Which Civilization has the best eco overall?

Ok so taking into account all the cards/civ bonuses/wonders etc which civ has the strongest eco possible?

Maybe France with CDB + 2 factories and all the eco cards, Malta has really high food and wood income and 99 villagers + 6 settler wagons but lacks a factory, equally Italy lacks a factory but do the lombards make up for it when fully carded? USA has a lot of trickles, 2 factories and 5 settler wagons. Germany could quite possibly be the best with 99 villagers, 2 factories and 20 settler wagons.

livestock is the fastest gathering with fulling mills. Haudenosaunee can stack it with fur trade. In theory haud is the most income, but in practice they are painfully mediocre economically.

Germany is probably the most eco you can obtain with just farms and estates. nothing special.

China with the old 119v overpop, 3 trickles, economic wonders, fulling mills was an absolute monster. not sure how it stacks up now


French and German are one of the best.

I think USA is pretty good too with their 8 cdbs + 5 settler wagons + bank wagon + capitalism and New Jersey Seaports though I guess they miss out on some standard eco upgrades like royal mint.

edit: I did not realize you already mentioned it


They are probably the best at sustaining their eco because with their units and the flag they never seem to drain of resources especially with texas and all the free marines. They also get the pennsylvania gold trickle which is worth like another bank IIRC.

The wonders do give you quite a lot of villagers worth of eco, what do you think of the african civs? The cattle is probably worth quite a bit of eco and they get influence, hausa get a card for wood income from fields I think which with all vills on fields is about a factory worth.

i have absolutely no idea how fields stack up, honestly. I’ve never sat down and Mathed them out for max rates

Ethiopia has a large amount of cards that boost food gather rate. Wouldn’t be surprised if they have the best food gathering of all civs

They have a lot but I’d imagine malta are higher and aztec also inca with the kancha houses. Ehiopias cards are better for 1v1 though because a lot of them effect natural resources and farms.

True, shame how you don’t get much chance to use them in most 1v1s

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Iroquois, Sweden, Germans, Mexico and British are the most powerful economies in treaty. Sweden by the torps, torps can gather 3 resources at the same time. After that civs maybe france.

Surprisingly to you, ethiopia has the worst food gathering rate even worse than Hausa. You can test it in an AI game.

I would say British has the best booming in team games. Especially on large map where rushing is difficult (a lot of low level players play large map size). Then I would say Japan, Swedes, for house booming.

In treaty with all upgrades, Ethiopia has a better gather rate aprox 6K/ min of food. Hausa has 5K/min since they nerfed pulaaku code.


This thread isn’t talking bout booms but overall gather rates. Biggest number goes brrrrr

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Underrated opinion, Lakota that keeps up in the infinite bison shipping.
The amount of hunting upgrades they can stack is insane, and the coin income is not bad either.


While they have fur trade and 10v more than in TAD.

Hauds, Mx, USA and lakota need balance economic wise in my opinion.

Fixing Unfair balance of Native American Civs

Why nobody is mentioning Dutch? In certain circumstances they are absolute beasts.

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iirc they have the base gather rate of rice paddies/farm but with the animation of mills which is the worse of both worlds

but they have granaries and that the fact that their ver of vil hp upgrade also grant speed so maybe that will affect their animation but that is a lot of factors.

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I don’t remember how much their upgrade effects speed but it does effect gather rates. I particularly like the italians card for 25% speed to get the fastest villagers in the game and at 5 speed I’d imagine it’s a significant reduction in time wasted bumbling about on mills.