Which factions do you think should be added to East Asia/Pacific region?

Inspired by the threads “Which factions do you think should be added to West Asia?” and “Which factions do you think should be added to South Asia?”

  • Chams (Champa states 137 - 1471)
  • Göktürks (552 - 744)
  • Jurchens (Jin Dynasty 1115 - 1234)
  • Khitans (Liao Dynasty 907 - 1125; Qara-Khitai 1124 - 1218)
  • Moluccans (Sultanate of Ternate 1257 - 1914)
  • Nanzhao/Dali (738 - 1253)
  • Polynesians (Tu’i Tonga 950 - 1865)
  • Shatuo Turks (7th to 10th century)
  • Siamese (13th century onward with the founding of Sukhothai in 1238)
  • Tanguts (7th century to 1227)
  • Tibetans (Tubo Empire 618 - 842)
  • Uyghurs (Uyghur Khanate 744 - 840; Ganzhou Kingdom 870 - 1036; Qocho Kingdom 843 - 1370)
  • Visayans (Sugbu 1250 - 1565)
  • Xianbei (3rd century BC to 7th century AD)

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Why limit the options?

I just changed from 3 options to 5 options.

Gradually I feel that this kind of voting or discussion is meaningless.

In many cases, the nations and countries in history cannot be clearly listed in this way. There are several options that can be reasonably included in a common representative, such as Xianbei and Khitans, Tibetans and Tanguts, Gokturks and Shatuo and Uyghurs, and so on.

This is more likely than targeting specific ethnic groups to really become the new content of the game, but sometimes, the discussion eventually turns into a competition between several specific ethnic groups.

How to make the UU, UT, and bonus of the new civ meet a certain degree of accuracy, but also bring the mechanic and gameplay that does not exist in the current game have is the important thing.

For example, the Jurchens, many people want Tiefutu to become UU, but they are just another heavy cavalry. Others want Fire Lancers, but they have plundered the famous Chinese patent. This makes me support the Vlach Tintasi even though I think the new civ should no longer be given to Europeans. Not only reflects their history of using foot archers to ambush with less to resist more, the combination of charge bar mechanic and ranged units is also full of new possibilities.


Ah, i was planning on doing this one when I got back from the holidays, but actually I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!
I was planning on including a few additionnal civs, though, such as Mon, Shan and Lao (pretty sure those three would not receive so many votes, but I aim at being thorough).
Anyway, imo the two civs we need the most in this area would be Jurchen and Siamese/Thai, but I wouldn’t mind them being introduced separately, in dlc focusing on China and SEA (again) respectively.
Happy to see the Visayans listed, by the way. I spent quite some time trying to find interesting stuff about the Philippines and almost missed them because I was focusing too much on Tagalogs.


Are there any more suggestions? Which unique units and unique techs should these civs have? Feel free to share your opinions.