Why the heck is ottoman not nerfed?

The balance team keep being incompetent patch after patch. Why do a siege rework and buff the ottomans WHEN THEY WERE ALREADY AT THE TOP OF THE WINRATES? This makes ZERO SENSE.


I think they should give Ottomans normal bombard and make build limit to great bombards by 2(it can increase with siege crew vizier point to 3).
They give buff to their landmark because noone was using that landmark it was useless.


The devs wont nerf ottomans they muat like playing them when they way over perform need nerfs

They just enjoy playing ottoman directly imperial, lol.

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i think Ottoman is a bit OP too.


Here is a screenshot of LAST PATCH winratios.
Ottoman are clearly OP.
This patch even more.

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When we look at this chart we can see Ottomans are around %50 win rate so they are perfectly balanced

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You gotta be joking…
That’s like saying Malians are close to 50% winratio in bronze, very good civ for low elo LOL
Otto are way above 50% a every single point of the elo range.
Especially at Gold-Conq.

English and their longbowman are Op. Ottomans needs rework not nerf.


Bro they are around %51 i think its perfectly balanced in this graphic ayyubids and jeanne darc seems op

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Maybe you confused the colours at the graph and checked the wrong line?
Otto has up to ~55% in Plat/Dia and even has a 54/55% spike in conq.
That’s all but balanced…
But ok, in mid/high elo Mongol are even more OP.
They need a drastic nerf for conq imo.

As you said, Ayyubid was also super strong until now, not to mention Jeanne Darc.

It’s high time to do something against Mongol and also Otto now, plus give Abbasid a small buff/rework for their early game.

Mongol win rate is better

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The combination of Great Bombard and Janissary are growing into an unstoppable forces after the big nerf of Springald. You couldn’t even destoried one Great Bombard until you got more than 10 Springalds, and Springalds will occupy too much pop which lead you could never fought againist other army from Ottoman.

You know what, in my personal view, I’d suggest Devs just give Ottoman with normal Handcannoneer, Ottoman players and other players may love this at the same time.

However, I known that’s impossible, because this plan harm the designer’s ingenuity.
Then we might see they will nerf Great Bombard or Janissary soon, which will annoy Ottoman mains with no doubt.

To be honest, they may need to consider redesigning this civ.

Ottomans are going up and down.according to this chart at the highest elo they are around %51 even delhi has higher win rate then them

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Either they should limit the great bombard numbers or nerf the Istanbul Observatory.If they didnt buffed the Istanbul Observatory we wouldnt see much great bombards because they are so expensive.
Lots of people are saying springalds cant kill great bombards but i killed 2 with 4 springalds it was easy you just need to micro.
Lastly jannissaries just send them man at arms they die or archers

Yup, Jannissaries has never been a problem, the problem is combination of Jannissaries and Great Bombards, especially when they accumulate a considerable amount.

It is nearly impossible to destoried Great Bombards if they were surrounded by Jannissaries, Springald did no help for Great Bombard could be quickly repaired. And you could never use cavalry to assault, Jannissaries would melted them all. This situation was not common in solo, but it indeed becoming a problem now.

Personally, I still don’t wanna see those simply nerf again, that will only make some boring designs even boring further. I’m look forward to seeing some more creative changes.


you can’t take away janissaries. never EVER take away identity from civs. AoE has always been great BECAUSE OF the great civ diversity. It’s what makes the game fun and replayable.


Or there is also a other solution which remove the great bombards area damage and give them more anti building damage.

Relax, I’ve said I known it is impossible to change Janissary into normal type.
I mean the Dev should foresee situation recently before, did something 1 year ago.

Honestly, although I’ve said the combination of Janissaries and Great Bombards was nearly unstopable, I still feel suck when using Janissaries myself, I don’t even wanna train them in Castle for they are so weak when facing ranged fire, and meanwhile they have a very high gold consumption.
Actually that is what we should pay for the good combination of Janissaries and Great Bombards.

Maybe they should consider Variant Ottoman now, I’m looking forward to see some ambitious design.

I’ve no idea, but that’s indeed an excessive nerf.
What they might consider to do is reduce the damage area, just same as what they have just done on ZXL’s bombard in last patch.
I just feel a bit bored about simply nerfs after I looked on these again and again.

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