1 year of DE: What would you like to see changed/fixed?

Can you do me another favor? This method can only select one hussar, I want to use a shortcut to select all hussars
map (“shift-d”, “game”, “uiFindType(“Hussar”)”)

It works for me in the DE version as well. Use the same method as is seen in the link I had sent you.
D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\AoE3DE\Startup ------> user.con.
where user.con is a CON file not a text file.

  1. You want to train a full batch (for Agra), yeah?

// Train units in batches of five
map(“shift-d”, “WonderAccel”, “tis(“ypSepoy”, 5)”)
map(“shift-s”, “WonderAccel”, “tis(“ypNatMercGurkha”, 5)”)
map(“shift-f”, “WonderAccel”, “tis(“ypRajput”), 5”)

Replace map(“key with whatever combination of keys you want.

  1. If you’re talking about selecting all hussars or any selected unit on the field, then you need to use the “find all of selected type” hotkey.
    Options->hotkeys->find unit hotkeys->find all of selected type

Thanks, the problem with selecting hussar has been solved.
About the problem of selecting Alag Castle in the definied version: I didn’t find user.con in that directory, so I created a user.con. but it didn’t work.

I’m sure I didn’t create user.txt because I copied editor.con and modified its contents and changed the name of the file to user.

This I actually think is a bigger issue than “club warrior” (because other civs have very generic names as well like “flamethrower”).
“Hawk (cetan) bow” “thunder (wakina) rifle” feels to me like “dragon arquebusier” for Chinese or “great serpent musketeer” for Japanese (literal meaning). Too forced and fantastical and not like real combat units.
If there is no other better ways to name them, just transliterate the native names for the units/weapons (similar to “soldado”).

Thats a bad idea, “Soldado” means soldier, thats a generic name that can be used for every infantry unit.


I mean either use the tribe/people names like Africans/Aztecs/Incas, or if there is no better naming just find the Lakota word for “warrior” “rifle” “sharpshooter” etc and anglicize ti (like “yumi” “qiang” “changdao”). It is still better than some forced unique name like “hawk” bow or “thunder” rifle.

Just like soldado is still a better name for a unit than something like “eagle-and-snake musketeer”.

Were the civ remade from the ground up, I’d say the units should be named after the various warrior societies, like the Tokala Soldiers or the White Lancers. There’s the Silent Eaters, the Crows, the Strong-Hearts, the Badgers, the White Marked, the Bare Lancers, etc.

Many of them created specific ways or strategies they used - the Badgers used crooked lances, and were said to have imbedded mirrors into the furs wrapped around their lances to blind the enemy. The Crows were known for hitting hard and fast, valuing the idea of the crow being the first to fall upon the dead after battle, valuing their archery skills and fast strikes.
ETC. Things like that.


This post is so important - please devs - upgrade the friends list so we can see who is on. The playerbase will likely not grow much over the years. It it already sometimes difficult to find 2v2’s and 3v3s without waiting 8 minutes. Eventually, we are going to have to rely on hosting for good multiplayer games, and it should be basic feature to greenlight the active friends, like in legacy and aoe4.

I also would beg for a revision of the casual rank. The star chevron system is confusing. Is it spelled out anywhere what this stuff means? Can we please have a return of sergeant, captain, etc? AOE3 players love this - I understand it is different from AOE2 and AOE4 but we are a different community…


Here is the result of my efforts.

For the 3 Asian civs, new units, new mechanics, new cards.
The monks are no longer the explorer and town leader.
The monastery is no longer related to outlaws and mercenaries.
The Japanese are no longer able to build the grave of Ieyasu and to use Ieyasu.
The Indians get horses and own ships.
The Chinese get the own Isolationism.

  1. Reworks of older water maps to include water treasures.
  2. Reworked cards for older civs to be more in line with newer civs.
  3. More scenario editor triggers, such as adding dialogue without using strings (like you could in Age of Mythology), and adding or removing proto actions.
  4. CUSTOM HOME CITIES IN SCENARIOS. Currently the anti-cheat prevents the loading of hand-edited home cities in scenarios. This wasn’t an issue in Classic AoE3 as there was no check to see if your home city was edited or not.
  5. Reworking the campaigns to include new features and civs beyond just including the new inca buildings in one scenario. We have two campaigns where the US feature prominently but they’re still just renamed british, we have the Mexican army using rodeleros and pikemen, and we have a “mercenary” campaign civ that doesn’t make use of the new mercenary mechanics and cards of the Swedes.

Agreed!! Friend list changes are very important and needed.

I know it’s a long shot, but I would like to see FE replaced by competent devs.

Are they not? I think it has been a good year for the game.


I wonder what you consider a competent dev

Or, they could keep the original distinction: as can be read in the interview with the Native consultant Anthony Brave, Haudenosaunee were named “Iroquois” by European settlers. So, we would have:

  • Haudenosaunee referring themselves as “Haudenosaunee”. It’s correct even for Black family members like Amelia Black, who belongs to USA, when she refers to Haudenosaunee family members.
  • USA soldiers naming them “Iroquois”. In the cinematic before “Breed’s Hill” scenario of “Fire” campaign, we see a brief dialogue where a USA soldier asks “Are you Iroquois?” to Nathaniel Black, who has Haudenosaunee origins.

Implementing static minimap on the loading screen is a huge QOL feature that would make the game so much more enjoyable for me seeing as there is constant chopping and changing of the ranked map pool, and I can’t seem to remember them all to the T.

PS, thankfully it is being tracked by the devs.
Original post - Display Mini-Map on loading screen


We should also be able to see which friends are currently in a game.


yes but with option to be invisinble


I just want
Rework of the older natives to be on par with Africa natives
Rework of the older civs cards to be cool as the new cards and news cards or ways to get native alliances like the Inca or african civs have
Brasil become as new civ