Which civilizations do you like the most? (MEGAPOLL)

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Dutch
  • Russia
  • Malta
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • India
  • Ottoman
  • Brits
  • Inca
  • Aztecs
  • Haddenosaune
  • Lakota
  • Hausa
  • Ethiopia
  • Portuguese
  • France
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Sweden

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You can mark up to 4 options, I would like to know what the preferences are in this forum. Greetings.


I would love to say Portuguese, but they’re in a really boring state now.


I no longer say which one is stronger, but which one you like.

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jogar com Portugal e o mesmo que pedir pra perde com tantas civis melhores


I really like the Incas, although they are in a sorry state with 2 trash units and without a specific unit to counter artillery


India. I am a former TWC fan but im not thrilled with their current states. Japan is a close second for me. Love the versatility and uniqueness of the two civs

edit. wow india is a stark minority. no urumi fans out there :frowning:


i know right, india has elephants, camels, and so many more unique units, best looking wonders as well. unbelievable its last.

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China for sure, then maybe Ottomans second. If we narrowed it to native Americans only, the Aztecs, no contest. I can’t stand the other natives. Out of the Ethiopians and Hausa, I prefer the Ethiopians, that Sebastopol mortar thing is amazing, it overshadows the regular artillery units.

Indian myself but dont like india because of the stereotypical mishmash that it is.


Aztecs. You get SO MANY home city shipments by having your Warrior Priests get experience.

Italy is great too - free buildings AND free units.

It shows on the poll.
Which is a shame. There is so much history to make it an unique civ but we got stuck with the Mediterranean British.

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My personal top 4:

4 . Aztec
The variety of unit types, useful ceremonies, and arrow knights are impressive.

3 . United States
The immigration card is a very interesting, creative series, echoing the national conditions. I hope to add 2 more to reach 10 cards in total.

2 . Maltese
The auto-upgrading cavalry and fixed guns are handy and fun.

1 . Mexican
Just because of the comfort brought by use of hacienda.


Me gusta india porque ahí está la mejor unidad del juego en edad 2 el sepoyguy esa es si que siiiiii

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For me USA is the favourite but closely followed by inca, malta and sweden. Very surprised to see mexico as number 1, I rarely see mexico in ranked and it’s the only dlc civ I dislike.

You can vote, its free.

I can never vote in polls like this since I enjoy all the civs fairly equally. It’s like trying to choose a favorite child lol


It’s exactly 100 voters and 300 votes now, that means the average person voted for 3 civilisations.

I only voted for one. The Ottomans.
I always enjoyed playing them since the original game. Other civilisations might be more unique with fancy features and I like many of them. But at the end I like my simple Janissariess, Abus Guns and of course Great Bombards.

My favorite three civs are in order, México, Spain and Russia:

México: just love the versatility of the hacienda. I also like several of their units, shipments, and revolutions (I am especially fond of the soldado). Also, I am from Central America and it is cool to see my region represented as a revolution in my favorite game, which is something I never expected would happen.

Spain: I love Spanish history, and I find the unction mechanic and the rodeleros and lancers as really fun to use. Also, now having access to haciendas that can pump out soldados gives Spain a boost right about the time it used to run out of steam in longer games.

Russia; really strong rush, strong base anchors with the blockhouses, but foremost, it is a civ that demands you play aggressive and never let down on the pressure.

Mexicans and USA on top despite beeing considered unfitting to the game’s core many times here just amaze me

It’s because they have way more gameplay variety than the older civs, with unique mechanics and divergent tech/card choices you can make on the fly. The African civs are the only ones close to the same variety.

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