Chinese suggestion

Flirst of all.Thanks for the Chinese voice remaking!
Now,I want to discuss the balance of China
I am an old 1v1 game player.Being good at the China.I think I can take some Chinese voice
1:Chinese must get 80 wood can send 3 settler
2:Chinese colonization age Individual soldier combat is weakly(ChukoNus isn’t weak,but the QiangPikeman and Keshik is weakly)
3:In age 3,Chinese Changdao Swordsman is weak.Meteor hammer base hitpoint is weakly.
Now,I will tell them my data

1:QiangPikeman,60W,European is 40F,40W,but,gather food speed is 0.84(hunt),Wood speed is 0.5.I think the Prize is nearly,but the combat in age2 is weakly
2:Keshik prize is 115Food.Two Keshiks all hitpoint is 220,damage is 16.1.5ROF,3Xagainst Cavalry.Volley damage is 48*0.8(cavalry armor)=38.4Damage.One Hussar damage is 30.When a keshik died,The damage become 1/2.So,Two Keshiks can’t Kill an Hussar,Who can tell me,why I need Keshik???I think Keshik hitpoint must become 120,damage become 9 or 10
3:Changdao need 95 Food.Musketeer is 75Food 25Gold.I acknowledge the Changdao cheaper than Musketeer.But,I am age 3 combat!!!You tell me Changdao Hitpoint is 144.melee is 18???They are melee unit.They give up the Ranged combat.But We weakly then age 2 unit???(Musketeer)
4:Meteor hammer base Hitpoint is 217.He prize is 175 gold.Hussar is 120 Food and 80 Gold.Prize nearly(Food speed is 0.84,Gold is 0.6).But the HP only 217???Western Hussar is 320!!!Also the Meteor hammer have 2X against Artillery.First,Chinese didn’t have Two Falconets card.Give them against artillery ability is normal.Second,You can weak Hitpoint,but you only give 217,I think it’s mistake!!!I think they need 235-250HP!

Finally,I think every country must have they advantage and disadvantage.But,We can’t let them more big!Although Chinese have consulate and wonder.But they already pay for prize!
Wonder need use Villager to create.Consulate need use 200 Wood to Create.
The game is Fast tempo game.If you giving up the Fast tempo.You will be so passive!
If you need Chinese Economics good.Please give them more settlers or Economics building
If you need Chinese in age 2 Individual soldier combatIndividual soldier combat become good!Please give they are good attribute
If you need Chinese in age 2 Individual soldier combatIndividual soldier combat is weakly,but get more amount.Please let them Cheap.At least,QiangPikeman 60Wood.Keshik 115 Food not Cheap!
If you need Chinese in age 2 Weak,but age 3 become a good country.Please strengthen the age 3 units!At least.Chinese age 3 army not better to prevent age 2 inferiority

Someone will tell me Chinese winning probability not bad.Why I propose the suggestion?Because it’s strength of player!Irrelevant the game balance!We good,but the civilizaion is not good!

Thanks.I hope Chinese get some strengthen


Please you can solve the problem!

According to my simple calculation, Iron Flail should increase his health by 30 points to meet his cost
Keshik is even worse, he needs to increase his attack by 11 points to meet his cost.
(Total value of long-range attack + siege + melee combat)

Prize of china units are irrelevent.

MH is the best hand cavalery, they have 5 ranges, which result by no pathing issu (main hand cav problem).

Chinese should give more than 100 wood at the beginning of the game, which is conducive to the defense of the commercial era. This can solve the problem of Chinese weakness in the commercial era.

Yes,I agree!!!I need down 100Food,but I need 100Wood

I hope the Chinese can become good!

China with 400w at start??

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I think Chinese need it!

200f 300w -> 100f 400w would be a huge QoL improvement for china… balance-wise, it would strictly buff the civ’s current meta strategies, which I’m not totally sure would be appropriate, as china’s FF is already pretty strong. It might be worth trying though.

Chinese are nice in rushing, I do not see any point in buffing them. Yesterday I was being rushed by one experienced player, he had so many soldiers… I played Dutch. I survived but only due to my allies.

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Who can tell me why Chinese FF is great?

Because you can age up relatively quickly and plop units anywhere you want and just not die.

Then build up deathball mass and right click.

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Because their units are super strong and their shipement are super strong and their wonders are super strong ^^

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2nd age wonder is worth ~4 vills, and 3rd age porcelain tower is worth 8 vills on wood. then they have plenty of strong age 3 shipments, so their FF is nearly as good as any european FF, +12 vills worth of production from wonders


But,we must know.FF is passive way to against country
Enemy can Rush.Semi FF.Boom…

And Chinese army not best in age 3
Only can use
But not good
MH have 5Ranged,but only 217HP!

MH is the best hand cav of the game. Can i ask for lancer buff because 20 attack is super weak? 5 range is just super strong because all of your units can fight, you can kite mousket with them, you can snare super well so it’s super hard to escape from china army etc…

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They have good units that are very cost effective and upgradable. They are strong in age 3.

When you play the ranking competition, you will encounter stronger opponents and more tactics. Chinese FF are not so easy to use. Opponents like to rush in the commercial era. At that time, China was weak and hard to resist.