Why people are still leaving? I don’t understand…

I don’t understand , we got the patch , a lot of the problems were solved , they indeed have more things to fix and to patch but the number didn’t went up? I did expect 20K players yesterday but we did only get to 13k? On steam at least.

I love this game and I don’t understand how people would just quit forever and to not come back…

I will not quit the game , but I’m just disappointed , I loved the patch indeed .


maybe because lot’s of issue are not solved. Like mongol dominance, abbassid underperformance, naval gameplay , nuclear boat , etc etc etc.
map pick and ban, etc ,etc ,etc

If you wanna see 20k playeurs you will have to wait for a long story of good patch. For the moment there is just one …


Games are fun to play all the way until early imperial. But once it gets to late game it falls apart and becomes a complete siege fest.


There are a lot of core issues at play here, while I am appreciative of the devs and their commitment to release patches and updates based around what the community is saying to them, I am still resentful of being basically forced to be a beta tester for a fully Released game which I honestly expected better from, Aussie drongo made a video about this issue recently and a lot of his viewpoints I agree with, but basically its a few things.

People feel like the meta (siege spam, landmark sniping, lack of other game modes) are seriously lacking, and I would agree.

The civs don’t feel as unique as they -should-, a lot of civs feel like they were unfinished or not anywhere near as fleshed out as others, take China and their numerous landmarks and civ bonuses and compare that to Abbasids as an example, where Abbasids only have 2 landmarks and to get the civ bonus past tier two is extremely difficult and requires you to not wall one of your two landmarks. Not to mention the only other landmark is your TC so the enemy already has a general idea where to look, no hiding that.

There’s a lot of bugs and things that don’t feel right, like animation canceling and springalds shooting through walls, to name a couple.

No hotkey setting ability in an RTS? Come on.

Zoom is still atrociously restrictive.

It’s really a culmination of these major points, and a lot of smaller issues like graphical adjustments, ui adjustments, population cap options, GAME MODES, diplomacy, I could go on but you get my point, all of this compounds into a not so enjoyable experience, at least for me.

Now it’s not terrible, and I’m happy to have a new age game, but it could have and I feel should have been more fine tuned at launch, it feels rushed somewhere along the development.


did the patch make you excited to launch game again, if you dropped game some time ago?
for me - not.
TGs the same.
1vs1 better, but almost the same.

So either +1k or stabalizing it would be great.

The rate that we widen the acceptable pool of appropriately skilled players to match you with has been increased by 67%.

also if you can read between raws. devs: “We are loosing players, so play against anyone, just play”


It’s really gonna depend heavily on the rate they fix these issues in the following 6 months to see how strong this community will be, in my opinion.

Seeing the things they’re focusing on is encouraging, but I do feel some things that are detrimental are still being ignored.

If they plan one patch per month, they can go ahead and shut down the servers and save their money, that won’t be enough. We need multiple patches, hot fixes for key issues, and within a reasonable enough time frame so that the state of the game isn’t cemented and prevents people from buying the game/continuing to play


So many things didn’t get nerf like seige.its a big problem.the other changes were good but till they nerf seige I play very little.i am tired of tanks running around.and HRE needs some buffs to for special unit.

If you own age 3 or age 2 there’s no reason to play this game ATM. It has way less content than age 2 and 3, has way more balance issues and still has many bugs in it. I do believe this game will be better than age 2 or 3 in maybe 4 years when they have added a decent amount of content and fixed the balance. One little patch isn’t gonna do that and so age 4 is still behind age 2 and 3 in terms of content and balance and bug fixes.


After this patch, Mongolia must be the most powerful civ, again.
Rus and Chineses got a lot of nerfs, include change with deers.
If I don’t choose Mongolia, Why should I battle against Mongolia again and again with weaker cvis?
Bad balance. As a unique unit, there are two better than Fire Lancer, fight with horseman and destroy with scout. Spirit way is useless in addition to unlocking imperial age’s technology
Too many bugs, animation delete, explosive dhow, businessman with a heaf of distance, holy relics in markland,etc
No buff with Abbasid


Because the patch only scratches the surface. Mongols are still dominant and spammed on ladder. Animation canceling is still a thing, drop hack, water balance, awful internal balance within factions (HRE will never go Burgrave, English will never go Abbey, etc.). There is a lot more and updates are too slow. Goodwill is still too low. They have done too little too late.


The Mongols have received more nerfs than the Chinese lol (only one unit was nerfed and correctly).

The problem is not the current balance (not even a meta has been developed yet), but that the game is missing things and they need to keep fixing bugs.

No. One playstyle, namely the tower rush, was nerfed. Mongols still have the stone bonus, still have double production, still have Steppe Redoubt, still have the Khan, still have the Yam, etc. Mongols are OP because almost everything about them is OP, not just one strat.


Whether or not the Mongol nerf was really enough will be determined by data, not our comments on civ bonuses.

I believe that other civs should be buffed up to the level of the mongols, not strip the mongols down to the level of other civs


Doesn’t matter which way, as long as it happens soon.

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This is exactly why people were saying between the tech stress test and the launch that the launch needed to be delayed. People won’t flood back, because everyone wants different improvements, so each patch only fixes the problems of a small number of people. The latest patch has done absolutely nothing for any of my own personal issues with the game, for example, as I don’t play multiplayer. At this stage, even just slowing down the rate of losing players would have to be seen as a success for the patch. To bring players flooding back would take a patch right now that contains everything that is actually going to take them another year or two.


The patch was a balance patch. And arguably the changes made don’t affect the majority of players who aren’t very good at the game. For low level players, imbalance isn’t something that’s very obvious. Mongols can be totally OP but a low level player may still lose with Mongols and hence not understand that it’s actually OP.

To a majority of casual players, balance isn’t as big as deal as how fun it is to play.

The game is still not fun, because the only bug that was fixed was the HRE and Delhi bugs. Explosive ship bugs, Delhi tower elephant upgrade bugs, animation cancel still remain, and we still have one game mode to play and can’t even pick color.

A balance patch won’t suddenly double numbers. Introduce new gameplay and we might see more people I think.


The problem is that the Mongol tower rush is easily done even at medium and lower ranks, and from what I am hearing it is only about 10-20 seconds slower. Sure, the patch brought Rus in line, but the main faction ruining it for people is still at the top with most of their ■■■■■■■■ still in tact.

Chinese and Rus are the fastest civilizations to use pro scouts. It protects their villagers. Now you need to balance how to get food, find danger deers or farming near the towncenter.
Horseman get one remote armor, Zhuge Nu is the most affected unit. Mongolia can produce in the dark ages, moving faster with Khan or tower.
One Pasture is better than two farm, it is influenced by Ovoo and more villagers can use it.
Free Khan and upgrade with the age, double production, Ovoo work without villager (Equivalent to the efficiency of three farmers at the beginning of game), Steppe Redoubt, no houses to increase population, etc

Mongolia’s economy is not weaker than Rus, tower rush is just the easiest way to win.

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You will never play with 13,000 people so idk what the problem is here.
As long as you can enjoy queuing multiplayer what is the problem?