Which has better graphics, AoE3 DE or AoE4?

Is this a poor graphic, really?

See It on 4k.

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I made a typo, but even with that typo- it’s clear I’m quoting somebody that is saying it is, it’s not my opinion and it’s obvious I’m saying this game looks good.

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Ah, ok. My mistake. AOE3se Is absolutely beautiful.


It is not only one of the best looking RTS games but strategy games in general. Some parts are obviously dated because this is a game engine that was designed probably like 18-19 years ago… Considering how old AoE III is- results are fantastic :slight_smile:


Yes, absolutely agree. I really love

Cards system
Diplomacy (Saying to allies when they should Attack)
Terrain, and Gaia (typical Animals for different Maps and Regions. Absolutely stunning: Lions, tigers, Crocodiles, and more)


They put a lot of effort into improving it, even the smallest elements.


Dude , realism with nuclear color doesn’t WORK , I’m really sorry to reply 3 months later . Aoe4 at least haves an art style that doesn’t make you to die seeing UNIT COLORS .

AOE3 DE has by FAR better graphics and readability than aoe4 from all I’ve seen.
It’s not even fair to mention these games in the same sentence, aoe4 would feel ashamed and look down on the ground blushing.

When it comes to readability, I prefer aoe3DE as well BIG TIME.
Only with Aenna bows and Tomahawks I struggle a little. The first time I played against Iro in TAD, I charged into a mass of Tomahawks with my Cavalry, thinking all of them were bows.
Checked my eco for 3 seconds and switched back to the battle: What the hell are these bows doing to my cav??? Good old times :slight_smile:
But I guess, if you play that civ a few times yourself, you’ll get an eye for that.
In all games until today, I have rarely faced them.


I like the look of AoE3 but overall I prefer AoE4 as my potato PC can actually run it without crashing every 30 mins or so .

I had huge issues with unit readibility in AoE3 when I was a beginner especially how small units were compared to buildings . It took 2 months for that problem to go away as I got more familiar with the game .


I suppose I’d say AOE4 because I like the environment and building style a lot. I am not a huge fan of the units though. Why is there so much gold? Lots of units have gold armor etc, it just doesn’t work for me


are absolutely bad.


This whole topic on which has better graphics is all subjective. I see people attacking other people’s opinions but at the end of the day we all have our opinions. This discussion is pointless to be had because it won’t go nowhere.

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Open a Caribbean map and they will see :smiley:

AoE 4 is more easy too look at and differentiate stuff while AoE 3 is more rugged and realistic especially in base design because of building dimensions and less of a space between them. AoE 4 looks more gamey but I like it a little more.


What are you pointing at here? The image is so grainy and obviously upscaled from the actual look of the game it’s hard to tell what the arrow is complaining about.


Actually no, first of all Jimmy has an advanced graphics card able to play maximum resolution so he has no reason to get dodgy pics and upscale them.

This is exactly the washed out details I noticed when I played the technical stress test and is the basis of everyone’s arguments in the graphical department when they say the details are so lacking you can’t tell anything material. From the material of the helmets, to the cloth they are wearing. This is probably the clearest photo I’ve seen of AOE IV units ever. Id like you to show atleast 1 that is clearer than that.

It’s clearly a in game shot that was cropped.

Even when I post unedited I game shots, on everything max, you have people saying in being disingenuous for getting dodgy pictures from the internet or low resolution pictures. When infact that is the game at 4K from the technical stress test.
Hopefully they improve it on launch otherwise that is exactly how I saw the units in my technical stress test.

And all those who are trying to delegitimise the graphical comparison saying AOE III only got recently upscaled compared to a game that is made from scratch. The company that oversaw the upscaling of all the DE remasters is the same company overseeing the game being made here. And the DE remasters were used to hype this game up. It makes no sense that a company that oversaw the remasters and used the DE packs as hype for this game, not bringing the new game to the same level of standard. They obviously added all the graphical and physics features in those games because it looks good and people want it. Hence to say people wanted it in 20 year old games and not in a modern one is super weird.

Might as well have Forgotten Empires in on this too to do the graphical upscaling.


I mean, no, it’s literally nicked from the Crossbow thread (I realised after the fact, so it’s not even their arrow - the arrow is probably meaningless here). It’s not their image in the first place, and anyone can tell at a glance that that doesn’t represent the sharpness any image should have at max zoom.

It’s certainly not the game at 4K, that’s for sure. I have actually played the game, right? I know what it looks like at that maximum zoom (1080p here, though).

i think its worth remembering here that AOE3 has far more units in the game, which probably hurts the readability somewhat.