Ancient Friends

I fully support this. Mixing AoE2 civs with AoE1 ones wouldn’t feel right.

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I’d enjoy quite a few more AoE1 units available in the Editor. Even units like the clubman would be kind of fun for whimsical scenarios involving magical time travel, encountering an isolated island of cavemen lost in time, or an ancient cutscene. Although TBH your going through the list made me realize how many AoE1 units wouldn’t really add much value to the AoE2 Editor. But certainly the most generic looking ones would be cool.

At some point, I think an AoE2 remake/conversion with AoE1 units just has to be a passion project of the fans who really want it. It seems like there’s a very small minority of people who are very interested in this idea, which seems like a possible basis to form a group for a project. AFAIK the visual and modding resources are all there.

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AoE 3 DE has a few modding discords. Maybe Skadiesku could setup a discord themself and get enough people to start something cool

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Yes, at least what I ask is that they put doors, that resources can be exchanged in the market and increase the population of the campaigns from 50 to 200 at least…

Of course, if you put all the content of AoE 1 DE in AoE 2 DE, AoE 1 DE directly dies as a game and loses all its sense of existence…it is the same as if you wanted to put the 3 DE in the 2 DE, you would also kill it…

You don’t necessarily have to wait for AoE 5 to play in Antiquity… he you can download AoE Online from Steam and voila…

Of course, that’s what I think…the saga would lose its raison d’être and become an Empire Earth 2.0 PD:Gatlings Camels of AoE 3 vs Roman centurions of AoE 1 vs xd…

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That’s true… the same and it is impossible to port AoE 3 DE in AoE 2 DE because of the graphics engine issue (Genie for AoE 2, Bang for AoE 3)…

AoE2DE doesn’t support additive modding.
You have to replace the full dataset of AoE2 because of engine limitations.
That means you have to update your mod every time to game gets patched. And it’s not like you can rollback to an older version of AoE2DE.

There have already been some ancient mod projects of AoE2DE

ROMAE AD BELLUM - (RAW:E) Rome at War Expansion Concept
[WIP] Ancient Civilizations - Total Conversion Mod
AoE1 to AoE2 Port (total conversion mod) - stopped progress

The mod servers also have some limitations to the Rome at War mod is in 7 parts.

AoE1DE is already dead. There has been 1 patch per year in the last few years. That’s it.
They even make an official tournament using the old RoR 1.0 version, that’s how dead AoE1DE is.

No absolutely not.
The engine of AoE3DE is completely different then AoE2DE that makes no sense.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to port AoE2DE to AoE3DE because AoE3DE has the more modern engine?

An AoE1->2 port is pretty simple for the most part because all the assets can be made compatible with very little changes.

This mod has been updated. We have a single file DL option on Moddb and a DAT version to support Mulitplayer.

Romae ad Bellum Release 8.26.22 (Latest Version)

Multiplayer support Mods Single - Age of Empires

The game just updated and no bugs have been discovered yet but we are ready to patch rapidly if needed.

We are continually developing new content so we do have frequent patches mainly to add new civs including buildings and units etc.

If you haven’t DL or tried our mod recently, all the units you are asking to port from AoE1 are already in our mod.


I see what you mean, but I think the real problem AoE2 has with unique units is not that they come from a special building, but that the unique unit building is more than three times the price of any other production building, and is built from the scarcest resource in the game rather than the most abundant one. I think having a unique unit building with a similar cost to other production buildings would work well.

That was a long time ago, like @rjgt3838 said, the mod has basically all been condensed into one upload on ModDB, with only the multiplayer datamod published online.

That’s true, that’s why it wouldn’t be easy to port AoE 1 DE in AoE 2…it would be very cumbersome every time you updated the game…

And you want to finish killing it completely, turning it into an ancient mod of AoE 2…in addition it is not only the civs, you have to port all the campaigns and you would have to rebalance them in AoE 2…and in turn continue to release expansions for AoE 2, AoE 3 and AoE 4 and let’s not talk if they also release a definitive version for AoM…it would be too much work for the devs…

Yes too, but you would have to adapt the units of AoE 2 for snaring and that they are not destroyed by the cavalry and artillery units…In addition, AoE 2 civs could use decks and metropolises or not? If you take out the decks, you would slow down the game a lot…

This unit can fit in for a polynesian unit.The dude even looks like jason mamoa.

I know. I was just mentioning that the official distribution of mods in not well suited for big mods like that.

It’s always a pain getting people to install a 5 GB mod from a 3rd party website to play together with them.

Also every mod needs to continuously be supported by someone forever or it will stop working correctly at some point.

I think it’s an outdated concept to have 1 unique unit being build in the 1 special unique unit building.
Unique units should replace normal units like they do in every other AoE game that is not AoE2. That might have been innovative in 1999 but it’s not very outdated game design now.
The academy would still be a good place for truly unique units.

But that’s kinda off topic anyway.

The problem with Datamods it’s a single file you are replacing. That means your mod overwrites everything. Even if your mod just changes a single value it still has to overwrite everything. Once the game updates you either have to keep using the old Data with your changes or update the mod. If a mod creator loses interest in updating the mod it will stay on an old Data version and eventually have bugs or even stop working.

The developers don’t have that problem because they are the ones shipping the official Dataset. That means if they add AoE1 units they could just not touch them if they don’t care.

They are already broken in AoE1DE. They improved the AI but forgot to change the Scenarios so some missions like the first Babylonian one are nearly unplayable because the AI is just too good, even on low difficulty. The whole AoE1 forums, discord and reddit are full of people trying to beat that mission for years now.

It would also provide more revenue. People would but the ancient DLC and the ancient DLC would allow for more future ancient civilisation DLCs that also make more money.
That’s the same for every content.

It doesn’t really make sense to “port” AoE2 to AoE3 but it would be absolutely stupid to do the opposite.
You would have to create Home Cities for those AoE2 civilisations and probably also change a lot of units because AoE3 unit types are different. An AoE2 Eagle Warrior is pretty different to an AoE3 Coyote Runner and very different compared to an Eagle Runner Knight.
AoE1 and AoE2 use the same damage type and armour system while AoE3 (like AoM) only knows 3 damage types, no armour (but the completely differently working resistance instead) but has unit tags which AoE1 and AoE2 only have for armour types.
And there is a huge overlap for some civilisations.
Aztecs = Aztecs
Inca = Inca
Spanish are also covering a similar time period in both games.
Japanese are also more or less the same time period.

Not something that would really make sense.

Sure, that can be…

Yes, it’s a whole topic…

You say for Holy Man?.. Yes, I did it in AoE Online the second time, but of course it is easier when you have fortresses that protect the town center from enemy attacks…

Yes, it can be, maybe the last word about it is the devs…

Sure, in fact I saw one who knew how to adapt AoE 3 units very well in AoE 2…

That could work but it’s completely pointless.
It’s a demake basically. Purposely downgrading a game just for the challenge. No real value in that.

But I think any civilisation that is at the end of the AoE2 time frame could technically also be in AoE3 because AoE3 already has civilisations that did stop existing (in the way presented in the game) before 1600 AD.
The Mamluk Sultanate for example would be very early in the AoE3 time frame but still doable.

We updated our file structure, now it should be one Large DL and small patches going forward.

I have been involved in the modding scene on and off for close to 20 years. It’s true that original Mod creators move on, but often others take over and the torch gets passed.

I would point out, the time spent in this forum post, writing out your thoughts, would be better spent making them a reality. Learn to Mod, its fun, and you get to make your ideas come to life.

I did learn to mod AoE2DE a year ago. Sadly even visual mods often require data editing because changing the number of frames per angle and action are technically data editing.

But the thing that I really want to do is impossible with mods, for now.

If AoE2 introduced the Romans and Vandals, it was also because they were active in the AoE2 timeline (even at a very early stage), not because they were civilizations that belonged to AoE1. Even if AoE1’s unit sprites are brought into AoE2 as scenario editor units, not every unit is worth doing so. And any idea of making AoE2 a platform for AoE1 is stupid, it’s about making developers make a lot of unnecessary efforts just to negate their other efforts in the past. I don’t even understand why the community should take this advice seriously.


Yes, in fact any civ from 1400 onwards could and can be in AoE 3…for example the Chinese campaign… Japanese pirates, Indian sultanates and even the Aztec empire itself…

Of course, it’s as if you told the devs, “oh they did the AoE 1 DE wrong, better erase it from existence and put all its content in AoE 2” when the devs obviously put all their effort and resources into adapting the game to modern times with its definitive version …

Prior to release of Dynasties of India, I’d have agreed with you – but part of the problem with Shrivamsha Riders is that they’re trained from the same building as Camels, so now I’m not so sure.

Also, using “outdated” as a criticism of a feature of a computer game is kind of silly, especially in a series in which the most popular installment is over 20 years old, and the most recent installment has been something of a flop.

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That is a specific problem of a specific unit. Many many other games have shown that it’s possible to balance a game where unique units can be built from generic buildings. In some way generic units that receive civilisation bonuses or unique technologies are just boring looking unique units.
A lot of unique units have the same roles as generic ones and would make the generic ones pointless if they wouldn’t require such an expensive building.

Many AoE2 games are decided before either player can put down a castle. So effectively most games are decided by units every civilisation can build, kind of removing the uniqueness of civilisations.

The success of AoE2 doesn’t mean that each and every feature of the game is better then from any other AoE game. Also AoE is not the only RTS out there In Starcraft there are no shared units at all.
Also AoE4 is doing pretty well for a game that has gotten 0 new concent since release while AoE2DE got 1 DLC and AoE3DE even 2 DLC in the same time.
And regarding AoE3DE, I have no idea why it’s so much less popular. I feel like many people never gave it a second chance. But tastes are different, maybe people just don’t like gunpowder that much. But then again, people are supper hyped for the Ottomans in AoE4 with Janissaries and Great Bombards.