I if someone doesn’t use his bans wisely.

Moreover, if no one is playing Megarandom (I cannot find it much on YouTube), why is Megarandom being selected every fortnight and who is selecting it?

Civ changes:

  • = Proposed earlier too
  1. Spanish: *Bloodlines, Arson [and Parthian Tactics] do not cost gold.

  2. Malay: Age up bonus includes all eco upgrades now. Mainly helps with wheelbarrow (30 seconds saved), hand cart (22 seconds saved) and gillnets.

  3. Italians: *University itself also costs -33%. Player will build 1 or 2 Universities in a game so the savings aren’t big. It is incentivised to get fast Ballistics.

  4. Huns: do not need houses but start with -50 wood; Feudal Age upgrade costs +50 wood → buff on Nomad where player can build a dock straightaway

Unit changes:

  1. *Steppe Lancers: -1 attack and -15G cost or just -10G cost. Indirect buff to Cumans, Mongols and Tatars.

  2. *Castle Age Jaguar Warriors: +5 HP

  3. Castle Age Berserks: +1 attack, +1 melee armor

  4. Castle Age Woad Raiders and Samurai: +1 attack

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Another change to Malay which I can see:

  1. Champion available.

  2. Forced Levy: A 60F Two Handed Swordsman available at Barracks slot 4.

The idea is to have the option of a regular champion as well as a trash heavy infantry both.

The two topics you discuss here are totally independent. Maybe create two threads instead.

Happened to me for 1v1 Socotra too. Did it show a “Failed to join” pop-up?

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Yeah same. There are times when I queue up and I get Black Forest, which seems boring to me. But still I play.

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These are all very strong civs. How many times do we need to say the strong civs don’t need buffs

I think these could all work. Although im not sure if yet more gold discounts really helps Spain. They need something somewhere else. PT and arson are all fairly later game where Spain is already strong.

Civs may be strong but that is no excuse to let the UU be weak. It was just the opposite case with Burmese and their OP UU.

I wrote Arson and Parthian Tactics in the theme of the bonus. The Sicilian bonus really affects mostly Skirmishers and cavalry but is themed for all. This is basically a scout rush bonus. You can pick up Bloodlines without collecting any gold so the value you get out of scouts is amazing. The only 2 civs which have the potential for this are Aztecs and Ethiopians, both of which lack Bloodlines.

Congrats now they are absolutely broken on water maps and Arena

Why would they need that?

Not really needed. It’s fine if Huns are eh on nomad. Especially since nowadays African clearings seems to be played a lot the dock problem comes less often.

Well if you buff the castle age version of the UU, you automatically make the elite version stronger by making it easier/more worth to mass the base version. Both berserks and woads sure don’t need that. Normal jags do have low HP but I suspect it’s this way so that they can’t counter imperial age infantry effectively without being elite. This way you need to plan the upgrade rather than try and only ever use the base version as an emergency button for when the enemy remembers champions exist.

You usually build just one university, so it could be even -50% for the building. I would also suggest to add SE to their tech tree and uni bonus.

I would suggest that instead this bonus affects trash units line upgrades. Those 3 techs are useful, but also cheap or not something that you prioritize.

Yeah very bad idea, that is the exact reason why they lack that 50w. They’ll eventually save that wood anyway, so they’ll have more fishing ships anyway sooner than other civs, and huns are a strong civ that already is a top pick in hybrid maps, do they really need buffs on what they’re already strong at?

I don’t see the point for this, the 66% faster age up is already a good bonus, just difficult to balance, and it already means that you get WB and HC sooner, so why buff it?

Trash 2HS are already better than champs, because you can overwhelm enemy trash/goth spam/eagles cost effective, so nobody would ever invest into champs, and they would save that 350g (plus the gold for each champ) for siege or other units.

I don’t see the point for this, SL are already a raiding unit, if you reduce the attack you reduce their efficiency in raiding in exchange for a resource that is usually available that early in the game.

Those are definitely unnecessary buff to already strong UU, especially for the berserker that is insanely strong.

The only of those units with a problem is the samurai, and it’s problem is just that it lacks something that differentiate them from champs, that are more accessible (+10 atk vs UU is just useless).

For TGs:

Currently it is about 3-4 position, so it could make it into the top 3.

For 1v1s:

This time it is picked by the devs.

So it really depends who picks it. Sometimes it is by the devs, somethings it is by the playerbase.

I dont think pros do like MR. For this reason you cant really find much about this map. At lower levels this maps is a bit more popular. At least so it gets voted into the map pool for this reason.

Quite possible. But I thought 33% is already there, so let’s stick with that.

The aim to help them when they have gold. When they run out of gold, they still have very good options + Supremacy villagers in a pinch.

The point of Champions is to use them population efficiently. 2HS are definitely cost effective and by extension gold efficient. That’s why I give them both options.

If you reduce the cost, you can make it much more viable. At the moment, you may see Steppe Lancers, but Elite Steppe Lancers are pretty rare. Moreover all horse unis are raiding units.

All these units are strong only with the Elite upgrade, which I acknowledge. My aim is to buff the units to the point they are usable without the Elite upgrade.

It doesn’t help when you have access to gold but your units suck. 2HS are too strong in trash wars because they are heavy infantry. But when they have access to gold, be it 1vs1 or team games, what unit they turn to? Besides Arbalesters and BBC, I do not see any strong options. Moreover, these units do not have bonus for Malay. In late game, population efficiency is a real deal.

It would anyway need a new “line” in the bonus list, so at that point 50% it would be better. Also, it means 100w instead of 66w, which is more useful.

You don’t add trash only when gold has run out, you add them before. For sure this is a buff for the super late trash wars games, but it’s also for before, for when you need to add skirms in castle age to support your knights (you would save almost the gold cost for 2 knights), or if you are going for a monks+siege, and need some pike as a support, (you would save enough gold for almost a monk for free), or for when you need to add halbs or hussars in early imp, you would save up to 1200g.

2HS can be pop efficient too, you just don’t train too much of them and when they die who cares, you just spam more and stay in the limit that you need.

Then maybe you should reduce the food cost, but anyway you won’t see ESL more than now, because it’s not worth it anymore at that moment in the game.

This way, you risk to not see them even for raiding in early castle age, when about 5/6 in a box formation can snipe a vill. If you reduce the attack, they can’t do that anymore.

No, berserkers, WR and JW are already strong in castle age, especially berserkers. They becomes weak when compared with imp units, which is how it should be.

Even samurai aren’t weak, they just aren’t worth when compared with champs.

I always vote megarandom, and always favourite megarandom. :slight_smile: but I make no youtube because noone would watch me playing LOL