Which civs would you like to see added first in DLC?

I am open to see some of the less popular names as well. Given of course the prerequisite mentioned above, that they are well designed and there’s depth to them - unlike the current civs.

I would love to see Japanese in the first dlc, but not sure what to pair them with. Byzantines and Turks would make a lot of sense and be really cool, but only after Japanese please:)

Koreans? To pair with the Japanese, I mean.

Aussie Drongo did a video recently were lots of players wrote in the comments which civilizations they would like to see first in AOE4.

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Would be keen to see Indian civs that are based on the more indigenous cultures (IE not exclusively Persian/ Turkish like the Sultanate). AOE 2 DE looks like it’s stepping in the right direction with the inclusion of such, and I would absolutely like to see AOE 4 add things like the Rajputs, the Sikh kingdom, etc.

Barring that; the Japanese would of course be awesome.


then you could also say you have to give the crusader knights and orders to all european factions.
its just like asking for templar for the english.
i think you have aoe2 in the back of your head.
the landsknecht is actually a general HRE military unit. instead the teutonic order is an exception and was indirectly part of the HRE because it operated independently. maybe you should ask for a christian civilization with the ability to chose for an order or crusader organisation.

Knights of saint peter, Knights templar, Knights hospitaller, order of saint james, order of calatrava, teutonic knights, order of malta, order of saint john.
It’s just that the ones in Palesina and the one in the Baltics like the Teutonic Order stand out most because of their large scale. And the current HRE really is not the Teutonic Order, it is a separate faction.
Maybe add a castle landmark for HRE where they can train various units from the Teutonic Order?
Or let it be a castle age landmark as a field hospital and in imperial age you can upgrade it to a castle?

I’m surprised there’s been no announcement, hint or leak of an AoE4 DLC yet.

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I think developers should prefer to add civs which can offer different gameplay experience and flavour.

Personally I’m looking forward to
Meso civ

But all this after the game is completed. So it will take a while.

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I understand that they have to prioritize the civilizations that sell the most and in the future there will be civs with lesser names.

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Mapuches, incas y tupis.

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Spain, Japan, Turks, Byzantines are the obvious first dlc choices.


I suppose that a dlc must bring with it a campaign, the Japanese when they unified into an empire decided to invade China, but Korea did not give them way, Japan lost to Korea and China together, that is to say that a Japanese campaign in the game requires the Koreana, unless replaced by Chinese units

At this point I just want an annoucement lol


I don’t think that is an accurate conclusion to make. The Danish appear in the second mission of the Norman campaign, but there isn’t a civilization that represents the Vikings.

Best post here. I like how you took each civ’s period into consideration by not going past 1600. I prefer if the game doesn’t go past 1600 and is one of the reasons why I think the Chinese should regress back to 1500s instead.

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they are the same as the abbasid. Most people want different cultures added first.

This has to be the, or one of the, most idiotic post on the forum. Ever… Suits the biggest JOKE poll perfectly

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What he is trying to say is that the Turcs are an important civ, similar to AOE2 with hand cannoneer and perhaps Aoe3’s Ottoman Great Bombards but…

That there are many people who believe Spain, Olmec / Mayans / Asian civs or the Vikings are historically relevant as well.