Why isn't Austria (Habsburg) coming to DLC?!

I am in favor of a DLC that will divide the Germans and Indians umbrella civs at the same time:

  1. Germans civ into: Austrians civ (renamed Germans civ with micro rework) & Prussians civ (brand new civ with state age up mechanic)
  2. Indians civ into: Mughals civ (renamed Indians civ with huge rework), Marathas (brand new “Hindi” civ with some old things from current Indians civ) & Bengalis (brand new civ with some old things from current Indians civ) BTW. British Raj content would become the default British Consulate content for civs from the Indian subcontinent.

3 new civs in one DLC!


People who don’t agree with this are denying themselves the opportunity to play with new civilizations.


Yeah. Also if this update will be released , it will be in the far future probably after premiere of content to Asia , South America and Africa. Now people who like actual , German setting" can play one German faction and it is since DE version game release (2020). Also there is original AOE 3 from 2005 where ,Germans faction" will exist probably forever.

Rather see other regions getting the spotlights than getting more German civs. Would feel like the equivalent of AOE4 variant civs in AOE3.

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A proper Austrian and Prussian civ would be nothing like a variant. It would be more like British and US - speaking the same language and sharing a couple of units, otherwise very different.

I’d rather see other civs outside of Europe too, though if the Devs wanted to have a little money-maker, they’d rename Germans to Austrians along with a little unit/naming refinement as part of a big update (ala the Euro-focused one last year), then release a single Civ DLC for Prussians.


I don’t really see the point when there’s option like an Oceanian DLC with tons of maps options, new immersive maps, tons of natives and stories to tell. Isn’t it what Age of Empires is about, presenting world history featuring various environments for a specific time period? I’m of the opinion that it is.


That is a fair comment.

My real personal opinion is that all relevant civs during the time span should make it into AoE3, though that will never of course be a reality.

I’d love to see Polynesians or any other new region that would bring new ways to play.


Yes, we know… I would also like American and African DLCs (they really need it), but Europe sells well and they are going to continue releasing European DLCs (in AoE 3 it is easier for them to move away from Europe, because they already have the great powers in the game and because there is more information about the American and African kingdoms)…

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  1. Poll in the middle of a thready will be ignored by most people.
  2. The poll doesn’t have good options. I’m pretty sure there a lot more support for adding Prussia instead if Austria to AoE3.

Yeah people could just as easily say “Prussia and Holy roman empire”.

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,Germany" should be the most inspired on Prussia , later other german states like Saxony , Bavaria , Hessia etc.

But you are aware the Current civ is significantly more austrian right?


You are aware that most people don’t know how history works.

They look at a current map of the world and be like, oh look Germany and then there is Austria next to it, so Austria must be different.


So Frederic the Great shouldn’t be leader of ,more Austrian" faction. Esspecialy that he fought much with Austrian Empire ( for example in Silesian Wars).

Austrian Empire was much bigger in the past and with many other nations like Slovaks , Czechs , Slovenians , Hungarians , Bosniaks, Croats.

Until the last Germany update Germany had nothing that made it Prussian besides the leader and Uhlans (which are also Austrian too, they even named their current IFW like that).

Germany is focused on Archaic units and mercenaries, nothing that fits for Prussia at all.
The current Germany is designed around the Holy Roman Empire and Habsburgs where the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire during the hole period of AoE3.

Also units like the War Wagon are Czech, Bohemia was never part of Prussia, only the HRE and Austria.

So why should Germany be good at representing Prussia at all?
Germany could keep it’s game mechanics 1 to 1 and just replace the leader and change the name of the Royal Guard Skirmishers and it could perfectly be Austria.

Not saying that Austria should under no circumstances be a civilisation in AoE3 but what I think that Prussia deserves to be it’s own civilisation more then Austria does.


I think that ,Germany" faction should be in 75 % prussian with unique things like own units like Dead Head Hussars , Freikorps , Potsdam Giants , Prussian Fusiliers , Prussian Jaegers , Towarczys etc. Faction ,Austrian Empire" with young Frantz Josef as leader , home city Vienna , unique units like Austrian Cuirassiers , Pandurs , Grenzers , Hungarian Grenadiers , Hungarian Hussars, Windbüchse Jägers etc.

But that would be nothing like the current German faction that is focused around Mercenaries.

Prussia only got the leading role in Germany at the end of the 19th century, so it makes little sense to model the AoE3 Germany after the German Empire that was founded in 1871.


If you go look at the unit and homecity cards (esp before the summer update last year) it looked very german with:

Doppelsoldners (essentially the emperors army)

War wagons (mostly bohemian, which for most of the period was Austrian)

Uhlans (tbf both Austria, Prussia and Saxony used them, but to me the austrian cavalry has always been more famous than the prussian one)

For cards we have:

Spanish riding school (its in vienna)

Treaty of Westphalia (more specifically all the actual techs refers to Austrian commanders or techs)

If we look instead at what is missing, then the faction doesn’t have musketeers or grenadiers, which is about the only thing prussia was famous for.

why on earth choose a leader born in 1830 for a faction that can trace its roots back before the games start? why not someone like Maria Theressa?

Aren’t Uhlans from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth though?