Will there ever be an Age of Mythologies: Definitive Edition?

Good day! Would like to ask if the devs have any plans on doing a Definitive Edition of this game after they worked on Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition? I personally like Age of Mythologies over Age of Empires III TBH. And I feel that AoM is in need of a revamped DE edition for graphics and gameplay more so than AoE3 which still looks great in modern systems.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Thank you!


There have a been a poll recently on the forums , and FE team teased about AOM a long while back (https://twitter.com/AgeOfEmpires/status/1192223893651697664)


Oh wow! Really? I’m interested to see how the polls fared. :smiley: I hope alot of peeps wanted a DE of AoM. :smiley:

Found the poll Age of Mythology II Poll

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Thank you very much for sharing! :smiley:

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I’m a huge AOM fan, as I am a single player kinda guy and the campaigns in AOM were the best. I also like the mythological background (history is great too, but it was a nice change of pace.

My guess? AOE3:DE this fall, AOE4 fall 2021, and AOM: DE fall of 2022. I wish it were sooner.

I’d also say ‘if you want AOM:DE then buy AOE3:DE’.


I dunno man, I REALLY wanna like AoE3… but the gameplay is just too different I guess. I’ll try to redownload my copy of AoE3 on my Steam and replay it again. But I find myself enjoying AoE2 way more.

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Yes please. I want AoM DE so BAD.


I guess he meant that by buying AoE3DE, you will incentivize Microsoft to invest further in Age games.


I know, but I am just not fond nor did I enjoy playing AoE3, as much as other Age games I’m afraid. :frowning:

To date, I have bought almost all Age games (Age of Empires: DE, Age of Empires II HD, Age of Empires III: Complete Edition, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, and Age of Empires II: DE), but I just didn’t get as much fun with that AoE3 I’m afraid. :frowning:

I might watch videos instead of said game and consider getting it on discount. I’m curious to see the improvements DE would bring to the game.


Anybody with any news here? :slight_smile:
What seems more likely? AoE4 and then AoM:DE and perhaps AoM2?
Or AoM:DE before AoE4?

I would really like a DE of AoM, but I guess time will tell.
Anyways I will play though the campaigns again now :smiley:

AOE4 before anything AOM related.

Yeah, probably.
I Really hope they pick up AoM afterwards…

It will also be interesting to see if AoEIII:DE will blossom in popularity.

Exciting times :smiley:

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I became a member of the site just to find out if AoM is done or not. You are much better than the current version they can do right now. people do not stop interested in mythological elements. There are many mythologies in the world and they can update them and present them to people.

AOE3:DE this fall. AOE4 next fall. AOM:DE the fall after that. (If it happens). I’m guessing if it’s going to happen they’ll announce it this fall or next fall.

I think the first they release is AOM:DE than AOE 4 =)

They haven’t even announced AOM DE yet.

All previous DEs have been released near to an anniversary date, AOM DE will do the same, there is no other option.
AOE1 DE - 20th anniversary (but it has been postponed)
AOE2 DE - 20th anniversary
AOE3 DE - 15th anniversary.
But there is no need to be happy, because AOE1 and AOE3 DEs are worse than the original games. :fearful:

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Can you read? AOM:DE HAS NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED. So as of now there will not be an AOM:DE.

Why? They announced the Lords of the West DLC 1 month before the release.