Campaign DLC concept for Japanese and Koreans

Hello everyone, this topic is going to assume that a DLC will introduce campaigns for these two civilizations, and also introduce some East Asian-focused Historical Scenarios.

Many of them come from my replies in other threads. I sorted them out and added some new stuff.

This works in the same universe as my Central and East Asia DLC concepts, which means I would assume that some new civilizations and campaigns for them will have already been introduced, including the Gokturks, Sogdians, Tibetans/Qiangs, Khitans, Jurchens, and Chinese (campaign only). If you are not satisfied with this premise, it does not prevent you from reading this topic. Just replace those new civilizations with the old civilizations as placeholders.

Let’s start!


The Sanada

As the leader of the small clan Sanada, Sanada Masayuki must use all his wisdom and courage to keep the clan surviving in troubled times. His combination of loyalty and cunning makes him widely praised by other daimyo and successfully promoted him to an independent daimyo. Even if time ultimately forces him to turn his family members against each other, it’s all part of his painful but successful strategy.

The whole story can be told by the elderly Sanada N0buyuki who is in his 90s, introducing the glory of his respected and beloved father Masayuki and brother Yukimura to his grandchildren.

  1. As a member of the Sanada clan serving the Takeda clan, the young Masayuki participates in the epic Forth Battle of Kawanakajima against the Uesugi clan. The battle can be a close mirror matchup. Sanada serves as a special force to raid Uesugi’s bases, while Kenshin personally leads a squad to raid Takeda’s HQ.

  2. Takeda seek a route to Kyoto, but Tokugawa are going to stop it, so command your proudest cavalry to penetrate their intercepts and raids on the route. Despite the support of the Oda clan and the use of matchlock guns, which are considered a deterrent against cavalry, Takeda’s cavalry with Sanada’s warriors inflict the most humiliating defeat on Tokugawa Ieyasu in his life in the Battle of Mikatagahara.

  3. The army of the arrogant Takeda heir surrounds Tokugawa’s castle, but the seemingly victorious suddenly get changed by the arquebusiers commanded by Oda Nobun4ga himself in the Battle of Nagashino. Find the scattered Gaia soldiers and lead enough units to arrive a safe frendly castle. Once you encounter Oda soldiers, you will inevitably have to sacrifice some units. Loyal and brave Takeda cavalrymen will charge on the battlefield for covering you until dead.

  4. Masayuki has lost many family members in the fall of Takeda, so he finally surrendered to Oda for the sake of his remaining family. However Nobunaga’s unexpectedly death shock whole Japan! Masayuki must fight for the family’s survival in this chaotic situation in the region of Shinano, which were later known as Tensho-Jingo Conflict and First Siege of Ueda.

    • Betray the remnants of Oda who are fighting the Hojo clan in the south Shinano, and capture Numata Castle in the center of the map together with the eldest son N0buyuki and the help of resources tributed from their northern ally, the Uesugi clan.
    • The Uesugi went south to invade the north Shinano. Defect to the Hojo clan and fight against Uesugi until they are willing to make peace.
    • Accept the suggestion of Nobutada, Masayuki’s younger brother, to betray again, allied with Tokugawa in the southwest, rescuing an isolated Tokugawa-controlled castle from Hojo’s siege, and preventing Hojo from occupying the entire Shinano.
    • Build a castle at the place named Ueda in the west.
    • When Tokugawa Ieyasu lead an army and ask to surrender the Numata Castle to Hojo, protect the Numata Castle and Ueda Castle from the onslaught of the Tokugawa-Hojo alliance, and send the second son Yukimura to the Uesugi territory to request an alliance with the Toyotomi forces.

  5. Survival is guaranteed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s support, and a peaceful relationship with Tokugawa is established by a marriage of N0buyuki, but the short-lived peace end with Hideyoshi’s death. Masayuki and Yukimura decide to repay Hideyoshi’s kindness by continuing to serve the Western Army loyally, while N0buyuki and Nobutada join the Eastern Army. In the Second Siege of Ueda, You can choose to play the former to protect the castle, or choose to play the latter to siege the castle.

  6. Toyotomi is undoubtedly defeated, but Yukimura and the soldiers and ronin under his command remain loyal to the death. In the Siege of Osaka, use the Fort Sanada-Maru as a base to protect Osaka long enough, and use all the strength to charge to Tokugawa Ieyasu and seriously injure him after the fall of Osaka. You can choose to play Yukimura to defend Osaka and become a martyr, or choose to play N0buyuki to lay siege to Osaka and hunt down Yukimura. The Uesugi clan and the Date clan are the other two forces helping N0buyuki and Tokugawa and fighting against Yukimura and Osaka.


Kim Yushin

By the 7th century, the numerous Korean chiefdoms had grown into three major kingdoms: Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo.
Is Kim Yushin, a young Hwarang warrior determined enough to unify the peninsula for the first time?
His enemies are not just other Hwarang competitors, the kingdom’s centuries-old rivals, and even the ambitions of advanced empires from the mainland.

Narrated by Wang Geon, the protagonist of Kaesong and the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty who reunited Korea in the 10th century.

It’s a relatively simple campaign.

  1. In the Hwarang test hold by the Queen of Silla, like the test of El Cid, young Kim Yushin has to defeat his competitor, Bidam, successfully get promoted and gain command of the Silla army. Then join forces with allied Baekje to repel a southern invasion of Goguryeo.

  2. Together with Bidam, assist the Queen and fight against the fierce invasion of Baekje and Goguryeo from the west and north in 642-643. Silla must still hold at least 5 of its 6 castles after 25 minutes, and at least 2 of them after 50 minutes.

  3. Conservative officials some nobles did not trust that a woman can rule and protect Silla well. They forced Bidam to serve as a rebel leader. The Silla Builders are your allies and will send villagers to build the Hwangnyong Temple (wonder), similar to the wonder built in Valencia in the El Cid campaign. You have to protect them, the wonder and the Queen of Silla, and suppress the Bidam’s rebellion.

  4. Together with the General Su Dingfang, lead the Silla-Tang Alliance to defeat the Baekje-Yamato Alliance in the Battle of Hwangsanbeol and Battle of Baekgang. While Silla and the Chinese are flanking Baekje, Baekje and the Japanese are also flanking Silla.

  5. After conquering Goguryeo, the Tang want to conquer the entire Korean Peninsula. Kim must lead the just unified Korea to defeat the Tang Dynasty army and their Gokturk allies in the Silla-Tang War.

Historical Scenarios

There are 9 in total. All of they may not likely to be introduced because there are already 11 for the Japanese and Koreans campaigns.


Remake the HD version of Kaesong. The map is almost identical to the original.

  • You (blue), Wang Geon, own the base of Kaesong, the future capital of Goryeo. In order to reunite the Korean peninsula, Wang must defeat or make other Korean AI players (Taebong, Silla, Baekje and Princes of Baekje) give up, and defense Kaesong from enemies’ attacks.

  • Taebong (cyan) is initially an ally and controls the northern half of the peninsula, surrounding Kaesong and owning the main city of Cheorwon not far to the east of Kaesong.

  • The game will start similar to the Attila. Your soldiers will try to kill Kung Ye (hero unit), unpopular tyrant of Taebong, in the forest near Cheorwon. If the murder fails, Taebong will abandon the alliance and immediately use all the strength to attack you, and you have to prepare the defense quickly and try to kill him again. Once Kung Ye is killed, Taebong will give up and give all units and buildings to you.

  • Silla (red) is located southeast of the peninsula. When Silla holds less than 15 units, they will realize that they cannot unify Korea on their own and will ally with you, and the princess of Silla will appear in your control. Escort her from Silla to Kaesong to complete the wedding, and you will receive 1000 gold and Silla will peacefully giving up and give all units and buildings to you. If you kill her or lose her, Silla will become hostile to you again, and you have to defeat them.

  • Baekje (green) and Princes of Baekje (green) are located southwest of the peninsula and have a high willingness to attack. Killing the king of Baekje is the only way to defeat Baekje until a certain event occurs. No matter what, the Princes of Baekje stand firm against you.

  • The king of Baekje and his sons will have a civil war at the 100th minute of the game or the 20th minute after the wedding, and the two green players will turn against each other. Try to get units close to the king, he will be converted to your unit and Baekje will be allied with you, then escort him to Kaesong, and Baekje will giving up and give all units and buildings to you. If you kill him or lose him, Baekje will become hostile to you again, and you have to defeat them.

  • Khitans (orange) have no base in the map, but their cavalry and cavalry archers are annoying enemy. After Taebong gives up, every 10 minutes a small group of your villagers as refugees from Balhae will appear in the north of the map. The appearance of the first wave of refugees means the regular appearance of the Khitans and their beginning of endless attacks on you.

  • Chinese (yellow) are located in a corner of the west of the map, separated from the peninsula by the sea, and allied with all Korean states. You can tribute 2000 gold to Chinese, then their sea gates will be unlocked and sea trades will be opened, and the strength of Khitan invasions will also be reduced because they’ll fight against the Khitans outside the map.

  • There is a small Jurchen Tribe (gray) located in the northeast. For every 1,000 gold tribute, they will spawn 10 cavalry and give them to you.

  • An achievement can be obtained when the princess of Silla and the king of Baekje are both safely escorted to Kaesong. This is difficult because Silla will most likely be exactly being under attack by Baekje while it turn allied with you, and the princess will easily be killed by Baekje at that point.

Xuanwu Gate

A little bit RPG style scenario presenting the establishment of the Tang Dynasty and the rise of Emperor Taizong.

  • The Li family (cyan) is a loyal ally of you (blue), Li Shimin. Basically, when the Li family take over a place, some of the buildings there will be controlled by you, and you must use the resources provided by the Li family regularly to build army and occupy other places so that the more places will be taken by the Li family. This pattern works until the Xuanwu Gate Incident.

  • At the beginning, the Sui Dynasty ordered the Li family to resist the invasion. You’ll assist the Li family against the East Turkic Khanate (Gokturks, purple) at a base of the Li family at the north border of the Sui Dynasty. After fighting off several of their invasion attempts, an event will occur.

  • The Sui Dynasty (red) initially allied with you. After a while, news will come out that the Emperor of Sui, a notorious tyrant, has been murdered, and Sui will be renamed Rebels and become hostile to the Li family and you. The rebels, the Li family and you are allied with the Gokturks for now.

  • Kill the rebel leaders in various cities and bases in the empire, and let the Tang Dynasty contral the places! Chang’an, the capital, is located in the south of the center of the map and is supposed to be your first target. Go south to capture the capital and clear it of the rebels as soon as possible. Afterwards, the capital will belong to the Li family, and the Li family will be renamed Tang Dynasty, the Rebels’ power will be weakened, and the Gokturks will become hostile again.

  • Li Jiancheng (green) is your brother who join after the murder of Sui tyrant. Like you, he will always control some of the family’s buildings and train units to help the family. Every time you kill an enemy unit or conquer an enemy place, you will accumulate a fame value. Similarly, Li Jiancheng also has his fame value and is accumulated in the same way.

  • When the Rebels are defeated and the Tang Dynasty takes over the whole empire, all your brother’s and your units and buildings will be taken over by the Tang Dynasty, and another event will occur.

  • The camera moves to an area in a corner of the map isolated from the rest of the map. There will be presented a part of the Royal Palace, including the Xuanwu Gate. Your hero Li Shimin and a few his loyal men are going to assassinate Li Jiancheng who is about to lead his guards through the palace gates. How many guards will defect to join you depends on how much more fame you have than him. If there are too few or even no defectors, assassination is very difficult. Once Li Shimin is killed, you lose.

  • After Li Jiancheng killed, the father passed the throne to Li Shimin, later the Taizong. The Tang Dynasty hand over all buildings, units and resources to you. The empire now are yours, so you finally can develop economy. The East Turkic Khanate and you will automatically hit the Imperial Age at this time.

  • Khitan Tribe (orange) in the northeast are allied with Gokturks at the beginning but turn to you after the Xuanwu Gate Incident. If you give them 1000 food, they will give you the Hussar upgrade and the Parthian Tactics.

  • Xueyantuo Tribe (Gokturks, yellow) in the northwest are allied with the East Turkic Khanate and fight for them. They’ll ask for gold after the Xuanwu Gate Incident. Give them and they will turn to be allied with you and against the East Turkic Khanate. They’ll still be hostile to you again after the East Turkic Khanate fall.

  • The Oasis States (Sogdians, gray) have several small bases in the desert on the far west side of the map. They have always been neutral, but they are on the Tang route to Central Asia.

  • Defeat the East Turkic Khanate, Xueyantuo Tribe and the Oasis States to complete the Scenario.


Two scenarios based on the Battle of Talas from the perspective of Tang Dynasty (Chinese) and Abbasid Army (Saracens) respectively, similar to Constantine XI and Fetih of V&V.
This was the last major military campaign between the Chinese and Arabs in Central Asia. Papermaking and silk weaving techniques were introduced to the Islamic world after this battle.

  • Tang Dynasty (yellow) has a small and fortified base in the east as the headquarter and holds a stronghold in the center of the map. The Chinese are the only player can advance to the Imperial Age and have already been in the Post-Imperial Age from the beginning, but don’t have many resources and population space and cannot train Trebuchets due to the expedition.

  • Abbasid Army (green) have many bases, controlling most parts of the map, which means they control many sources of resources.

  • Tibetan Empire (red) is located in the south and southeast, an ally of the Saracens, and surrounds the central stronghold with the Saracens.

  • Karluks (Gokturks, purple) have two bases located on the north and south sides of the central stronghold respectively. They are an ally of the Chinese at the beginning and going to train mounted units.

  • Kashmiris (Hindustanis, blue) is located in the south corner of the map. They are a loyal ally of the Chinese but only regularly contribute resources. They train military units only to protect themselves rather than attack, but still appear to be vulnerable when facing neighboring Tibetans.

  • Ferghana Mercenaries (Sogdians, orange) have no base in the map. Their military units will regularly enter the map from the Chinese base in the east and fight for the Chinese.

  • Locals (Sogdians, gray) is a neutral player without any units or bases, just houses, farms and mills scattered around the map, like the Franks in The Catalaunian Fields.

  • When playing as Tang Dynasty, you must defeat the Abbasid Army and Tibetan Empire.

    • Although your units are very powerful due to the advantage of the age, they are not available in large numbers and lack the resources to train more, so control them very carefully to avoid losses.
    • Leave the stronghold earlier as much as possible. Protect the villagers and gather resources, such as mines and local farms.
    • Signal allies to direct them.
    • Ferghana Mercenaries will stop supporting at the 20th minute of the game. For every 500 gold you give them in tribute, they will support you for an additional 10 minutes.
    • Karluks will betray you at the 25th minute of the game.
    • Protect the Kashmiris as much as possible to maintain their tribute.

  • When playing as Abbasid Army, you must defeat the Tang Dynasty.

    • Although your units are weak, you have a lot of resources. Defeat quality through quantity.
    • Signal allies to direct them.
    • After killing 500 Ferghana Mercenaries units, they will stop entering the map and give up.
    • If the Karluks have not been defeated at the 25th minute of the game, they will ask you for 2000 gold. Give them and they will switch sides to you.
    • Try to defeat the Kashmiris to interrupt their tribute.


This largest city in the world, is shrouded in shadow. Military governor An Lushan launched a rebellion and established the state of Yan, which caused this war that had a profound impact on China. Li Heng, prince of Tang, swears regaining the country land back and wiping the rebels out. First, he have to flee west from Chang’an to a base to prepare counterbacks.

  • Yan (red) is located in the northeast of the map. One of the 2 main objectives is to defeat Yan.

  • Fallen Cities (gray) are just the buildings on the map, including the city of Chang’an located west of the center, the city of Luoyang east of the center, and the fort of Tongguan between the two cities. It is allied to all players to avoid being destroyed, but the gates and military buildings will belong to Yan at the beginning. The other one of the 2 main objectives is to return the 3 fallen cities to Tang Dynasty control.

  • You (blue) start the game with a hero, the prince. Although Chang’an has fallen, the west gate of the city is still under your control until you escape. At the Gaia base in the west, there are already some loyal soldiers and villagers waiting for your command.

  • Tang Dynasty (cyan) is of course your ally, having a small camp located in Sichuan (southwest of the map) with an emperor, the prince’s father, and dozens of military units protecting him. If the emperor gets killed, you lose. Once you destroy all of Yan’s military buildings in a fallen city, the Tang Dynasty take over the city, rebuild the buildings and begin training military units to support you.

  • The Tang Dynasty also has about 3 villages in the southeast of the map, each containing a TC, symbolizing the people in the southern region of the Empire. As long as you can protect them, the Tang Dynasty can continue to tribute you regularly.

  • Sogdian Rebels (yellow) and Gokturk Rebels (purple) have no bases, but endlessly appear from the north and northeast respectively and help Yan attack you and your allies.

  • Uyghurs (orange) have a camp on the northwest edge of the map. They will ask for 2000 gold. Give them, and they’ll give you some technologies like Parthian Tactics and Hussar upgrades, and their Steppe Lancers and Cavalry Archers will regularly enter the map to fight with you.

  • Abbasids (green) have a camp on the western edge of the map. They will ask for 2000 gold too. Give them, and they’ll give you bonuses like extra camel HP, 5% transaction fee, and their Eastern Swordsmen and Mamelukes will regularly enter the map to fight with you.

  • You can only choose aid from either Uyghurs or Abbasids, but you can also choose neither and complete the scene on your own and get an achievement.

  • An another achievement can be obtained by finding 5 famous poets of Gaia (Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Changling, Wang Wei, Wei Yingwu) who are hiding in various places due to the war and bringing them safely back to their respective homes.

Yalu River

A war is about to break out between the Khitans and the Koreans. You must lead the wavering Jurchens tribes (yellow) in the middle of the battle to survive. At the same time, the Toi, Jurchen pirates, are going to raid Goryeo and Japan.

  • Decide within 1 minute after the game starts whether to be allied with the Liao (Khitans, orange) in the west or the Goryeo (Koreans, blue) in the east. If you do not choose, it means you decide to no longer serve either side and lead the Jurchens on the path of independence, and you have to defeat both.

  • Destroy the enemy’s wonder to defeat them, one wonder each side. You have to destroy two if you do not choose at the beginning.

  • The Jurchen Pirates (purple) are neutral and have 2 bases on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan (today’s Hamgyong region).

    • When allied with Liao, a tribute of 500 gold could be paid and they would be allied and regularly send ships and infantry against Goryeo. Or defeat them and demolish their buildings for grabbing resources.
    • When allied with Goryeo, they’ll turn hostile to you. You can only defeat them and demolish their buildings for resources, but after they are defeated, Goryeo and Japan (probably not an AI player) will reward you with resources and their technologies.
    • If you do not choose either side, they’ll automatically be allied with you. Unless defeated, Jurchen pirates will actively fight against Liao and Goryeo for you.


Yelu Dashi, a minor noble of Liao Dynasty, is going to rebuild the failed empire in the west. This rebirthed dynasty would end Seljuk expansion and continue the honor of the Khitans until the arrival of Kushluk and the Mongols.

  • In the game, Yelu Dashi, the hero unit, cannot be lost, otherwise you will lose.

  • You Khitans (orange) have a small base in the east at the beginning, but the defense is weak and resources are limited. You have a few minutes to train some troops and villagers, and to spend 100 food, 100 wood and 100 gold to train Horse Carts, Ox Wagons and Ox Carts at the Trade Workshop for carrying resources away. You can also scout near the base to gather additional resources or find Gaia units, but don’t go too far away otherwise you may be discovered by Jurchen scouts and trigger the attack early.

  • Jurchen (yellow) then appear from the eastern edge of the map. Their cavalry will sweep through your base, razing it to the ground, and trying to hunt you down. At this time your resource stockpile will be reset to zero. Hurry! Take as many units as possible and flee west.

  • Qocho (Sogdians or Gokturks, red), west of your original land, is a Buddhist Uighur kingdom friendly to the Khitans. They will shelter the Khitans and may give you villagers to make sure you have at least 3 villagers. You must build a TC in the plain west of Qocho’s place and develop it to help Qocho fight against the Muslims on the west side. After the TC is built, the Horse Carts, Ox Wagons and Ox Carts will be automatically exchanged back for food, wood and gold.

  • Conquer the city of Balasaghun (Tatars, gray) in the west. The city are neutral, but the nearby Karluks (Tatars, purple) and Kankalis (Cumans, green) are hostile to the Khitans when the TC built. You don’t have to defeat the latter two, but defeating them can take the pressure off.

  • The Kara-Khanid (Tatars, cyan) and Seljuks (Turks, blue) further west will change from neutral to hostile when you successfully conquer and control Balasaghun. The Seljuks have no base on the map, but after 20 minutes a large number of their Post Imperial-Age military units will appear from the west of the map and attack you. You need to kill all Seljuks units to complete the scenario. Similarly, you don’t have to defeat the Kara-Khanid, but they control a large area in the west and will attack you again and again until Seljuks get defeated.

  • Try to repel the Jurchens and regain the original land of the Khitans, and get an achievement. This is a feat that Yelu Dashi had tried many times but failed.


The Mongols and the Koreans and Chinese controlled by them will invade Japan!
Prepare your defense and faith within 15 minutes to withstand their powerful and endless invasion until the kamikaze comes in the 30th minute. A more intense second invasion will begin in the 40th minute, and you must persist until the second kamikaze comes in the 60th minute.

  • The map is the same as Shimazu’s map, the Kyushu. You (green), Hojo Tokimune, have come to Kyushu to command the defense.

  • Shogunate (cyan) will provide you with resources regularly. In addition, they control the landmass of Honshu and Shikoku, and you can trade with their docks. If the shogunate is defeated, you lose.

  • Mongols (orange) start with no bases. Transport ships filled with powerful warriors will appear on the map one after another and try to land on Kyushu.

  • The Koreans (blue) control the peninsula across the sea and build an outstanding navy, including Galleons and Cannon Galleons. They will also try to transport some of their own military units.

  • The Chinese (yellow) will not have a base and only join the second invasion. A large number of their naval ships and transport ships will appear endlessly.

  • Tsushima (purple) is the Japanese frontline against the invaders. Tributing them resources can help them resist longer, but they’ll eventually be defeated and the island will become a Mongol base with yurts.

  • Japan’s defense is very weak at the beginning! You should quickly gather and buy stones and build castles and arrow towers along the coast of Kyushu. However, the Japanese did not have high and strong stone walls like those on the mainland Asia so they cannot build them, and centuries of civil war meant they have no Imperial technologies for ships.

  • Attempts to defeat Korea are unlikely to succeed. Focus on defense. When the kamikaze arrives, it will destroy all ships out of the east coast of Kyushu.

  • Use faith to encourage your people and warriors. Each Relic placed in the monastery BEFORE the invasion will provide additional benefits. The first one makes units train 10% faster, the second one makes buildings regenerate, the third one gives all units +1 pierce armor, the fourth one makes trade units carry 20% more gold, and the fifth one makes Relics also generate stones.

  • Bandits (gray) are located in many places in Kyushu and control the mines and Relics. You have to consider whether it’s worth wasting power on suppressing them. You don’t have to clear them out completely.

  • If there is a way to repel the Mongols on the Tsushima island, you can find a samurai hero named Kuroudo there. This will be very hard with your inferior navy.

Treasure Voyage

Quanzhou is a small base on a corner of the super huge map with a market, two docks and military buildings. The Ming Chinese Treasure Fleet (yellow) will set off from here to explore the world in the south and west. Although the Emperor will provide regular funding, you will not have any villagers, so you will need to continue your adventure further by completing objectives related to each AI player.

  • Fishing and trading on sea will be a very important source of income, but Pirates (gray) will appear endlessly and attack the Chinese and other allies.

  • Champa (red) is a loyal but weak ally. Chinese can trade with them by sea. Tribute them 1000 food, and they will give you control of some of their military buildings and docks.

  • Malays (blue) are neutral. Clear out the pirate bases in Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula to safely cross the Strait of Malacca and to establish an alliance with Malays to receive tributes regularly from them.

  • Don’t go too far from land in the Indian Ocean or you’ll encounter worms.

  • Ceylon (cyan) is hostile to the Chinese. Kill their king, force them to be allied, and take control of their docks and military buildings.

  • Escorted an Indian king from South India (Orange) to Quanzhou. At the same time, rebels (gray) will appear on Java Island. An attempt could be made to sweep off the rebels from Java to avoid Malays defeat, but the king have to live or South India will be hostile and you will have to defeat them and force them to be allied again. After the king returns safely to South India, you will receive tributes regularly from them.

  • Help the Muslims (Green) collect 5 Relics controlled by the rebels (gray) across the Middle East and place them in the monastery in Mecca. Once completed, their sea gates will be unlocked and open to trade.

  • Go ashore at various coastal settlements (purple) to get help from the locals. For example, you can get ship regeneration in Bengal, Galleon’s faster fire in Yemen, and a ship of African wild animals in Swahili that can be exchanged for 2000 gold after being shipped back to Quanzhou. Some settlements are controlled by pirates and you must liberate them before you receive the benefits.

  • Complete the scenario by finding the missing former Ming emperor while holding 100000 gold.


I feel like choosing two campaigns of almost exclusively fughting your own civ can get tiring tbh.

Would probably prefer if sn early Korean campaign is centered on Goguryeo for that reason

We call it “Pachacuti syndrome”.

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The Northeast Asia is the edge of the continent. It is naturally hard to make their campaigns so full of other civs like European campaigns.
But they still need their own campaigns right?

Introducing untrainable units, like the Hwarang, and make them trainable in the campaigns is an option. As for Hwarang, I even think it should be part of the tech tree of Koreans officially when a remake of a civ may happen with a DLC.

Look at the V&V scenarios that the tech trees are modified so heavily there. We are definitely able to make their campaigns pretty rich without even a need to do to that degree.

I think there won’t be much difference. They still fought the other 2 Korean kingdoms.
Goguryeo did fight against Chinese of Tang Dynasty and Sui Dynasty, but so did Silla.
You can see the campaign of Kim Yushin still have others like Chinese, Japanese and Gokturks.
Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo maybe the other candidate, who may have Khitans, Juchens, Chinese and Japanese in his story, but he still fight against Baekje many times, and additionally he is pretty early in the timeline.

Personally still like the campaign for Kim Yushin since he is the man successfully unifying Korea for the first in the history. When I was a kid I had watched a TV drama about he and his Queen, which may also push me to pick him.


I was more talking about Japan than Korea.

Japan has basically one conflict where they fought non-Japanese armies and isn’t already in the game.

For Korea introducing the Jurchens would be enough to add variety to a campaign for them.

That just illustrates my point when it comes to Japan. You have to make drastic changes to make a campaign with them interesting.

Their alliance with Baekje is going to be presented in my concept, so is Wokou you mention about?
A conflict means at most one scenario in 5 for a campaign.

Depending on there are many ways to rich the experience, I’d pick a protagonist with a good and special story than another guy for bring one civ.

No. I mean though we still need a little bit of change, we don’t need to do as many change as V&V did. Even just the good design for event and objective can make a scenario pretty interesting.

No. I meant the Mongol invasion of Japan. Which featured Mongols, Jurchens, Chinese and Koreans. Who would also be present in varying amounts across each level.

Yeah that happened with Incas already, didn’t really save it.

You may need to check the section of Historical scenarios above.
I bring it into the game by the Kamikaze.

Firstly I don’t pretty sure how many people feel the Inca campaign is so bad like your description.
For me it’s fine because I know it’s just the history limiting them.

As for Japanese, the Sengoku period is so famous and popular in the world of video games that it is very reasonable to pick it as the background of the campaign.

The situation could be like the different clan could have only one or two new things adding on the Japanese tech tree. For example, for the clans in my concept:

  • Oda clan have Arquebus effect and maybe the spanish bonus of faster firing gunpowder units.
  • Takeda clan and Sanada clan have the access of Plate Barding and maybe Hussar upgrade.
  • Uesugi clan have the Aztec bonus of faster training and maybe the Inquisition effect.
  • Date clan have the access of Mounted Cannoneers and maybe Kirishitan Missionaries.
  • Tokugawa clan have the Slav farming bonus and maybe the bohemian bonus of spearmen.
  • Toyotomi clan and Hojo clan have the Grand Trunk Road effect and maybe the bohemian bonus of free mining upgrade.

Somehow similar to V&V Nobunaga but less change, not to mention comparing with Shimazu. And the most importantly this time a whole complete story of a samurai family would be presented.

The campaigns won’t be full of other civs, as you said - naturally.
They still need their story.

Many people want more American campaigns, according to all the polls.
But even there, it is an area that represents one or two local cultures that make contact together and nothing more.

And as for the thread, just great.
I loved everything about it.

It is exciting and interesting, opens the mind to these ideas and many more.
Personally, I really liked Kim Yushin, Xuanwu Gate, Talas, Kara-Khitai and Treasure Voyage.

And of course the scenario I suggested before - Kamikaze.
And, we definitely need Tibetans and Khitans as civs.

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This video game inspired me on imaging a campaign about the Sanada clan in AoE2.
I think everyone having played this game can understand how touched the story of Sanada.

The concept of Kim Yushin was based on the imagine of a campaign for the Queen Seon deok of Silla. I guess the devs would like to choose a female leader if suitable. The Queen is known as a wise and kind monarch, making her one of the most prominent monarchs in Korean history. A TV drama chronicling her life was the most successful show in 2009 in Korea. It’s just that the Korea had not been unified yet during her rule.

The design of Chang’an and Yalu River are probably the earliest among them.
The An Lushan Rebellian is so important and famous that every student in Taiwan, China and even Korea and Japan would learn about it in high schools. The poetries about this incident make so many students “suffering” in exams. 11
The latter comes from my personal decision of introducing a Jurchen story before the Jin Dynasty.

There is an Easter Egg in Kamikaze. If you have played or watched somebody playing Ghost of Tsushima, you will notice what does the Kuroudo mean.

I am looking forward for the Treasure Voyage Historic Battle, going from China to the east African coast will be a scenario with one of the most diverse architecture sets on one map!

I like if we get another Campaign DLC that the third “Campaign” are a collection of historic battles. Something I was also toying with for potential DLC concepts.

For the Japanese campaign I always expected the Mongol invasion would have be the best setting to avoid the “Pachacuti syndrome”.
(But Pachacuti is was not as bad as most people say in my opinion, if you know the story beforehand)

An abbreviated concept Mongol invasion of Japan

The narrator is looking back on the rule of Hojo Tokimune.

Scenario I
Shows how Japanese politics were before 1274.

Scenario II
First invasion (1274)
Defend from Mongol and Chinese (Yuan) landing

Scenario III
Hojo Tokimune consolidate his power and prepare for the second invasion.
There maybe some Mongol and Chinese stragglers left behind on the map to make it not a Japanese mirror match.

Scenario IV
Second invasion (1281)
Maybe this time you need to build a wonder to make it different from the first invasion.

Scenario V
1330s, the timeline of the narrator. The fallout of the reforms of Hojo Tokimune

East Asia is not my area of expertise, so I have it loosely based of Kings and Generals video of this subject.

However I also like your Historic Battle Kamikaze version. I think it is a good way to incorporate the typhoon.

For Korea I expected to have a campaign about Admiral Yi and everything before Noryang Point. That is the only timeline where the Turtle Ships historical used (but then again El Cid got Conquistador, so I don’t mind to be a bit flexible about it).
Alternative the Korean campaign could be about the Mongol invasion.

All civs should have a campaign and overall I like your concept, I would not mind to see it in game. Good work!

(Personal wish list, I would like to see a collection of Historic Battles of failed Mongol invasions like of Java and against the Mameluke, I know it not in the scope of this thread.)

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I can understand how easily most people here think of the Mongols when they think of a potential campaign for the Japanese. Maybe it’s because the Mongol invasion also happened in Europe, so it’s easy to relate to it.

However, the Mongol invasion of Japan, although historically important for Japan, was actually short. In my opinion, it was too short for campaigns that are often used to present a person’s lifetime. For example, I don’t sure what historical events the first, third, and fifth scenes would describe in your concept. Was Hojo Tokimune involved in any important civil wars before, between, and after the two invasions? Stretching out the Mongol Invasion into a full campaign felt too forced to me.

Given that the editor already has so many ways to bring changes to a campaign, I don’t think the so-called Pachacuti issue is a real problem. People just boo when they see that the enemy is also the same civ. I even doubt that when the UI hides the display of each player’s civ, people can really notice that the opposite is the same civ and feel the game boring. If a game in which both sides are the same civ is boring, it only means that the designer lacks inspiration for change, not simply a matter of civ picking.

Perhaps the first scenario could depict his capture of a Jurchen chieftain early in his career, but all subsequent scenarios would have to be about the naval battle against the Japanese. This is much like splitting the current Noryang Point into four pieces in detail. This might work, but I’d prefer a whole new story.

Just like your example of the Spanish campaign, the Korean history has two Three Kingdoms periods and later two dynasties, unnexessary to be limited to the 16th century by Turtle Ships, the end of the timeline.

Still more like a scenario than a campaign.

I guess you especially like stories about the Mongols.

Thank you very much for your reply.

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For Korean,King Gongmin is a better choice than yours people,the complete campaign is in the mod made by me,you can download and play,thank you.