Wingless Hussar for non Polish civs please

Since we will be getting a superbly beautiful Winged Hussaria for Poland , hopefully an Imperial Hussaria that can only be made in the castle allongside the infantry UU, could we PLEASE get a non winged Hussar for all the other civs? (That have access to Hussar.)
Just a wingless sprite for all the other civs.


not a fan of this for a couple reasons

  1. it means more work for the devs, that gives very little, if any, real gain.
  2. Poles already have a unique winged hussar as is that sets them apart from other hussar, why do they need to be even more unique then they already are? furthermore, why should they invalidate all the work of making a unique sprite just for poles, only to remove the existing sprite?
  3. i’d rather the devs focus their work on other issues that exist, such as the alt f4 problem, bugs, and balance in general.

yeah, unnecessary.
And I like the reference, actually.


The last unit that needs an Imperial upgrade is the Hussar.



I will be altering the sprites anyway ,using my mod.
Although at this stage due to the updates, each of my unit allocations have to be reset wich is highly time consuming and tiresome.

Does anyone know of a method of easily copying over all the unit allocations into a new Updated .dat file?

My .drs file pathing is also not working for some reason.
Having my mod easily updatable to the latest game version would 100% negate the need for any such trivial requests.

Most likely, this upgrade will have Polish civ. It will probably be their Unique Technology - upgrades all Hussars to Winged Hussars.


If the Folwark was a replacement for a standard Farm, the second UT would be interesting what it would be - UT will not change the size of the Farm from 2x2 to 3x3, so maybe it won’t be economic UT. Maybe second UT be a reference to the Szlachta (Polish nobility)?


That could be cool.
I look forward to seeing what the Poles provide.
Highly excited to partake in battle commanding them.


In my opinion, the Battle of Grunwald should be included in the Historical Battles!


pretty sure its gonna be part of one of the campaigns.


Yes, I never liked the winged Hussar as a generic, even a trash unit sprite. Looks very nice for a trash unit imo… if devs should to make a new sprite for Pole’s Hussar, better make an imperial light cav new sprite and give poles the winged hussar


I second this. In my AOE HD account, I have the “wingless hussar” mod installed. I have not seen any such mod for DE.

It is a good mod because it make the Hussar riders look more uniform. Plus, I always thought that the “wings” on the Hussar looked too much like metal blades than actual “wings”. The Magyar Hussar’s winged feathers look very real by comparison. The new upcoming Imperial Hussar also have authentic-looking wings…but not regular Hussar, strangely…


I just installed the Attila the Hun Hussar mod

Agreed…but it is likely to be limited to only the Poles civ, much like how Imperial Camel is limited to only Indians civ, and Imperial Bombard (is that what it is called?) for the Bohemian civ.

The only “Imperial” unit to be made available to all civs so far, is the Imperial Skirmisher, in lieu with being allied to a Vietnamese civ player.

100% agree. Such an important battle should not be left out of Age of Empires. It needs to be in Historical Battles or even in the Polish Campaign (the latter I think will be more likely. Take for example the Battle of Catalunian Fields being part of the Attila the Hun campaign)


Personally, I do like the Hussar sprite in DE much better than the one in HD. In HD, all the devs did was throw a Teutonic-like helmet on and added the wings and some armor plates in front of the horse’s chest.

But in DE, the Hussar has a more open helmet, better reflecting its “light cavalry” role better (as light cavalry are by definition, lightly armored in respect to heavy cavalry. Just one look at the Cavalier and Paladin and you KNOW that they are heavy cavalry by the full-plate armor they wear) while also hinting at the evolution of helmet design in the late-medieval ages as that era began to end, and the Early Modern Era began (around 16th-17th century), where the fully-enclosed helmets saw less use as arms and tactics changed, especially with the rise of the use of gunpowder weapons.
The Hussar helmet in DE looks like the helmets that the Cromwellian forces used in the 17th century.

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Well I actually don’t think that battle was of such high importance actually.
It only showcased the misperception of the western countries that they would be superior in terms of military.
I think there were many more influencial battles where poles succesfully fought back eastern invasions, but these battles weren’t recept as important in historical heritage, as in western culture there was the belief that the center of the world was and must be central europe.

Nevertheless I would like to see this in the campaign, but the campaign should also refer to the lesser known history of medieval poland, as it was indeed very important.

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Wingless hussar magyar hussar would make great editor objects.


Not a fan of this change at all. Leave legacy content alone.

Nobody’s asking to remove all Fireships except the Byzantine one and to replace it with something else either.

  1. How can you distinguish LC from Hussar?
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