Age of Empires DE Babylon Holy Man

according to the game itself just two priests can win over an entire army. Lies huh?

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Covert the first than wall in the priest with a house :house_with_garden: and you be able to get more.

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Sad that even in build 46777, this scenario is still more troublesome than it should.

I did this today and it took me over two and a half hours. It’s so hard because of the villager aggro change. It’s much harder than the following missions, and I can see some people like the challenge but it’s really off for an opening mission of a campaign.

In the end I had to try four times, and ended up in some insane situation where I was having towers fights with yellow and blocking red behind a wall. It was a proper touch and go mission for the first hour as I hard to do a one villager start. I think the biggest problem, maybe more than the new aggro, is that red is just insane as an opponent. I was throwing max popcap armies at them and we’d duke it out, then I had so many chariots just pouring in but they’d have like 20 just show up, and about 5 priests doing snipe converts.

It really wasn’t very fun when the last hour was just grinding them down via attrition as they build so many towers and buildings to block movement. This mission really needs a look at for standard difficulty.

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Can you devs please fix this scenario so we can play it as it was originally intended? AI attacks too aggressively, even at “easy” difficulty setting :pensive: