Why isn't Austria (Habsburg) coming to DLC?!

Why isn’t Austria (Habsburg) coming to DLC?!

The historical background of Age 3 is, of course, one of the biggest pillars in the history of that time,

Except for Austria, there was a big hole in the story of the historical development at the time, making it impossible to tell.

Shouldn’t Austria come out of course??

I heard that Poland is coming out…

But it’s several times more powerful and influential than Poland,

The 600-year-old Habsburg Austria, which used to growl the most in France and continental Europe, is missing again???

Maria Theresia of the Seven Years’ War, Franz I, who fought Napoleon as a leader,
Franz Joseph and others from the Austro-Hungarian Empire,
Make me an Austrian DLC! Make me an Austrian DLC!!

I really want to try the magnificent and powerful Austrian Empire as a formal country in this game!!


I believe the idea is that Austria is represented by Germany, which is kinda a hodgepodge of Prussia, Germany and Austria. Some people have actually argued that Germany should be renamed Austria as its pretty close already.


The Germany already included the Austrian Empire


I’ll probably get warned for this but…

I’m pretty sure there’s way, way larger gaping holes in the “historical development” at the time in Asia. Let’s not even talk about other continents…


Before the new content was added to Germans civ (Update 13.27885), it was a civ that could easily be renamed into Austrians civ. The only thing that was not Austrian in this civ was Home City and AI Personality. Neddle Gunner could have just had a different name.

After update 13.27885, Germans civ received a lot of content, which mainly comes in the form of Home City cards that can always be simply transferred to another civ - also skins. So it’s still content that’s easy to port over to a completely new civ (Prussians civ) and replace it with completely different content.


Germany should be “split” into Prussia and Austria, but it’s not Austria that needs to be added.

All you have to do to make current Germans into Austrians are a few name changes and cosmetics. It could go further to include things like Pandours as unique skirms or access to Magyar Hussars, but that’s not strictly necessary. But even with more extensive changes it’s still not as much as the latest German reworks.

With that done there’s room for Prussia to be added as something totally new.

But with that being said, I’d prefer a break from European civs for a bit and just the recognition that a German split is perfectly reasonable would be fine with me.


They can add Austria and Prussia as a variant civ like in AoE IV while keeping the original Germans to satisfy conservative and competitive players maybe? I think that would be for the best, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh boy OP do i have the faction for you

Being slightly more direct Germans in game represents The German world and the Holy roman empire, it includes quiet a lot of Austrian units and home-city cards.


Ya están en el juego desde hace 20 años XD


Now it’s the part where I quote von Clausewitz


At this point I think all people who open new topic to discuss German split are clowns


The thing is, that in the way I understand the factions, is that they represent more some cultural group than a country per se. Ah least in the spanish version they referr to the civs as the germans, not germany (for example). That way they include all the german states of that period.

I would love to play that split, but perhaps we could have some advancing age where one can choose between Prußia, Austria and maybe Bavaria or some other important german state, may be even a Rhine Confederention as a rev, product of the napoleonic wars.


Eso es lo más práctico, pero no creo que haga falta. Después de que cae el sacro imperio romano germánico, en 1815 se forma la confederación germánica. Y si bien no eran “un solo país”, Prusia y Austria se mantuvieron unidos hasta 1867.

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its also “Germans” in English.

Oddly enough i just looked at my (scandinavian) copy and there they are called “THE Germans” and not just “germans”.


I feel as long as people can’t decide what nationality Mozart actually was, there won’t be a split ^^

Germany is a construct, a set of entities, and Austria is part of it.
The game already have Germans. So you imply that Austrians aren’t German?

The crux of the subject here and in all discussions of a German split is that if the Kingdom of Prussia was different enough (politically, socially, militarily) of the Holy Roman German Empire. To me, they aren’t. Just ask yourself to which polity did Brandemburg belong. Kings in Prussia were still Electors of the HRGE.

Well, whatever, this topic has been discussed ad nauseaum and no one who wants a Germans split has been convinced otherwise and no one who doesn’t want a Germans split has been convinced otherwise.

Check all the dozens of threads on this issue

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This is not the issue at all. The issue is if Prussia is different enough from the Austrian Empire, not the HRE. The HRE is too vague to adequately represent the two competing superpowers of the age.

The differences between Austria and Prussia are at least as significant if not moreso than other comparable European countries that get their own civs.

For instance, Denmark and Sweden. They have the same Nordic culture, mutually intelligible languages, are both Lutheran, and have a history of being united. Compare that with Austria and Prussia who are much more divided on those issues. Austria is Catholic and archaic with Germans only being a minority culturally and linguistically and Prussia is Lutheran with a German majority and industrial economy.


This is a really great example.

Unfortunately the original (Ensemble Studios) Devs didn’t look further than the broad Germans, no doubt aided by the original scope of the game being just the Americas where ‘Germans’ just about gets away with it.

Our DE Devs however have implemented a wider, but more detailed scope which is much better, so (as much as I joke about it) there is a little disappointment that it’s never going to get entertained. It’s not even necessarily a split, rather a rebadge (and minor change-up of shipments/units) or the current Germans as Austria and a new civ as Prussia (which I’d happily throw money at as a singular DLC civ than a Fed State civ).


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Why indeed! The Austrians would be a fun civ that could somehow make use of all their quirky multi-national/ethnic units though alas - Devs have stated that a split is not going to happen. Soooo, either find a mod or change your German homecity name and tailor your shipments to be more ‘Austrian’ :wink:


This will perhaps be a topic that will always come up and cause controversy, probably, as already mentioned, there is part of the community that wants this and another that goes crazy senselessly over the idea. Perhaps the best way, is the one proposed in this post, to make a mechanic similar to that of certain civs in AoE4 to maintain a base civilization with variations.