Age of empires 3 is becoming Age of Europeans 3

More like Age of Asian excluded. Did Asian get any fancy new stuff?

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I don’t think they’re especially Eurocentric when they constantly snub the idea of adding Prussia. It’s completely absurd to exclude them if your focus is on Europe. The recent focus on Europe is mostly just a continuation of the work put into KotM and ongoing work to modernize the older civs.

In some ways, less care has been taken with the European content. For example, the European treasure guardians include things like recycled wild boars which seems a lot more sloppy than the array of units on the African maps. The whole Malta civ is very low quality recycled content, and even Italy pales in comparison to the level of historical detail stuffed into USA and Mexico.

They have also made some superficial attempts at reworking the native civs, but that is tainted by wokeness and has been more or less an abject failure.

I’m still holding out hope for meaningful reworks of the Asian civs. They should get rid of religious explorers, make wonders into generic landmarks, fix Asian outlaws, give them a proper Tavern equivalent, rework the consulate, and split up India. And of course, then they could add more Asian civs if all the issues with them are resolved.

There are also changes that should be trivially simple but have not been done forever. Like why do Sacred Cows look European when the proper Zebu model has existed since TAR?!



In this patch, no. Since launch, or even within the last year? Yep, tons.

Ok I am done with this game. Just removed all DLC and the game from steam. I hate more and more gimmicks being added on to european civs and European natives. I WAS PLAYING 1V1 LADDER AND OPPONENT HAD NO MICRO AND SKILLS WHATEVER AND HE PLAYED A SONG AND ALL MY UNITS FREEZE IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHT WHEN I WAS TRYING TO RETREAT. IN 3 SECS ALL MY UNITS ARE DEAD. WHY Do we even have these stupid random stuff in this game? And all the new stuff are added to european civs or european native sites. There are unkillable european mercenaries too. Looks like this trend is going to continue with next patch. Im not playing anymore. Byebye aoe3.


I wish you very good travel ! Maybe you´ll find a game that you will enjoy again :slight_smile:


Here I give India unique apppareance for Sacred Cows, decorated

and zebu cattle appareance for other civs

This is all the code needed for “Sacred Cow” unit would look like a zebu. It will not affect another cows, because “Sacred Cow” is a separate unit.

    <Unit name='ypSacredCow'>

Multiplayer compatible bro?

I think not, because it modifies proto (the units info). If devs implement this 3 code lines, then yes.

Couldnt you jsut edit the sacred cow anim, and not change the proto?

Sacred Cow in proto uses “cow.xml” for animation, the same file than common Cows… If I don’t change cow, sacred cow will not change. Not every cow in game should be a zebu.

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Gribeauval System reduced the French artillery damage for mobility, Thoroughbreds horses are more expensive to train, and the North-West Passage is a geographical feature, that does not give CDBs wings or more damage against bandits.

I could go on and on about the house of trastamara, rife with antisemitism, and pretty backwards at times, somehow helping you to move to a new era faster, etc…

It’s a historically-inspired game. I agreed with you in the past when the names or mechanics were insults to some people or even for renames giving flavour and value to a civ, but wanting a realistic game is just not what AoE3’s ever been about.

If you wanted historical accuracy, French could literally fight 5v1 and win because that’s what Napoleon did. Three times. And Germany would spend more time having its units fight against itself than against the enemy.
China would have like 3000 population, but half of the res gathered would just disappear before you can use them, and let’s not talk about the fact that Italy hardly exists in the time period (unification in 1861)


Devs can just point sacred cow to use the zebu xml can they not?

Yes! Exactly! This line does exactly that:

These other lines change the icon and the portrait icon.

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At least that is tangentially relevant to the name of the system and what those things were focused on. Wampum had absolutely nothing to do with artillery - Wampum are tiny beads that are notable for taking time to handmake from clam shells.
What does that have to do with artillery?

How would you feel if the Devs introduced a tech called Gunpowder that made farming faster?

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Ethiopia is constantly nerfed in order to satisfy the majority of pro-Europe players that didn’t take time (and don’t want) to learn how to play against this civ.


What is a “pro-Europe player” ? Is it a player who main a European civilisation ?

If so, how would you know that mains of Asians and American civs learned how to play as or against African civs ?


Generally i would say there are people who only play European civs, and then there is others. The former one is majority

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Aaand I like it. European civs are the coolest. For this reason, I pay instantly for Danes and Poles! After this, European civs will be completed and then we can get some Asians or Africans again.


I cannot pretend to understand what the Wampum really means in terms of feeling. I am not a Native. But from what I understand from wikipedia, this artful craft was used massively for trade and diplomacy.


This is the current iteration of Wampum. It does help you get more shipments.
If we keep in mind that all civs in the game send us to build a town, and we are merely generals on a foreign territory, wouldn’t the establishment of a dedicated wampum-making team in your town a way to get more shipments, by increasing trade and diplomatic relationships to our governors/councils ? We have the precedent of the trading post for this, linking trade to XP.

I understand this is not exactly a good element/term. But isn’t this still tangentially relevant ?
You’d have people making wampum belts for your HomeCity bosses, so every time you’d make a unit, they’d be more impressed and send you more shipments ?

This is about as shaky a standing as why the economic theory of Mercantilism gives you 1500 xp :smiley:

PS : Without AoE3’s terms, I also would never have known what the name of these belts were, what a Heyoka is, or who the fuck was Scharnhorst. Even if sometimes wrong or out-of-context, it calls for players’ interest and make us learn that the concept exists.


Yes, the idea is to read the game encyclopedia or search on wikipedia or the aoe wikia,I always do and it helps and enriches quite a bit…