Disconnects make the game a frustrating experience

It may not be “common” in 1v1, but in 4v4 games the chances are someone will disconnect. It’s almost as if the game is just a lottery to see which team will get the disconnecting player.

The game can’t handle even the tiniest disruption in any player’s connection.

After experincing disconnecting players in my team all day, I’ve just tried playing a couple games with my friends, and in both games my game froze and disconnected around 20 minutes in. When it happens to you, it’s even more frustrating than when it happens to your teammates. It leaves you feeling powerless, disappointed, frustrated. I would play League of Legends if I wanted those feelings.

I don’t care how hard it is to implement a fix to this. I know at its core it is a very old game, and the whole way matches and replays work make it hard to fix. But the thing is… I don’t care what it takes, it just needs to be fixed if AoE2:DE wants to actually compete with other games in 2020.

Can someone gather stats about what % of 4v4 games involve at least one player dropping in the first 20 minutes?

It is just so hard to find a 4v4 game that actually plays like it should

Sorry, I had to vent…


I share your pain man! And I agree the disconnects are terrible, it wasn’t that way 20 years ago so I don’t think is the core of the game, I think is something new they implemented…

Yeah… I didn’t play 20 years ago, but I remember the game getting slower to adapt to the player with the worst connection. It was annoying, but it could work if players’ connection stability was tested in the same way pc performance is.

Another option would be having something like… if I am lagging, the game will continue playing fine for everyone else while freezing for me, and my game would catch up whenever it could. That’s how it is in most games nowadays. I can see how that would add a lot of complexity to how replay files are created, but still…

Unless the code is a complete jungle which it shouldn’t be in 2020 it shouldn’t be hard to implement, and I think they are trying to do it because now you actually get a message “trying to reconnect” or something like that but it just never does. I’m a software developer (not games one) so I do have an idea, I hope lol.

I am also baffled that Voobly was able to get 4v4 games work seamlessly, but the current team cant. What’s the reason?

I had one instance of this where I got the message “Reconnected” (or something similar that expressed that). The problem was I got the two messages (trying to reconnect" and “reconnected” every second and finally dropped :smiley:

I think that comes from the over 20 years old game engine that ensemble wrote. I (on the way of getting a software dev, also not games) assume it would have taken less time to rework that game engine to new standards, than it will take to get this game in a decent state where it is actually stable…

The same issue is plaguing me and my friends. Mostly it happens in Ranked TG, but even in lobby games, the game freezes and the message comes:
Disconnected, attempting to reconnect

But my Voice channel over discord is working perfectly

I have lost 10/20 games till now because either i disconnect or my ally disconnects randomly in the middle of the game

Please fix this issue, it is making people leave Aoe2 Multiplayer

It’s a combination of: the brazil server/crossplay/devs repeatedly spilling coffee onto the servers.

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