Why dont get nothing?

We see at social every month something get out for other titles especially for iv.why are at the bottom?why dont get nothing?how keep the players especially old players? With nothing?


Just two months ago we literally needed to riot to get a piece of information when the patch (long finished already) was going to be released (and accused for “hating other games” when doing that). Why are you surprised?

WE’s perspective on AOE3 after the free trial be like:
The game doing well enough: see I told you it can still survive a few months without any support so we don’t need to do any additional work beyond making it free
The game not doing well: see I told you the game is not worth investing anymore


Basic communication goes a long way (something that was promised after the anniversary event debacle btw) but things haven’t improved since then.

So you get the F2P model up and running, generating plenty of hype, plenty of interest, and plenty of players but then complete silence. You don’t even include a WotH with the patch and it’s coming close now to two months with no hotfix.

Losing trust in World’s Edge by the day (not that it was high to begin with)


AoE 2 fans took over age of empires entire series decision management. There is literally an aoe2 pro hippo in aoe3 as an ‘easter egg’. The only reasoning i can see is that it is an insider devs joke = Aoe2 players with no clue about aoe3’s design are decision making for aoe3 (this is also the only reason why i can think that empire wars was included for Aoe3).

Easter eggs, excluded events item (that aoe3 also has of aoe2 and vice versa), there is no such thing in aoe2 from aoe3.

Well, tinfoil hat off.

Firstly, AOE 2 and 4 have many more players than Aoe 3, so their opinions cannot be ignored.The World’s Edge needs to pay more attention to their feelings.
Secondly, there are a large number of fans of Empire 2 in the World’s Edge.They themselves don’t like Aoe 3, so naturally they consciously ignore Aoe 3.
This will create a vicious cycle, with 2 and 4 players increasing and 3 being deliberately ignored.


Forgotten Empires has Napoleonic Era mod devs working there (@tilanus for example)…

and seeing how super well the European skins were received, I think that the game still has a future… the issue is that now it is AoE 4’s turn to shine… but coexisting with AoE 2 and AoE 3…


In fact i wrote ‘decision management’, Tilanus might just be a regular dev.

Antes reportabas un bug y te contestaban, ahora ni el visto. Reportar los Bugs aquí es lo mismo que plantearselo a Dios, escucha pero no responde.


We could at least get an event about hispanic heritage month like we did for chinese new year. Idk

And a hotfix🙏

You have a higher chance of god responding than the devs.

One of the maigadi buff cards, i wanna say sankrin(?) makes them glitch through the map and T-Pose.

Postive post alert

I’m sure we’ll have another large update again in the not-too-distant future. Along with hotfixes, maybe some Native American love in the some way the Euros have had a historically-accurate flair. Just be patient.

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Apparently they are working for AoM retold. I don’t think it’s unacceptable, especially considering the AoM community is also very eager for more love for their beloved game. We share the same fate with the AoM community.

If the developers can confirm that they are indeed working on AoM and have no future plan for aoe3 ATM, I think our community can understand and fully support their work. But the problem is, we can’t even get any confirmation from them.


This is a sensible response.

Yeah, whatever the thoughts are, it would be nice for some kind short/in-depth/vague/etc response from the devs just to gauge what the short-term/long-term future is of AoE3 is.


We desperatly need clear information about the future of our beloved AOE 3
A roadmap, a dedicated blog post, or something please!


Yeah. At least something.

I wouldn’t mind if they tell us to wait until next year or that they’ll resume development for the game after releasing AOM. The problem is that we have zero information about the future of the game.


Exactly, I hope that too
Yeah, part of the dev team is working on AOM Retold because its being developed with the AOE 3 DE Engine!


“Keep an eye out for what’s on the horizon for 3DE”


Okay that at least is something.


Oh nice, an actual historical skin.

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What is that?for aoe2?