Which factions do you think should be added to Africa?

  • Akan/Ashanti (Bono/Bonoman, Denkyira, later Ashanti Empire)
  • Ambundu/Mbundu/Angolese (Ndongo, Matamba)
  • Fon (Dahomey)
  • Hausa (Kano and other Hausa kingdoms)
  • Edo (Benin)
  • Fula/Fulani (Great Fulo)
  • Funj/Berta (Funj Sultanate)
  • Ganda/Buganda (Buganda)
  • Harari (Harar, Aussa)
  • Igbo (Nri)
  • Imbangala/Mbangala (Kasanje)
  • Jolof/Wolof (Jolof Empire)
  • Kanuri/Kanembu (Kanem-Bornu Empire)
  • Kongo/Bakongo/Congolese (Kongo, Loango)
  • Luba (Luba)
  • Lunda (Lunda)
  • Maba/Burgu/Wadai (Wadai Empire)
  • Malagasy (Merina/Imerina)
  • Mossi (various Mossi kingdoms)
  • Nubian (Makuria, Alodia)
  • Nyasa/Chewa (Maravi)
  • Rwandan/Tutsi (Rwanda)
  • Shona/Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe, Mutapa)
  • Somali (Ifat, Adal, Ajuran)
  • Songhai (Gao Empire, Songhai Empire)
  • Soninke/Ghana (Ghana Empire, Sosso Empire)
  • Swahili (Kilwa, Mombasa)
  • Tigrinya/Tigre (Medri Bahri)
  • Tuareg (Hoggar, Agadez)
  • Vandals (Vandal Kingdom)
  • Yoruba (Oyo)
  • Other(s)
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • None

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Second poll, how many factions do you think should be added to this region?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7+
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care

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With a new dlc on the horizon, possibly on this very subject, I hesitated to wait longer before posting this poll considering it may soon be obsolete, but on the other hand it may also be now or never. I could have arguably split this in several smaller polls, but then each of them would have been far smaller than those about Asia so I decided to cover the whole continent at once. However, I decided to add more options than I usually do because this area is criminally underrepresented and still has many things to offer.

Those who already answered my other polls know the drills, but just in case:

  • I’m not an expert on this subject and don’t pretend to be
  • If I forgot or didn’t know about a civ you want to see in the game don’t hesitate to vote “Other(s)” and elaborate in the comments, I would be happy to learn more
  • I will wait a few replies in the comments before giving my own opinion, to avoid influencing the results

Also, I decided not to mention the dates of country existence this time, because more often than not the informations I could find were unreliable at best. Just know that I only picked civs with at least one established state between the Vth and very early XVIIth century.


Whoever thinks Africa will be complete with only two civs is nuts lol


Yeah, considering how far ahead Europe or even Asia are and how few civs may be added to the game now, I fear Africa will never be done justice completely. But at least we can come closer to that.


I think they should add at least 3 more, but I’d like it if they added more too.

With these kinds of polls, I literally just go through and vote for all the civs I recognize. I don’t even mind what it is about, I just like to recognize and be able to relatively pronounce the name. I’m fine with other civs, but I think it will be a lot more successful if people have some idea what they are playing. I think this is a big part of the reason we have Aztecs, rather than Nahuatl or Mexica, even though those are more accurate, people recognize Aztecs.


Yeah, most of the times I use several denominations both to help the voters know what we’re talking about and let them decide which name they like better (though I could also have a few other variants in some cases).
There are a few odd situations however, like the Edo people being pretty much unknown under this name but the Benin kingdom in modern-day Nigeria presenting the risk of causing confusion with the kingdom of Dahomey in modern-day Benin.

Africa currently has the Saracens, Berbers, Malians and Ethiopians, though technically the Romans reclaimed northern Africa from the Vandals for a bit. Northern Africa was quite Roman before the Arabic invasions, and the conversion of the Berbers, with Alexandria as one of the most important Sees of the Church.

Regardless if african civs gets adde again or not the archers of the eyes sprite needs to change to an actual african person armed with a long bow.


I wonder how they would handle Saladin if Nubians get added

Maybe the second player in the Coop campaign could be Nubians and Archer of the eyes could just be the Nubian UU

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Didn’t they just add the co-op campaign for Saladin?

Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised with the Nubians being ahead of the other civs. They rarely come up when new African civs addition is discussed, despite having way more interactions with the outside world than the usual favorites.


I doubt the hero unit would be made in to a uu.they would just give a new uu for a nubian civi.

Nubians are well known to most as they were/are part of egypt.

What if Kurds were added too? Saladin was a Kurd, wasn’t he?

yes but no other choice… the dlcs can visit 3 regions with 2 civs in each… africa, India and Caucasus …

As many African civs as possible please.


I mean, we can have:

  • Georgians
  • Gokturks/Armenians/Khazars
  • Bengalis
  • Tamils

And then 4 African civs and an east Asian or European one one. Or at lthe very least three African civs and two european ones

  1. Somalis
  2. Nubians
  3. Songhai
  4. Kongolese
  5. Kanembu
  6. Swahili
  7. Zimbabweans
  8. Benin

I would also add Hausa, Mossi and Yoruba


This is my dream! Those 11 civs you mentioned are all way more interesting imo than the Burgundians, although I’d rather have the Ghanaians than the Mossi


I think only 6 civs are left… current civs number is 39 and I know someone mentioned 45 can be added… so if you add 2 caucasian and 2 indian civ then you can add 2 more African civs

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Let’s add 3 African, 2 Indian, and 1 more from Asia!

In fact, I’ve actually wondered if it’s possible to add anything from the Oceania region, as far as I know only Malay / Indonesia is represented there, right? Don’t know much about the history, so not sure if there were more larger powers from that region.