Zoom level

Watched this new video

I honestly don’t feel they fixed the zoom issue on this game at all.


I feel like AoE 3 DE’s zoom range with the ludicrous zoom option enabled is the minimum it should have.


yep, after spending hours requesting more zoom from the closed beta, and then playing the open beta with their “fix”, and now seeing they aren’t even acknowledging we’ve all said it wasn’t nearly enough, I’m just not going to pick up the game at this point.

Haven’t been active on the forums at all these past weeks because I’m just not feeling the game anymore,
shame developers won’t listen to their community.


Neither was the UI addressed with the inability to select individual units from the UI. It’s still only groups of the same type.


there was an upate to zoom from the previous tesst, I felt that in the beta. It was actually more manageable. up to 10 buildings in the screen was like 2-3 more than back then.

The updated it enough for me to make it playable for campaigns, s I ordered it again (after canceling because of the zoom issue).

However a bit more zoom out would be appreciated, to make me play MP skirmishes at all :smiley:

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The zoom of those videos aren’t fully zoomed out. Also maybe in the final game we can adjust the zoom

Watch the video again, he zooms in and looks at horses close up to give detail of french units. They are at full zoom out level. This was the problem I had with aoe3 and did not like it and couldn’t play it.


old topic at this point, players love aoe 4 that is all it matters.


The issue is that people want to give constructive criticism to the devs but they themselves don’t know much about the game development in order to be able to do that. So when people say “just increase zoom by 15% or 20%” they expect it to make quite a substantial difference. But when they realise that 20% is such a tiny difference. They be complaining again but devs be like “hey, youguys said 20%!”

This is why I get such irks when people expect you in constructive criticism to say exactly how you want the game improved as if we are devs and we know everything about game development (server loads, etc.) ball they should be able to do is tell you what they liked, didn’t like, and from that they should judge how to cater. Rather than cherry picking words from people trying to be helpful. Like surely you would have compared the zoom levels and noticed how minuscule of a zoom increase it was and gone “ah this is probably not what they were wanting” especially when many are making comparisons of AOE II DE.


You are correct. I would really like to be able to use my monitor to it’s full potential with this game. With a large map, I would like to be able to zoom out to look at the complete map on my screen and take a quick glance at what is happening. For ranked matches you could have a setting in the game so you can limit the zoom out level.



citation needed?

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The difference of max zoom out from the open beta to the technical stress test should at least have been tripled or quadrupled in my opinion, maybe even more than that.
One amazing thing they did is, to let the camera dynamically zoom out with extending terrain like mountains.
So, that one issue is hopefully gone entirely.

Still, I would love the max zoom out to be even further. This small adjustment of max zoom out was barely noticeable and definitely not what people meant when they demanded a significant increasement.


Yeah they increased the amount we could see on screen by 20%. Personally, that was enough for it to be ok for me, but I would like another 10-20%.


Count me in…


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yep, thats why I preordered again after the beta. It was playable at that point, although more zoom would have been nicer.

Is why when I’ve made suggestions on zoom, I speak in mouse-wheel roller clicks. Like, “The zoom should go out at least 4 or 5 more mouse-wheel roller clicks.”

Then again, in retrospect, I haven’t checked multiple mice, so I don’t know if every mouse acts the same. From my PC and mouse, the game clearly has pre-set levels of zoom.

  • As I roll my mousewheel back one click, the zoom goes out a bit. Then another mousewheel rollback click, the zoom goes out a bit more, etc. Each wheel click is pretty similar in zoom jump-back… so adding at least 4 or 5 more clicks makes sense.

If this experience happens for everyone, then my feedback made sense. If not, then I guess my feedback was ambiguous, too :smiley:

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I have always advocated for a massive increase in zoom ability similar to AOE2DE and AOE3DE
there have been countless threads and responses where people showed the large difference, from number of TC’s that could be viewed on one screen, to size of the preview on the minimap etc

we need to be able to zoom MUCH MUCH farther out. NOT 10% MORE


That’s right, for me and others like me its an absolute deal breaker. Cannot consider purchasing without massive zoom increase, simple as that. It is essentially a ‘fixed’ zoom level, because everyone plays with it at max zoom. So it is not really a ‘level’ and more a fixed zoom from a practical standpoint.


I concur. Thanks for advocating that with clarity. You’re exactly right, 10%-20% won’t do it… it really needs to be a lot farther back.

We need to see and manage an empire, not a few buildings


But, you can’t play the game like that, if you get too far in zoom level.

The game become unplayable if you zoom out/in too much.

All the graphic details will be compress into one pixel of your monitor.

Players already complain about the graphic and we do not need to get it worst.

Just by selecting your units or by moving the camera, the game play is affect by the zoom level.

If we cut the zoom level out of game, we will not have this problem any more.

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